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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    Dex wrote: Thank you for being on the same page Regan. I wish the main stream thinking could share similar views? Your thought provoking response ought to be
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 27, 2009
      Dex wrote:

      "Thank you for being on the same page Regan. I wish the main stream thinking
      could share similar views? Your thought provoking response ought to be
      considered by the majority of us. Hmm"

      I wish the mainstream thinking could share them too Dex. We might
      then be able to turn our world around onto the path of positive evolution.
      I have little hope of that happening this side of the next millennium
      though, I must confess, as the social mainstream seems to be hardening its
      existing mindset as far as I can see, not relaxing, or releasing it so that
      it can open to the perception of new possibilities.

      "Are we, here on these forums, saturated and deeply familiarized with these
      story's ready for the truth? I still think not and then who is if not people
      that discuss these issues on a daily basis? Perplexing."

      So long as we strive to keep our minds open and free I dare say we
      will always be ready to receive new truth. Whether the majority of people
      frequenting internet forums like this one are like that I do not know, but
      there do not seem to be many I must admit. But one can only do one's best
      so I am inclined to speak the truth as I see it anyway and let other people
      make of it what they will, regardless of whether or not they are ready to
      receive it. To my mind that is for whatever power rules them to decide, not

      "The most important things, highest of things, we've been taught to have
      faith in that ought to be known I can't share my testimony because of wound
      inflicting jabs of denial and mistrust."

      Yes, I know how you feel. But just as the truth is indestructible,
      I think that so too are those who are of the truth and are at one with it.
      It seems to be the fate of everyone who is of the truth in this world to be
      persecuted by those who are children of the lie and are adherants of the
      Great Beast that still rules this planet. But does it matter in the end
      what these self-deluded people, whose minds are cut off from the truth and
      would not recognise it if it got up and bit them, think of those who have
      the truth and are at one with it? What hurt or harm can their false and
      confused words really inflict upon us? Only those who are children of the
      lie themselves would agree with what they have to say about us. So I think
      the only thing that matters is for us to hold fast to the truth ourselves
      and let others condemn us for it if they want to. In so doing they are
      really condemning only themselves in fact, although they never appreciate
      that fact at the time of course. Naturally the highest truth cannot be
      shared with them on the internet or anywhere else but that is their problem
      I would think, not ours.

      "So, generation after generation, I guess that leaves it boiling down to
      only a receptive few who'll ever know what the majority was intended to know
      per lifetime."

      I know. Sad, isn't it. Human evolution seems so slow, but there
      are ways of accelerating it whereby an advance that would ordinarily take,
      say, a million years can be condensed into, say, fifty years or an even
      shorter period of time. It is unconscious evolution that takes so long,
      because that is a purely hit-or-miss, accidental affair, but conscious
      evolution is immeasurably faster because it is an intelligent,
      self-accelerating, self-escalating process. The ancient yoga-systems and
      mystery-initiation schools were designed as systems of conscious evolution
      whose primary objective was to enable a person to tap into the Cosmic
      Intelligence which would then guide and control the further evolutionary
      process from then on, making the sky the limit on what the individual human
      being could become. To those who may doubt the truth of this statement I
      can only say, "Suck it and see".


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      From: Dex
      To: UFOprepare4contact
      Sent: Monday, July 27, 2009 7:02 PM
      Subject: [ufodiscussion] Re: A Mission Among Many

      Regan wrote:

      This was a very thought-provoking piece of writing Dex. Thanks for
      giving us such a simple and straightforward account of these extraordinary
      experiences too.

      It raises many issues about nuclear power, the ET presence and the
      nature of our planetary culture of course, but I think the main one is the
      cultural question of why we need ETs to step in and correct our mistakes.
      Why are we not capable of correcting them ourselves? An intelligent society
      is a self-correcting one surely. When it makes an error it acknowledges
      that it has made one and sets about correcting it. But our society operates
      daily in a general culture of cover-up, in which mistakes are routinely
      ignored, denied and disowned so that they are actively prevented from being
      corrected. As a result the errors in society accumulate and compound one
      another until they become impossible messes that no-one can correct,
      whereupon catastrophes occur.

