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Re: Second Sun (Son) Crop Circle?

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  • Dex
    To answer your question Dean?...I will answer your question. In a little time, more unfolding is necessary. Otherwise you wouldn t believe me. How I wish you
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 2, 2009
      To answer your question Dean?...I will answer your question. In a little time, more unfolding is necessary. Otherwise you wouldn't believe me.
      How I wish you were more supportive rather than play the devil's advocate role with me.

      These postings are read by several thousands people on other forums besides the Golden. I guess you have a problem with some of the thinking posters who may exhibit better reasoning power than old Dean.

      Heck, some of these folks on the p4c you accuse metaphysically illiterate exhibit better reasoning power than Dean.

      The many Hosts have a 'Plan'. It requires unfoldment processes. Steps to realizations to actualization and so forth and so on.
      The many variety both the Inner and outer Guardians for our world work as subtle and mysteriously as God's Spirit. Apparently, they've learned well from their Teacher.
      I don't dispute any of the Masters teachings. I'm in favor of all that I know about them. That would be opposing 'Wisdom'. That is what I seek in my fellow specie. Those insecurity projections of yours might have something to do with you're interpreting oranges when I speak apples. I believe it's causing you to behave as a smug arrogant adversarial provocateur.
      Me thinks you're to impressed with yourself to hear above your own voice and is causing me to repeat my conveyances to be understood a little too too often.

      I'm not putting you down Dean, it's what I observe in your behavior.
      I know...we have to live with it on the p4c. You're ready jump with both feet, most, 'sternly'as you say. I'm glad in your teaching method we don't get the back of our hands rapped with a ruler.
      They outlawed that long ago.

      'Unity' is vital for our survival. It demonstrates a willing desire to listen and apply the dictates of our Father's Sonship guidance system for restoring and liberating the world and our soul.

      Please quit dividing, a house will fall, and that is the Devil's way of conquering.
      In other words, please refrain from condescending snide remarks. The discussion is welcomed. Everyone here or there, has an opinion, and as of late, I've learned to value more the other posters contribution much more than yours.
      Too much correcting with the things I talk about. You don't have the ears to hear me Dean.
      So, lets scuttlebutt our correspondence and move on. It'd be better you're deleting my postings.


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