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      Subject: [prepare4contact] A Black Hole,The Best Place Of Protection... Hardly Anything Escapes From ItUnless Sanctioned....

      Source: http://www.americanchronicle.com/articles/view/105070

      Sun 7 Jun 2009 09:21:07 GMT+02:00

      Spy Game Disrupts UFO Disclosure
      Gary S. Bekkum
      June 05, 2009

      The biggest question faced by the extraterrestrial disclosure movement (exopolitics) is not whether the public has a right to know about the alleged alien presence, but does the current President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, have a "need to know."

      A couple of years ago investigative author Gus Russo asked the question, "Is Uncle Sam a closet UFOlogist?"

      After reading various materials supplied by his sponsor, Dan T. Smith, son of a famous Harvard economist who worked for the Eisenhower administration, Russo concluded that the reason Smith's friend, former CIA analyst Ronald "Ron" Pandolfi remained involved with UFO-related topics and persons, was "national security."

      At the time of Russo's investigation, Pandolfi was with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence MASINT. The ODNI coordinates all national intelligence and is responsible for briefing the President.

      (Gus Russo's article, "The Real X-Files" is available at the STARpod.org website.)

      According to Smith, who notes that his older sister is a friend of Nancy Bush Ellis (President George H.W. Bush's sister), with every change of administration there is a ripple effect within the government's closely held secrets that he calls the "repositioning."

      A recent example is the Presidential release of classified CIA "torture memos."

      In spite of enhancements to Freedom Of Information (FOIA), attempts to gain access to UFO-related government memos remains torturous, with numerous escape clauses designed to protect the national security.

      A recent attempt comes from Lee Graham, who was investigated by the Defense Investigative Service for his UFO interests. Graham asked the USAF for images of two specific anomalous "UFO" events.

      The Air Force provided Graham with a "neither confirm not deny" response on the grounds of national security.

      One source to Russo, a gentleman who provides high level input to a Defense Intelligence Agency sponsored National Academies' scientific committee, was questioned about the extraterrestrial rumors:

      "I have spoken to three former Presidents and the subject always comes up, not as a briefing, but they also want to know the truth. But apparently they aren´┐Żt cleared for it."

      Perhaps the President is not allowed to discuss the topic with Senior Intelligence Officials who are not on a short and closely held "need to know" list.

      One would hope (and naively expect) that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

      Unfortunately the bitter history of secrets deemed too sensitive for consumption by the man on the street and foreign governments, both friend and foe, remains a stumbling block to further pursuit of the topic.

      I take note of my previous line with a sense of disdain: the citizens of this nation and foreign nationals, both good and bad, have been compartmented together under an umbrella of national secrecy.

      The historical record is pockmarked by ugly abuses of power, intended not for the protection of the people, but to conceal the nefarious activities of select persons and their shadow agendas.

      And so we are left to look to our leaders, and the President of the United States, for guidance as we gaze into the dark unknown. If we cannot see into the darkness, and if the leader of our nation has "no need to know," then who remains accountable to our collective future?

      At least the President remains comfortably visible.

      We know for certain, based upon government documents and personal accounts shared by many past and present officials, there exists an interest in developing "crazy ideas" like telepathy, psychic remote viewing, mind to mind influence, earth penetrating gravity waves, anti-gravity propulsion, wormholes and warp drives, and other staples from science fiction.

      These exploits appear on the surface to be "extraterrestrial derived technology."

      Less is known about the levels of government in-the-know: one declassified example from the 1980s proves that TOP SECRET research into psychic warfare against terrorists was a topic directed to the Deputy Secretary of Defense when "human-use" guidelines required high-level approval.

      It was the elder President H.W. Bush, a former DCI, who was later briefed on the psychic programs as Vice President during the Reagan Administration. With the officially sanctioned release of the CIA STAR GATE files, we are able to prove the almost unbelievable depth of secrecy used to protect "the men who stared at empty space" of their mind's eye in the 1980s.

      It does give pause to the idea of obtaining any access to information about an alleged alien presence.

      The topic of psychic defense returned following 9/11, as told by British author Jon Ronson in his book, THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS. Ronson's book has been adapted into a fictional film starring George Clooney.

      I have mentioned Ron Pandolfi, and Dan Smith's "repositioning" as it relates to government disclosure of an alleged "extraterrestrial presence."

      For Jon Ronson, the trail began with the search for "Ron," a mysterious intelligence official psychic Uri Geller identified as the man who "reactivated" his services for the Bush War on Terror.

      A prior effort to dislodge the secrets was launched with the repositioning taking place when Bill Clinton was elected, and Ron Pandolfi was involved as well.

      The story is told by Grant Cameron at his http://www.presidentialufo.com website, and involved familiar names like Laurance Rockefeller, his friendship with Hillary Clinton, and many involved in the Bill Clinton Administration including Leon Panetta, the current Director of Central Intelligence (DCI).