      I think we may take it as a pretty safe bet that the higher-evolved
      ET societies are not like this. They will be intelligently self-correcting
      so they will not lurch daily from one self-incurred disaster to the next
      like our society does. Their worlds are safe and orderly yet people are free
      in them. I can well understand why culturally advanced reptilians could
      feel totally exasperated with us, who must appear to them as being the most
      pig-headed, self-infatuated, perverse-minded, ego-touchy barbarians that
      they could wish to meet anywhere in the galaxy. By and large we terrestrial
      humans are not operating under the guidance of our own innate intelligence
      but are living under the blind tyranny of our instincts and the cultural
      conditioning that has been indoctrinated into us by our blind appointed
      authorities from the cradle onwards.

      It is reassuring to know that there are intelligent and benign ET
      powers that are willing and able to intervene remedially when our cumulative
      errors grow beyond our present capability to deal with them. But I would
      think that such outside intervention must always be only a last hope and a
      last recourse for human beings who are wanting earnestly to awaken and
      evolve onto progressively higher levels of conscious living. To me the
      evolutionary challenge confronting us is that of awakening and deploying our
      own intrinsic intelligence, so that we actually become the fully
      self-guiding, self-actualising beings that nature designed us to be. That
      we needed ETs to alert us to the readily-observable fact that our nuclear
      power stations were wantonly polluting our terrestrial habitat with
      radioactive wastes is not only cosmically shameful and embarrassing but I
      think it also shows us where we were at in terms of our social evolution in
      that fateful year of 1986 when, as it happened, the Chernobyl reactor also
      blew up. It has since come to light that Chernobyl happened for precisely
      the same reason that the radioactive pollution of the waterways in the USA
      also happened, namely because human errors went uncorrected and compounded
      themselves until catastrophe was incurred.

      The catastrophe-point is the point of no-return and every system in
      creation has at least one of them. It is never easy in practice to
      determine exactly where, in time and space, a given catastrophe-point
      resides and when a system is being pushed over the limit it is usual for the
      operators of the system to experience a gradual loss of control whereby they
      feel that they are on a slippery slope to unforeseeable disaster. They may
      be aware of the catastrophe looming and try frantically to bring the system
      back under control, but by the time they are conscious of being on the
      slippery slope it is usually already too late. By then whatever safeguards
      had been erected to keep them off the slippery slope have already been
      surpassed and the point of no-return has usually already been passed too.
      With a horrifying inevitability events escalate as they unfold in their
      natural sequence and the system "cascades" down to a new state of stability
      on a lower level of order. In short, the system breaks down

      So, how much has the human world nuclear power system evolved since
      it received its wake-up call from the ETs and from Chernobyl in 1986? What
      new safeguards have been put in place to prevent the radioactive pollution
      of the planet from occurring? What new error-correction mechanisms have
      been installed in society to ensure that any human errors which do occur in
      its use of nuclear power will be corrected quickly before they grow into
      unstoppable catastrophes?

      You can probably answer these questions as easily as I can without
      having to do much research. Just keeping abreast of the news is probably
      all the "research" that anyone needs to do to arrive at the informed
      conclusion that whatever safeguards against the radioactive pollution of the
      planet, and whatever social error correction mechanisms may have existed in
      1986 have been seriously eroded since then and are effectively threadbare by
      now. If one of the nuclear power-producing mega-corporations was to dump
      its radioactive waste straight into everybody's tap-water for convenience,
      who would even know about it outside the super-secret top echelons of the
      government and the nuclear power industry? And the MIC is already
      sprinkling nuclear waste materials in the form of DU dust all over the
      planet wherever it prosecutes one of the countless wars that it uses to
      justify its own existence. No, where that part of collective human
      intelligence responsible for controlling its nuclear power system is
      concerned, the evolutionary process has definitely gone backwards since
      1986, whereafter it should have gone forwards instead in response to the
      wake-up call that the world received then.

      The world nuclear power system is just one component of the whole
      terrestrial human system of course and we can see the same devolutionary
      process occurring in them all. The world is now more chaotic, less
      intelligent and more out of control than it was in 1986 as a result. We may
      see that this process is occurring essentially because of the entrenched
      world culture of denial of error. In order to turn the situation around I
      think it is necessary to create a new culture which fosters error-correction
      in place of the old, decadent culture of error-suppression. There is no
      other way that I can see, with or without the help of ETs.


      Thank you for being on the same page Regan. I wish the main stream thinking
      could share similar views? Your thought provoking response ought to be
      considered by the majority of us. Hmm
      Are we, here on these forums, saturated and deeply familiarized with these
      story's ready for the truth? I still think not and then who is if not people
      that discuss these issues on a daily basis? Perplexing.
      The most important things, highest of things, we've been taught to have
      faith in that ought to be known I can't share my testimony because of wound
      inflicting jabs of denial and mistrust.
      So, generation after generation, I guess that leaves it boiling down to only
      a receptive few who'll ever know what the majority was intended to know per


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      From: Dex
      To: UFOprepare4contact
      Sent: Sunday, July 26, 2009 6:25 PM
      Subject: [ufodiscussion] A Mission Among Many

      (Note: A Brief Outline. For The Record)

      Nothing wrong with our having Nuclear Power, just don't empty out the
      radioactive waste in waterways.

