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ZetaTalk: GLP Live [9-12-09]

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  • nathaniel x vance
    ZetaTalk: GLP Live [9-12-09] Page 1: ZetaTalk: Pole Shift Timeline written September 12, 2009     * Page 2: Pole
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      ZetaTalk: GLP Live [9-12-09]
      Page 1: ZetaTalk: Pole Shift Timeline
      written September 12, 2009    
      < http://zetatalk.com/index/zeta531.htm>
      Page 2:
      Pole shift timeline, STO development, STO societies, Sunrise west, New Jerusalem, Inactive volcanoes, West Coast bow, Fox news, 911 justice, Channeling, Internet conversations, UFO statistics, Superhuman powers, Genetic propensities, Bob Dean lecture, Compassion fatigue, Call intent, Reading souls, Gold backed dollar, STS underground, Star Child, Europe wobble, Disincarnate, God's plan, Free will, Billy Meier, Empathy via drugs, Soul maturity, Subconscious knowledge, Soul phobias, Satellite wobble, China eclipse UFO, Bangladesh, Kentucky Bigfoot, US in S America, Wilson's "lie", Israeli settlements, Spirit visitations


      [Questioner]  In the Revelation you can read about a holy city, New Jerusalem, which is placed on a big mountain and which will appear after or during the apocalypses period. Where is this mountain and when we will be able to see the golden city?
      [Zeta Response]  We stopped doing Bible interpretations long ago, as it is a waste of time to keep telling people that God did not write this book, nor did Jesus. It is speculation or lies to keep control of the faithful, whom the religious elite feed upon.
      [Questioner]  Fox news seems to be pushing gloom and doom (financial, earth changes, etc...) a bit more these days. Is this due to a desire on their part to give the Obama admin a hard time?
      [Zeta Response]  Yes. Enough time has passed since the Bush administration left, so they feel their comments will not be associated with the administration that CAUSED the mess in the first place. But the public does not forget that easily.
      [Questioner]  Warm greetings from South East Asia. Is it possible to have a STO immature soul? Or are immature souls more STS generally?
      [Zeta Response]  There are gradations in both orientation. Service-to-Self is in and of itself immature, as the soul does not want to give up its primary or original stance, that being like a newborn baby, just focused on the self. Service-to-Others is sharing the focus with others. There are highly Service-to-Others entities and those who parse out their attention to others sparingly. The rule is that if the soul thinks of others 50% of the time, they are Service-to-Others.
      [Questioner]  Greetings from Colombia, South America. Can the Zetas comment about the military bases US Government are going to use in Colombia with their authorization and the reactions this agreement between this two countries are producing in Venezuela, Ecuador etc. Are any secret agendas here, what do they want, etc.?
      [Zeta Response]  The Bush administration was intent upon invading S American lands due to the personal ambitions of the Bush family to have influence there. They envisioned themselves as being in control of both Americas after the pole shift. This has all fallen by the wayside lately, but the worry about Venezuela's alliances with Russia and Cuba and Iran have remained. This is a worry that the US military has, primarily. Venezuela and Ecuador are not going to fall or be subject to a coup, although there are those planning such matters, because the White House is not on board with such plans.
      [Questioner]  During Obama's speech on healthcare a Republican senator, [Joe] Wilson, disrupted his speech with "You lie!". What was this person trying to achieve? It appears to have backfired. What might be the consequences of this?
      [Zeta Response]  This representative virtually lives on funds from the health care lobby, and has refreshed his coffers since his outburst. His motive is strictly financial!

      The ZetaTalk Newsletter

      Issue150, Sunday Sep 13, 2009 Crazed Cows; Internet Survival; Water Main Breaks

      [According to the STO ZetaTalk space angels, planet earth can expect an increase in many more UFO/ET sightings] 

      The earthly  ENDTIME  of the Wicked - Not the RIGHTEOUS. Is GOD MOCKED?
      salaam  akwaaba  jambo  ashogee


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