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Electric Whiz Kid

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  • Dex
    Dondep wrote: Yes, it s just one scenario , but we ve been manipulated for far longer than 5,724 years (what an arbitrary number). The claim about free
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2009
      Dondep wrote:

      Yes, it's just "one scenario", but we've been 'manipulated' for far longer than 5,724 years (what an arbitrary number). The claim about 'free energy' is total balderdash; we've had opportunities to harness energy more effectively, but to say we have 'free energy' is like saying just because we have a handful of flying saucers that means we have an operational fleet and can harness their propulsion systems. We don't. 'Free Energy' isn't something this corrupt civilization of humanity could control usefully, fairly, effectively. It's an old wive's tale, an urban myth, as far as practicality goes. Go ahead, prove me wrong, I've been waiting for years.

      (DonD, I saved this clipping from the 1970's. I have not heard anything more about young Powell since...Would this qualify?...Dex)

      Energy-Plate Experiment May Land Teen Genius In Jail

      Western Arizona Bureau

      LAKE HAVASU CITY-- a high school freshman here described by teachers as an electronic genius has developed an energy-saving idea he could go to jail for.

      Thomas Powell, 16, and two other Lake Havasu City juveniles are charged in the theft of more than $13,000 of electrical equipment from Citizens Utility and Arizona Public Service.

      "I didn't take anything that I didn't need," said Powell.

      Mohave County sheriff's deputies recovered the equipment at a commercial storage area two weeks ago. The equipment was moved to the storage area, said Powell's mother, Mrs.
      Donald H. Powell, because it became too unwieldy for the family's back porch.

      The recovered equipment included oil switches, capacitors, regulars, insulators and transformers weighing as much as 300 pounds apiece.

      Authorities said the equipment was taken in a series of burglaries that began in December.
      The thefts became so frequent, authorities said, that the Citizens Utilities officials gave up trying to report them.

      "They had to work extremely hard to get what they did," said Citizens district manager Darwin Thurston. "The most serious part of this whole thing is that if they didn't know what they were doing with the equipment somebody could have been killed."

      Young Powell "knows more than any other kid I've ever met," said Al Iverson, a special education instructor at Lake Havasu High School.

      "He's got an idea for a thing he calls an electrical plate that will generate electricity," Iverson said. "I don't understand it anyway, but he says he can do it."

      "It's a luminous something or other," said his mother. "He's got a way so you don't need any electricity at all."

      Powell said he can't reveal the name of the energy plate device because it is not patented yet and the name would "give it away."

      But, he said, it works like a solar cell. except, that it utilizes radiation from the universe rather than from the sun, and will produce electricity day or night, rain or shine.

      Powell said he also was using the electrical equipment to create an experimental linear accelerator.

      By using a linear accelerator, he said, scientists can increase the speed at which radio waves travel through space.
      'It takes about eight minutes to send a radio wave from here to Mars." Powell said. "Using an accelerator, it takes about 10 seconds. But, most linear accelerators are about two miles long. I was trying to make a smaller one.

      "The kid has been checked out by our electronics teacher," Iverson said, "it appears that he is extremely bright in the subject. He knows quite a bit of chemistry also.

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