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Re: [ufodiscussion] Letters From TRO

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    Tro, are you aware of the citizens of Agol who have initiated the plans for the star bases around the earth in the band of safety? The plans are to bring the
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2009
      "Tro, are you aware of the citizens of Agol who have initiated the plans for
      the star bases around the earth in the band of safety? The plans are to
      bring the earth back into balance through the pyramids that would be built
      at the star bases. If so, could you enlarge upon this for the readers?"

      I was unaware of this and am breathless with anticipation to find
      out more.

      But I hope "Agol" was not a misspelling of "Algol"! Algol got its
      name from the Arabic "Al Ghul" which meant "the Ghoul" and was known to the
      ancients, at least as far back as the Persians, as the "Demon Star".


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      Subject: [ufodiscussion] Letters From TRO

      Letters From TRO

      From Aileen:

      Monday, August 31, 2009

      Some of you know about TRO, the alien that sent me letters as Director of
      the UFOCCI. Some coincidental things happened in relationship to receiving
      the letters.

      I would like to honor TRO by this blog and hopefully, in some way, somehow,
      he will see it and we will hear from him again.

      My friend Don Nelson also heard from TRO in relationship to the book he was
      writing about there being 17 planets in our solar system. TRO answered Don's
      questions he posed pertaining to there being 17 planets. Don has a web site:
      www.17planets.blogspot.com if you are interested.

      You will find the vernacular of TRO's letters different. He combines two
      words that mean basically the same thing. If you separate out the words as
      Don has done on occasion it makes for a very long letter! The way TRO has
      done it is more efficient.


      The first letter I received as Director of the UFO Contact Center
      International was written on June 5, 1991. Following is the letter and my
      answer which I published in the Missing Link magazine we produced monthly.
      This was the only way to reach him. How he was able to see the letter I do
      not know. The first letter was notarized and signed by Dolores Myers, Notary
      Public, State of Washington, King County, on June 14, 1991. It was read on
      the radio by "Charlie Brown", a disc jockey in Seattle. He believed it to be

      Kissimmee, Florida (each letter was written from a different place)

      Dear Aileen:

      After some-several meetings of the repras of the various participants in the
      plan being conducted on this world (which is, simplanation, to introduce
      your race to its larger family) we have conclusioned to establishate in a
      more marked manner.

      While there are still many who are not readyceptive to our presence, we wish
      to upspeed our factuality to those who are. It is, however, our designed
      intention to allow some continuance of the speculation and uncertainty that
      has been a char'istic of our gradualation thus far. While some have wondered
      as to this methique, it is many-ways advisable overstead forcing a
      radchangerous realityization on the population. It has been my experience
      (and I am several times older than the oldest among you) that our 50 year
      plan, with its unfolding progresstages, is psych'ally better for the people
      as they come to terms with the newception.

      There is also the matter of the stability of your stockmarkets, banks,
      gov'ments, socialtutions, andcetra. These are highly valuable assets and,
      mostpart, will continue as such; their wellbeing is high among our
      propercern. We sofore calcuplan an inchrement toward the eventualbe, which
      we envision as a friendly massceptance.

      As a means to this end, we have decided to contacticate a portion of those
      who are of the open mind to us, proving our verifacity with such things as
      the pre-telling of dates for "sightings" activity. This will elicit the
      requisite crediblity among the subject-focuded, and allow the next level of
      communication to commence with earnest. Also, it is our planalysis, this
      foretelling "on the record" should lead to a ripple of attention in your
      mediastablishment, further broadbasing belief.

      The first set of these dates is hereby set as August 8, September 1 and
      September 9 of this calendar. Look to the skies and accept in your hearts
      that the Peoples are as one. Do not be dissuaded by the stories that you
      hear of abuses by some portions of the arriveteam. Abuses there have been
      some, but more of misunderstandings. Much of what looks to be abusive is
      merely an emergency genetics program which is being conducted to save not
      only another species, but is as well insuring the continuation of your
      geneterial -- as a contingency to cataclysm. You none of you realize how
      close and how often (and how still brinking) you as a race of husapiens have
      tome to disaster: nucelar war, ecovironmental ruin (forsample, if the ozone
      layer gets much worse, you have sterility) that meteor we had to deflect a
      few years ago, and otherings not-to-mention.

      Aileen, I suggest that you make some authoritation of this letter (notarize,
      etc.) and give it to someone of trust in the radio business, or such, then
      make certain to issue it before the said time.

      There are reasons for the wordism I am herein of usage, some to do with what
      we can compromisingly stupe to while maintaining effectism. Alsowhich,
      beside being slow to us, it has become hackneyed and dessicated by modern
      times misuse (commercial purveyment, politicism, etc.) and nearly bereft of
      natural impact. Also-add, in the times to come, you will easily know of who
      you receive comq, for reason alone of the languistic style. This will
      protect you from joaxers.

      Until I reach you again
      Peace and protection

      And my reply:

      Dear Tro:

      Thank you for your letter. I was very excited to receive it. I have sent it
      to the radio station that previously read it on the air. The disc jockey
      that read it, Charlie Brown, from KUBE here in Seattle, spoke at our open
      meeting in October. He read your letter to everyone.

      I must say that the letter has affected persons in different ways. It is
      very interesting to observe in which ways. Each person seems to have a
      favorite part - according to their own psyche.

      Since we have received the two letters from you I feel very warm towards
      you. I feel you are a good friend and I hope that we can meet face to face -
      in fact many of our people do. Do you think that would ever be possible?

      Of course, there are those that still wonder if you are real. If you are not
      the person you have said you are, then I must say that you are the most
      intelligent person I have ever known. It would take a genius to fabricate
      the sentences and words that you have compounded. One person even
      hypothesized you could be from the CIA! That was because the letter was
      mailed from "Northern Virginia, VA". I called the post office and asked them
      for the zip code of Northern Virgina, VA and they said there is no such
      place. Even the post mark is a mystery!

      My favorite part of the letter is the part that shows me you are very
      sensitive and respond to the things I like. (I believe this was in the other
      letter referred to - Ed.). My favorite scenes are sunrises and sunsets. It
      was interesting too, considering our current project, that you mentioned you
      were observing the Ural Mountains in Russia. You made the statement that the
      scene was so beautiful with the sun coming up over the Urals and the spiral
      clouds over the mountains. A scene you said you had observed over your
      galaxy from far above. How I envy you. I long for this journey into space.
      When I look at the clear sky early in the morning before light dawns I long
      for something I cannot quite remember - oh, how I long for it.

      I think there is one important question I have to ask you since I know you
      are reading this - somehow - somewhere; Tro, have I known you before? I feel
      there is a mystery here that needs to be remembered. Do I come from where
      you are from? Are there many of us here that belong to that place, and time,
      and who are waiting to go home? So many of the contactees feel they are
      captains of star ships waiting to take our people home. Can you confirm or
      deny this? It would answer so many questions for us.

      Tro, are you aware of the citizens of Agol who have initiated the plans for
      the star bases around the earth in the band of safety? The plans are to
      bring the earth back into balance through the pyramids that would be built
      at the star bases. If so, could you enlarge upon this for the readers?

      If you are not too busy with your duties, please write soon and answer our
      questions. We want to be close friends. There is so much to be learned. I
      think the most important thing is how to love each other no matter how
      diverse our cultures are and to be able to get along on our spaceship earth.

      Hope to "see' you soon and hear from you too.


      Next time I will send out his letter written over the Ural mountains. Keep
      watching for this blog so you won't miss what he has said.
      Posted by P. Urial
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