      Rancho Seco in Calif. was dumping radioactive cooling water in the
      Claysville Crk. and then it'd run into the Hadlesville Crk. and was
      eventually detected in the American river near Sacramento.
      Evaporative ponds were built to save money as well, because the practice for
      getting rid of the radioactive water before was burying it in Cement Vats in
      NV. and or dumping it in the Gulf of Mexico.

      Way to costly. so, a handful of Board Members decided to rid the waste in a
      different way.

      Since I lived near reservoirs, Amador, Comanche, Hogan's, etc,. about 20
      miles away, I was contacted by a scientific group of ET's concerned with the
      environmental problem that would result in the near future adjacent to that
      part of Calif.

      This had nothing to do with my earlier contacts with the Hosts of Light or
      the people from Coma Berenices. This new group was concerned with the
      continuing Plant's practice contaminating the whole environment including
      their priority concern was how it would affect the children's genetics.

      After, being contacted and informed by this new ET group, (I'm not going
      into details) I went down to the Power Plant's security and had a talk.
      Of course they wouldn't believe me nor were they aware the industry was
      involved with what I informed them they were doing. Everyone was in denial.
      How could I know that? They demanded, I told them how I came to know.

      Well, I had to prove it. Yes, it was proven both by the ET's action's,
      appearances', etc,..and other scientist's finally brought in to measure the
      amounts of radioactivity contamination.
      That's how it was detected all the way up to American River.
      Later news services broadcast 40,000 head of cattle couldn't be sold because
      they too were radioactive, apparently, from the cooling ponds precipitation

      Rancho Seco was eventually shut down. End of a long battle. I also made sure
      Government knew what to expect days before the ET locked down the industries
      Always, I informed our Gov. first so they'd have a chance to act on the
      problem first.
      W. Casey (C.I.A.) NSA, DoD, Space Center's and news services etc,...Allen
      Hynek, Philip Imbroglio and many other UFO researchers.
      This was a big deal.
      At any rate, the ET sources had to prove it came from them and not from me.
      They did.

      It panic the Gov. until, I explained to them personally.

      These ET gardening caretakers ensure worlds like ours remain suitable to
      sustain the Life Programs they were intended for. When we start destroying
      parts of our planet like that, well, someone steps in to correct the
      problem, especially, when we ignore it so we can make an extra buck with
      cost cutting ideas.
      In addition, it was found the electrical wiring was inefficient and way
      below the original blueprints standards, as a matter of fact, there was
      electrical wiring missing, again, because of cost cutting. Wowie Zowie

      That ensured the meltdown odds against us. Anyway, the mission ended in
      I was told by the Governments' Investigators back then we didn't need
      This man could go anywhere in the world and do anything he wanted.
      When I reminded him of a contact case containing an eradicating threat to
      the responsible life forms interfering with these reparation's he told me he
      wasn't afraid to die.

      I've often wondered if in part, that was one of the reason's why we have
      treaty's. The threat was made known back in the 70's.

      True story...

      P. S. Please try not to chime in with you know who these intelligence are
      and you know what they're about. That gets kind of superfluous.

      I can verify this new group are nice looking, humanoid. not spooky, not
      grey, They wore toga's, sandal's with strapped leg bounds, had large round
      eye arrangement, very large hairless heads and looked like what you'd think
      Aristotle or a Socrates would eventually evolve into in about a million or
      so years. What future men would appear.

      I've learned through encounters, technological evolutionary advancements
      vary with the different species, both human and humanoid.
      I haven't encountered creature intelligence, so, I don't know anything about
      them, and from what I've heard on these forums I wouldn't want too.
      I use to like Iguanas', because they reminded me of Jurassic dinosaurs,
      since, I've learned about Reptilians, I think I'm ruined. I can't feel
      comfortable with the idea we're not liked by a specie and actually
      interfered with by them with a disclosure desire I think could save our
      world by helping unify 'all' cultures to new creative endeavor levels. A
      whole new focus and hope for expansion enabling an abundance for all to
      Ending the exaggerated stress for survival.

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