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RE: [ufodiscussion] Abstract Crop Circle Art

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  • Dex
    Thanks Brel I m going with it as I discover these similarity s. I didn t know there would be add on parts with these crop circles. It is a lot work explaining
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 23, 2009
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      Thanks Brel

      I'm going with it as I discover these similarity's. I didn't know there would be add on parts with these crop circles.
      It is a lot work explaining these things, in my interpretation, so it's understandable.
      I thought it would be an easy connection to see, apparently, not though.


      Hi Dex,
      It would have been handy for U to have marked this posting as part one, and the other one part two.
      What your going to so much trouble to try and tell people would have made much more sense, at least
      to Me, then, anyway.
      Kind Regards,

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      From: Dex
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 2009 6:22 AM
      Subject: [ufodiscussion] Abstract Crop Circle Art

      ABSTRACT Crop Circle Art...
      Perhaps, some of you can see?
      Twelve Rays (or petals) , 24 in total of the Sun (Son) crop circle. Twelve primary and twelve smaller secondary rays (extended). Look closely at the shape of the smaller secondary rays of the crop circle and then look closely at the clock's smaller secondary rays. And of course notice the shape of the primary rays.
      The clock shows Ten Rays (or petals), 20 in total. Ten primary and ten secondary.
      The clock's center circle appears uniquely illustrated by circles on the tip of the primary rays.
      Pulling the circles together like bubbles, they'd unify into one large bubble (circle). This is an abstract way of looking at the art combination similarity.
      I sit in front of this clock every day for a period of time watching TV, and a few days ago I was wondering after looking around to see what more similarity is possible for them to make, I stared at the clock because of it representing 'time' and the 'sun', I wondered if the crop circle maker's could illustrate that one. The thought it was too ridiculous, so, I dismissed it from my mind.
      Lo and behold, I guess for them it wasn't a bad idea after all. At least in my opinion.

      This one is beautiful.

      As it has always been, simply another similarity, not an identical duplication. Not beyond doubt.
      (Note: It came to me today what their bubbles or circles in crop circles represent, and to me, It makes perfect sense considering their multi-star pattern signatures. It can only be interpreted by knowledge of the Spirit or their short-cut inculcated programming) As always, I speak in riddles. Forgive me.

      Brightstar..this one was made in Italy.

      >From Dee

      Here are the links to the Italy crop circle and Joe's (Mason) posting of
      information related to it.

      JMason4557: _Crop Circle at Cascina Martina, Riva Presso Chieri, Torino.
      Reported 20th June 2009._

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