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Violations of Treaty's

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  • Dex
    A Whole new problem..This should be protested and if possible might bring about a proxy disclosure in the in end run...or they ll arrest everyone carrying
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2009
      A Whole new problem..This should be protested and if possible might bring about a proxy disclosure in the in end run...or they'll arrest everyone carrying signs. All the secrecy seems to have led us to this...Dex

      Cross posting from the GT:
      from mjc
      NASA�s lunar bombing violates space law and must be stopped

      NASA�s use of a 2-ton empty Centaur rocket as a kinetic weapon violates space law in multiple ways and must be stopped, in flight or in lunar orbit, which the LCROSS lunar orbiter reaches on Tuesday June 23, 2009.

      The bombing of the moon with a kinetic weapon to create a 5 mile crater is a per se violation of the U.N. Outer Space Treaty, which the U.S. has ratified, irrespective of its being designed as part of an experiment related to lunar colonization.

      The U.N. Outer Space Treaty (Article III) provides that �States Parties to the Treaty shall carry on activities in the exploration and use of outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, in accordance with international law, including the Charter of the United Nations.�

      The Moon Treaty (Agreement Governing The Activities Of States On The Moon And Other Celestial Bodies (1979)) addresses and bans the specific activity bombing of the moon carried out unilaterally by the U.S. The Moon Treaty prohibits disruption of the environment of the Moon. The LCROSS bombing constitutes a disruption of the delicate balance of the lunar ecology. Article 7 of the Moon Treaty states:

      Article 7 of the Moon Treaty

      �1. In exploring and using the moon, States Parties shall take measures to
      prevent the disruption of the existing balance of its environment whether
      by introducing adverse changes in that environment, by its harmful
      contamination through the introduction of extra-environmental matter or
      otherwise. States Parties shall also take measures to avoid harmfully
      affecting the environment of the earth through the introduction of
      extraterrestrial matter or otherwise.

      �2. States Parties shall inform the Secretary-General of the United
      Nations of the measures being adopted by them in accordance with
      paragraph 1 of this article and shall also, to the maximum extent
      feasible, notify him in advance of all placements by them of radio-active
      materials on the moon and of the purposes of such placements.

      �3. States Parties shall report to other States Parties and to the
      Secretary-General concerning areas of the moon having special scientific
      interest in order that, without prejudice to the rights of other States
      Parties, consideration may be given to the designation of such areas as
      international scientific preserves for which special protective
      arrangements are to be agreed upon in consultation with the competent
      bodies of the United Nations.�

      Although the U.S. has not ratified the Moon Treaty, 13 nations have, and it can be construed as a relevant international standard of what constitutes �international law� under the U.N. Outer Space Treaty.

      Is NASA�s LCROSS bombing of the moon a camouflaged attack or attempt to impose moon sovereignty by the U.S.?

      There is witnessed evidence, through the testimony of UASF SGT Karl Wolfe and through the statements of U.S. astronauts, NASA employees, former Soviet scientists that the U.S., and its agencies NASA and the NSA has had scientific evidence that the moon has extraterrestrial civilizations and present settlements on it for more than 40 years, since the 1960s.

      The U.S. has not attempted any public, peaceful diplomacy with the civilizations on the moon. In fact, the U.S. has imposed an embargo on public knowledge that settlements and an extraterrestrial presence exist on the moon.

      What is touted as a scientific experiment � the bombing of the moon � may in reality be an attempt to impose de facto U.S. sovereignty on the moon. Article II of the U.N. Outer Space Treaty, which the U.S. has signed, states: �Outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means.�

      Moreover, the LCROSS bombing of the moon may be an intentional hostile act by the U.S. (which has know the moon is inhabited for at least 40 years by other civilizations), a kind of �shot across the bow� to mark turf against other intelligent civilizations on the moon.

      The U.N. Outer Space Treaty prohibits non-peaceful activities on the moon. Article IV states, �The moon and other celestial bodies shall be used by all States Parties to the Treaty exclusively for peaceful purposes. The establishment of military bases, installations and fortifications, the testing of any type of weapons and the conduct of military manoeuvres on celestial bodies shall be forbidden.�

      NASA�s LCROSS bombing of the moon must be stopped, while the lunar orbiter is in orbit, before the bombing occurs on October 9, 2009.

      For more info:
      Space Preservation Treaty: www.peaceinspace.org
      end quoted

      From Recall
      NSA photos, documents of an extraterrestrial base on the dark side of the moon

      Former USAF U.S. Sgt. Karl Wolfe, a Disclosure Project witness, describes photos, documents of extraterrestrial bases on the dark side of the moon that he witnessed at the NSA (National Security Agency), in the 1960s. One report states that �Sgt Wolfe was working with Tactical Air Command at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia in 1965. There, he was assigned to the lunar orbital project with the National Security Agency where he met an airman who confided in him that they had discovered bases in the far side of the moon.�

      Sgt Wolfe�s Disclosure Project testimony, in which he states that he is willing to testify under oath before the U.S. Congress, can be seen in the video below.

      One account states, �The airman told him (Wolfe) that all of the NASA photographs were sent to Langley, where they were enhanced, and eventually made into photographs to be sent to and studied by the different branches of the military. He was also told why security was of the utmost importance at the lab on this particular day-recent enhanced imagery had clearly shown structures on the far side of the Moon. These structures were definitely not created by natural forces-they were made by intelligent beings.

      ��We discovered,� the airman said, �a base on the back side of the Moon.�

      Wolfe was in no way prepared for what he had just been told. When he airman saw Wolfe nearly shaking in disbelief, he reiterated:

      ��Yes, a base on the dark side of the Moon.�

      �Although Wolfe had not actually been told that some alien intelligence had made the aforementioned structures, who else could it have been? Although Russia had flown unmanned vessels around to the far side, no landing had been made, and the resources and technology needed to build a station there were far beyond that of Russia at the time. Had they made a landing on the Moon, the entire world would have known about it. And Wolfe knew America was still years from a Moon landing.

      �His anxiety reached a new level. He was looking at, and being told about, something that he should not have seen or known about. He was actually afraid of being arrested and a court martial. He only wanted to finish his job, and get out of there, and forget the whole incident. He would finish the repair he was called to do, but he could never forget what he had seen that day at Langley. He would tell not a soul for 30 years.

      �His release from the military also required that he not leave the United States for five years. This was a condition of his security status. He also was sworn to not reveal anything he had seen while performing his duties in the military. Wolfe would eventually put a report on what he had seen on video, which is now available on the Internet. There have also been several ex-NASA employees who have come forward telling of their experiences in air brushing structures out of NASA photographs of the Moon.�end quoted

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