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Greys make contact HOAX

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  • Dex
    (Note: The battle begins. What will be real and what won t be real? Disinfo doing their best to confuse us?) Alien spaceship lands in Webster, South Dakota:
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2009
      (Note: The battle begins. What will be real and what won't be real? Disinfo doing their best to confuse us?)

      Alien spaceship lands in Webster, South Dakota: Greys make contact HOAX


      According to the editor in chief at Business Week, John A. Byrne, the story was the result of someone hacking their blog at businessweek.com. He tweeted his response to the story.

      Here is the posting from the original "hacked" story:

      A shocking revelation in the science world has been made today as we are getting reports saying an Alien spacecraft has landed in the small city of Webster, South Dakota.

      Hundreds crowded a parking lot at busy factory outlet as a spherical craft descended from clear skies and made it�s landing on U.S. soil. Witnesses say power within a mile had gone out. Hand held devices, cameras and even vehicles stopped working before the craft made its landing, therefore, many witnesses could not take photographs of the craft.

      The craft along with the crowd was in silence. Many people ran away in fear before the craft even landed. After a short while of watching the craft, witnesses say a part of the door on the lower portion opened up and a ramp came extended out to the ground. Two creatures, approximately 4 feet tall with large heads, large eyes, no noses and a slip for mouth, as described by witnesses, walked down the ramp and onto Earth grounds. The beings were said to have matched the descriptions of an extra-terrestrial species we call "Greys."

      "We felt a sense of relief", said witness, Rob Chan. "We were scared, but we couldn�t move. It was an astonishing site. It felt as if they were trying to communicate with us but we just couldn't understand."

      The beings walked back into the craft as the ramp closed back up behind them and after a few tense moments of waiting, the spaceship silently ascended upwards, moved towards the nearby lake and shot into the sky and that is when it disappeared. It was only a short while after when hand held devices and phones started working again. People started taking pictures of the sky hoping the craft would come back (seen in the picture).

      The fire department and police were called to the scene but could not do anything about what had just happened. Military officials were notified of the incident and the area is being cleared and the area is being tested for possible radioactivity.

      The image that was included in the story was that of a large group of people in a parking lot looking area. Why would anyone take a picture of the crowd if there is supposedly some crazy UFO stuff happening?

      Nicely played, Mr. Hacker, but I'm leaning towards a hoax.

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