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[TimeStar] Countdown on July 7 solar extravaganza?

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  • Brel
    Hi, It is estimated that more than two billion people, via one medium or another, will be tuned into MJ s memorial service on the 7th of July, 2009. Just
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2009
      It is estimated that more than two billion people, via one medium or another, will be tuned into MJ's memorial service on the 7th of July, 2009.
      Just happens to coincide with some predictions for a massive ejection from the sun.
      I wonder what the net effect will be.
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      Predictions are on the street for a massive solar eruption that will affect the earth on July 7. These are based on interpretations of crop circles this year. I disagree with the predictions for a July 7 solar eruption impacting the earth.

      Crop circles referencing Native American motifs must be interpreted within the context of Native American culture and worldview. Native Americans recorded past and predicted future UFO appearances, and I suggest their model of time more closely aligns to what the circle makers have in mind. Almost all predictions for the solar eruption on July 7 have been made with the European-based world view, and we cannot get to the truth of Native American prophecy through the lens of the European paradigm. EuroAmerica does not equal Native America and the thinking of the circle makers.

      Bless their hearts, a lot of the European and EuroAmerican reductionist interpreters are doing the best they know. I can't fault them for trying.

      Tomorrow is the day of truth, July 7. We'll see how the sun looks then.

      I am predicting that large solar eruptions will occur in the 260-day eclipse cycle that continues into May 2010. This timeline is based on the proto-Mayan calendar used by many tribes in Native America. July 20 is the earliest date for genuinely large solar flares, but I'm not expecting anything spectacular on that date. Mid-August to mid-November is the most likely period for impressive solar eruptions.

      But, I'm listening to the EuroAmericans and Europeans and will be happy to acknowledge their efforts if they get it right. I'm skeptical.

      The European clock is ticking.

      Best regards,


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