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    So Charlie is still crying Wolf! then, eh Dex? But where is the wolf? No clear and definite trace of him is to be seen. I m afraid this whole pole
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      So Charlie is still crying "Wolf!" then, eh Dex?

      But where is the wolf? No clear and definite trace of him is to be

      I'm afraid this whole pole shift-story looks like elaborate
      make-believe to me. Charlie's calling the alleged "Anomaly" Nibiru seems
      absurd to begin with, because Sitchin (the author of the
      Nibiru-returns-every-3,600-years idea) himself does not believe it is due to
      return for at least another thousand years. Then Charlie's "scientific"
      explanation of how and why the pole shift is supposed to happen appears to
      be scientifically irrational and at odds with well-known scientific facts.

      But even if the pole shift was to happen as he says it will, I am
      sure it would be far too drastic an event for anyone living on earth to
      survive it. The whole planet would erupt in fire, earth, air and water.
      No-one could survive that - or at least, not in the timeline of our

      I believe that my holding these views about Charlie's assertions
      does not make me "in denial" or a professional "debunker" as Charlie appears
      to be suggesting below. I have what appear to me to be good reasons for
      disbelieving his story and I have stated them openly as I am entitled, and
      expected to do at a public forum such as this one.


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      From: Dex
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      Subject: [ufodiscussion] Charlie

      Cross posting:

      the time traveler said:

      Charlie said that they were surprised to find the real reason for the start
      of all the destruction. What do you think that he was talking about, since
      he never told us? I will have to go through all of his post to find the
      exact quote. But if you find it first, please post it.

      I think what you were referring to is this:

      Finishing their mission in 2046, it wasn’t for another 3 years that we truly
      grasped everything that took place. Let’s just say the revelation was
      astonishing and I’m not specifically referring to the “Great Catastrophe”
      itself. While it is true, the “Great Catastrophe” was a significantly
      devastating event, the revelation of how the entire world was blinded until
      the very end and why this occurred was just shocking. It is something that
      we just could not fathom. And this leads me to why I am here.....

      Charlie wrote this:

      Our Primary Mission is to assist with the information that is already trying
      to warn the general public about certain coming events. We do this because
      most major Governments in the world know, either by being informed by the US
      Government or discovered it on their own but they do not ready the populace
      and only themselves. They have no plans to inform the public as they fear
      losing the control they have over you and firmly believe their survival is
      more assured because they are counting on implementing Martial Law when they
      know for sure it’s about to begin. The only thing they do not know exactly
      is when.... And this is our greatest weapon.

      Without disclosing the exact date, we believe the combined efforts of our
      team can have an effect on the survival rates particularly focussing on the
      country the cover-up stems from – the US. Disclosing the exact date will
      allow the Government to plan Martial Law activities but by making as many
      people aware to the warning signs as possible, these people can act more
      swiftly when everything begins which will increase their chances of

      The other 3 groups have orders to return to the future at a certain point in
      the “Great Catastrophe” timetable. But my group will remain, releasing more
      and more information to help all those who will listen right up to when the
      internet shuts down. After that, we will do what we can to help those here
      in Australia. This is the point where Governments will want to impose
      Martial Law but it will be too late because the Military and Emergency
      Services will have their hands full.

      The coming posts contain information that will hopefully clarify what we are
      trying to achieve here. These posts will contain information about the past
      (from this point in time) and the future. But I must warn you....... A lot
      of what has been written so far in our initial communication and the words
      that follow will be debunked and ridiculed by many people. These people can
      be classed under two categories:
      1) Established and Deliberate Debunkers
      2) Reactions from people due to denial

      As some of you are probably aware, there are Government sponsored debunking
      teams that patrol internet websites and forums attempting to counter
      comments and assertions like the ones we are making. What happens on the
      Godlikeproductions forum is a perfect example of this. These debunkers are
      clever, structuring their comments to appeal to the denial people suffer
      when reading assertions like ours. And that brings me to the 2nd category:
      reactions by people in denial. Denial is one of our most basic reactions to
      a bad situation. Ever heard the term, “IGNORANCE IS BLISS!” ...... Ask
      yourself if this is truly so....... and maybe this example will help.

      Therefore, we ask that you consider our words for what they are and make up
      your own mind. We are not trying to force you to do anything....... we only
      want to help you prepare for what’s ahead. I believe that this is something
      that humanity had to go through and I can truly say that the future I’m from
      is worth the struggle ahead. Even if our efforts here lead to a few more
      thousand people surviving, then it’ll be worth it.
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