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Delta Craft

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  • Dex
    From John W. Subject: Delta Craft. May 12, 2009. He is something that mentions Sekhmet and the sighting of a large space craft.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2009
      From John W.
      Subject: Delta Craft. May 12, 2009.

      He is something that mentions Sekhmet and the
      sighting of a large space craft.


      Subject: Giant Delta-Shaped Craft Seen All Over the
      Tuesday, May 12, 2009 2:52 AM Giant Delta-Shaped
      Craft Seen All Over the World
      I am sharing this because it was about the same date
      in early April, around 1:30AM, and I looked up and
      through the skylight in my bedroom-- a Delta Craft
      quite larger and lower than any normal object--woke me
      up and positioned itself directly in my skylight. It
      pulsed a broad beam into my eyes, that appeared to
      increase it's size by about 2/3 its diameter for a few
      seconds and then returned to it's residual size.
      As I looked at the details of the underside of this
      craft I was amazed to note how well delineated the ship
      was. I immediately put a violet beam around the craft
      and t-lepathically sent a query which was returned
      positively. It was very cold outside and I was clad in
      almost nothing so did not want to get dressed and go
      outside to look more closely.
      I did go to the kitchen and Tara happened to be up
      doing some dishes, and I shared the experience with
      her. This craft's shape and extremely low altitude
      surprised me as did it's response to my te-epathic
      query, which was immediate and positive.
      I would suggest to all to be aware that we are being
      given more and more of these opportunities to affirm
      that 'visitors are with us' and will interact
      more than ever before when contacted without fear.
      Tonight when we were bidding some guests good
      night--we noted a large craft in the SW sky that was
      larger and closer than a star and was not a planet. It
      was drawing attention by blinking at us unlike a star.
      It was indeed a craft.
      Mother Sekhmet had been sharing with us for several
      hours just before this so we knew this was 'friendly
      family' affirming their guardian presence in watching
      over all of us. Our guests saw and experienced this
      'hello' as well.
      I sent a greeting and it lit up my heart with a beam
      and did the usual gyrations.


      My wife and I were visiting friends at their house.
      While my friends played xbox inside the house, my
      wife wanted to smoke a cigarette outside, I agreed to
      accompany her. We went outside to the back of the house
      to the porch.
      We stood outside for a few seconds looking at the
      moon. The moon seemed very bright.
      While I looked at the moon my wife spotted something
      spectacular behind me.
      She was in awe and told me to look behind me. I
      turned to look and to my amazement I saw and Big B-ack
      Triangle (Delta). I first thought it was a B-2
      Stealth Bomber. Being that I am ex-m-litary and was in
      The UNITED S-ATES AIR F-RCE and have a s-cret
      clearance. The B-2 bomber is the closes thing I could
      think of but is way off. It emerged from a cloud that
      had happen to slow down making the object come out of
      the cloud completely and I could clearly distinguish
      the shape of the object to be a massive triangle slowly
      coasting at a very low altitude over our heads. It was
      at least a hundred yards long, like a football field.
      It had 8-12 w-ite lights underneath it shaped in a V.
      It was very silent. I couldn't believe that such a
      massive object could be flying over our heads at such a
      low altitude without falling out of the sky in d-ad
      silence. As I looked at it, I needed my friends to see
      it, I ran into the house to tell my friends to come
      outside immediately. As I came out I could see it
      going into another cloud directly in front of it's
      on-going course over our heads. It flew from South to
      North right over our heads. By the time my friends
      came out it had gone into the clouds. I was ecstatic
      that I was very lucky to have seen such an amazing
      object. I first thought it was mi-itary. But as soon
      as my reasoning started to think otherwise (non-human)
      that is when I started to get chills all over, that
      such an object can be flying over so close without any
      detection is very scary, I was in the mili-ary and I've
      never seen like that before. I am sorry to say I have
      no pics of the event.
      Just to witness being that of me and my wife.

      John Winston. johnfw@...

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