      It is worth noting that the job of briefing the President was taken from the DCI and handed to the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). Pandolfi's last known position with the Office of the DNI places him close to the primary authority for all US intelligence agencies.

      It is also worth mentioning in 2006 Pandolfi passed email messages to US and foreign nationals concerning a possible penetration of secure facilities, including some at Los Alamos, by a former USAF agent named Rick Doty, under an agenda to see "who would take Rick's place" in promoting a "core story" of extraterrestrial visitation.

      Curiously this all went away without much fanfare, in spite of discussion of the FBI and Justice Department and the fact that Doty continues to work for law enforcement in New Mexico.

      When Pandolfi was publicly confronted concerning this release, he requested redaction of specific detailed information concerning "sources and methods" and stated that the entire affair was a "personal matter" to protect John Gannon, former Deputy Director for Intelligence at CIA during the Clinton Administration.

      John Gannon's name had been allegedly passed on by two "DIA sources" who were never identified, according to Pandolfi's email.

      Meanwhile Pandolfi maintained a personal interest in other alleged "derived alien technology" including RAM -- Replication Alien Machine -- and ARV -- Alien Reproduction Vehicle.

      A primary party interested in moving disclosure of the alleged RAM/ARV technologies is Gordon Novel, a man notable for his "intelligence file" which goes back to the Jim Garrison JFK assassination conspiracy investigation of the 1960s.

      The "intelligence files" concerning Mr. Novel come from CIA, FBI, and ONI offices.

      Based upon email exchanges I have seen, Pandolfi, the former CIA man and ODNI scientific expert, apparently supports Mr. Novel's right to pursue the alleged alien technology.

      In recent years Mr. Novel, who was consulted by pop superstar Michael Jackson according to a feature story in VANITY FAIR, has been more forthcoming about his interest in the alleged ET technology.

      Michael Jackson is a friend of Uri Geller, the UK based psychic star Jon Ronson claims sent him on a search for "Ron" which uncovered the psychokinetic heart-stopping "Men Who Stare at Goats."

      Meanwhile Mr. Novel continues to promote the RAM/ARV quest which included a quietly conducted confidential study by a major university on the effect of time machines on human psychology.

      This weird mixture of superstar personalities, scientific and techno-futurists, government intelligence officials, foreign nationals, use of the Internet in violation of government guidelines, and the personal agendas of the rich and strange has evolved into a convoluted spy game.

      Rather than pressing disclosure of government secrecy forward, the spy game disrupts any serious attempt to engage the mainstream media for a sensible, reasoned evaluation of what may truly be going on behind the scenes.

      A few years ago Sharon Weinberger, a well known author and defense journalist answered my request for a letter of reference on the topics of interest here.

      Weinberger wrote, "The Pentagon and national security institutions are a reflection of society --meaning, as in society, there are those who in the Pentagon who believe in psychics, UFOs and similar things. Regardless of whether one agrees with their view -- the fact that these officials have influenced policy is fascinating, sometimes frightening, and certainly worth writing about."

      It is time for the mainstream media to realize this is serious business: these are the people who will help direct the future course of our nation's defense.

      It is time to move ahead of the spy game and engage the issue in a calm, clear, and unbiased fashion.

      Information fed to the public directly impacts the national health and well being of countless millions of individuals. Deliberate disinformation, fantasy, and unfounded belief systems fed by quasi-official input from players at the spy game can and often does make people sick.

      An esteemed American hero, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth human being to walk on the moon, has also called for a serious investigation based on rumors and roadblocks he has encountered concerning an "extraterrestrial presence."

      When Dr. Mitchell's comments about alien visitation were picked up by the mainstream media last summer, he asked for my assistance in clarifying that the truth remains opaque to him as well.

      Dr. Mitchell pointed to an article from Jane's Defence Weekly, the preeminent defense publication, where it was noted:

      "An unacknowledged SAP [Special Access Program] -- a black program -- is a program considered so sensitive that the fact of its existence is a "core secret," defined in USAF regulations as "any item, progress, strategy or element of information, the compromise of which would result in unrecoverable failure. In other words, revealing the existence of a black program would undermine its military value."

      What is the acceptable cost to be paid by the public at large to protect "military value" -- especially when that protection appears to be making members of the public ill?

      One item so secret it remained "in the black" for years was the existence of a doomsday martial law order initialed by President Eisenhower. The order was prepared and kept locked in a White House safe.

      It was during those same dark years, when mortal men faced the untenable prospect of restoring order following a nuclear holocaust, that the legends of crashed flying saucers and alien recoveries are said to have taken place.

      Nothing short of open intelligence committee hearings or action from the White House will resolve these issues, which remain an open sore on the public consciousness.

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