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The Vacuum in Space

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  • Brel
    Hi Dex, This info correlates with other info I m hearing. Thanks, Bre. ... From: Dex To: UFOprepare4contact Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 2009 1:53 PM Subject:
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      Hi Dex,
      This info correlates with other info I'm hearing.
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      From: Dex
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      Sent: Tuesday, June 09, 2009 1:53 PM
      Subject: [ufodiscussion] The Vacuum in Space

      Cross posting:

      the time traveler wrote:
      Some one posted here a while back that the earth will be moved through a black hole, closer to the center of the galaxy. I have been thinking that is crazy! But suddenly reolized that CERN could possably create a black hole. I had a vivid dream last year where I was on a spaceship looking out a large window, while surrounded by aliens. We were looking at the earth being sucked inside out into a black hole. The impression that I got was that was happening to the earth in another dimentione or time.
      Could CERN destroy us? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But why the dream? I personaly think that everything will hit the fan all at at the same time. They will turn cern on and we will be hit by a comet, a large one then the small pieces. Then the flip, then ww3. Then the anti Christ, the tribulation, the rapture. The return of Christ. How is that for food for thought? And remember you can't have an anti Christ with out a Christ!

      Allegedly, according to Hurtak, says during his contact, he was told our star system is headed into a vacuum area in space referred to as a 'Null Zone', where electromagnetic fields cease to exist.
      Entering through this supposed Null Zone will re-seed our star system closer to the center of our local universe. The Milky Way. In addition, we'll step up an octave or two resettling in a fifth dimensional wavelength of life, where species are circumnavigating space.
      I think in these higher vibratory time cells is where our visiting Adamic intelligence reside. By that, I mean, the ones who earlier visited us in the 50's. Apparently, they're able to transpose themselves into lower vibrational dimensions.
      Those whose origins began in the lower thresholds who haven't been tampered with by the Higher Evolutions aren't able to transpose into the higher life zones.
      Why is tampering neccessary? The higher vibratory spaces are supposedly, protected by special radiation's of the Creator. The radiation helps protect against intrusive negative intelligence.
      And of course, it's conveyed as we approach the lip of this Null Zone, it affects our Sun.
      These intelligence have been busy keeping her (the sun) stable to help reduce the radical effect it'd cause with our planet due to the extra bombardment's of solar radiation kicked off during this transition.


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