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Re: [prepare4contact] A Jun 28th Crop Circle

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  • Dex
    You can t be serious? They know nuclear better than we do. It s been a big issue with them and us. I won t go into the details. We ve had problems at the power
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      You can't be serious?

      They know nuclear better than we do. It's been a big issue with them and us. I won't go into the details.
      We've had problems at the power plants when they use too deliberately dump radioactive cooling water in the near-by streams so they could save money. It's a long story.
      Rancho Seco contaminated the environment for miles around. The plant also used the method in getting rid of the contaminated water by building evaporated ponds. The precipitation cycle extended the radiation even further and it all wound up contaminating 40,000 head of cattle and land that couldn't be sold, several streams and the American river could all be detected with radiation.

      The aliens were concerned with what the radiation would do to the genetics of children and as well about other mutational aspects.
      That plant shut down in 1986.
      The aliens continually informed the Gov. (space centers, DoD, NSA, etc,) through their contactee what would happen if they didn't correct the problem. The aliens kept breaking down the power plants until they couldn't afford to repair them any longer and board meetings declared bankruptcy. They couldn't keep up with the cost for repairs.

      This same repercussion is on the drawing board with Korea and Iran and anyone else who demonstrates their immaturity when it comes to this kind of power use. They just might dismantle all these facilities if they don't behave and no country in our world can be blamed.

      Like I said, I can't go into this. Case Sensitive. An agent for Maryland said in 1986 the Gov. was paranoid. I was told this directly after Chernobyl.


      Clearly a hoax. Who else but an Earth Human would know Our symbol for nuclear?

      From: Dex <dexxxaa@...>
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      Subject: [prepare4contact] A Jun 28th Crop Circle

      Gate's is authorizing missile's being set up along California's coastline and in Hawaii.
      Missile's are being sent, by us, to south Korea's destroyer in case we go to war.
      Korea says this defensive build is an excuse for an imminent preemptive strike by the U.S. of A. and they're going to build more nuclear deterrent missile's.

      The crop circle appears in keeping with current events. Look at the center of this bull's eye's target. A nuclear symbol. Very clever depiction... Dex

      http://www.thegolde nthread.info/ forum/viewtopic. php?p=11543# 11543

      nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire. Reported 28th June.
      _http://www.cropcirc leconnector. com/2009/ knolldown2/ knolldown2009b. html_
      http://www.cropcirc leconnector. com/2009/ knolldown2/ knolldown2009b. html
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