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RE: Landing, Bases and ET. Control

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  • Dex
    I don t know why people think this...I ve heard when they land it s not for solving our problems, just letting everyone know they re here. They supposedly,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2009
      I don't know why people think this...I've heard when they land it's not for solving our problems, just letting everyone know they're here. They supposedly, won't remain long. Hopefully, this'll happen before the electromagnetic density change.


      Alint continues to ask me to post these announcements.

      Dear friends

      We read your considerations of Madame Karnak and she is mostly right.
      ETs find no need for any diplomatic relationship with Earth Authorities. Landing will be a fact, a consummation of ETs purposes.

      The monetary system will collapse in days. The Macro-economy will be naturally destroyed, simply by the presence of a million years older technology and forms of organization.

      Earthlings will not be "left alone" . There will be a rational, non violent, control of population and resources.

      Some elements will become chauvinist and aggressive. This is ET experience, not science fiction. Please believe this. It is more than OBVIOUS for us.

      Madame Karnak is right : Aliens know how to act to get the responses that are needed.

      Landing will include bases in the following places: Hawaii, South of Argentina, Pascua Island, Lebanon, Tibet, South Africa, New Mexico, Macedonia, Finland, etc.
      (please forward this message to other people. Thanks)
      Live Happy and Well.

      a free and kind world, Tevin

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