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    Things are getting interesting! ... From: To: Eyepod@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, July 06, 2009 10:19 AM ... Hi Rich, Last night, after my radio show, for
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      Things are getting interesting!

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      --- In Eyepod@yahoogroups.com, Rich <bellanotte_guy@...> wrote:
      > LOL!!! As a LONGTIME fan and reader of Marvel Comics I am quite acquainted with Project Pegasus. I was immensely pleased to see what the link led me to. Bravo!
      > Cheers!

      Hi Rich,

      Last night, after my radio show, for some reason I had an urge to keep listening, as Jim Gilliland's show airs right after mine, from ECETI ranch. I'm sure you ALL know about THAT!

      Well, he wasn't on last night; someone else was, and the interview was with someone named Andrew (Brushago?). He is a WHISTLBLOWER, and at a young age, like around 12 or 13 I think, he was inducted into black projects and over decades learned about MANY of the technologies which the secret government HAS, and has had for decades.

      He validated all those who have been interviewed through Project Camelot, and talked in great detail about all of it... starting with PROJECT PEGASUS!

      I've thought for years that comic books, sci fi and other "fantasy" materials are where those "in the know" go to tell the TRUTH, which is revealed in detail, right under everyone's NOSES!

      From what he described, everything in this comic book world, most likely even the characters, are ALL REAL. He's going to do a show with Bill and Kerry, he said, and it should be a DOOZY!

      Some of the things he was yakking about were free energy, time travel devices, the multiverse, parallel realities, bases on other planets with ETs, teleportation, etc. He claims that it's "time" for all this to get out in the open, and that mankind has a "right to know" and to advance and use these secretive advanced technologies; he's somehow connected to the Disclosure Project, I think he said.

      Well, chew on that!



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