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  • Dex
    I want to share with you Aileen s posting to me. Possible more confirmations...Dex Aileen wrote: One addition..) This too might be hard to swallow, but bare
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      I want to share with you Aileen's posting to me. Possible more confirmations...Dex

      Aileen wrote:

      One addition..) This too might be hard to swallow, but bare with me, Villa was
      also told their "technology" can size body forms to any height they need if
      necessary, so as to fit in very small vehicles, or miniature craft for very
      specific purposes and function.

      Betty Andreasson has confirmed a similar reality from the Watchers, her alien
      abductors. They showed her they can stretch their bodies to different sizes as
      well. They referred to this ability as opulating or they opulate when doing


      When I first became involved in Bob Gribble's organization in Seattle we investigated a landing between two houses which was no more than 15 feet. A small craft landed in there. Two boys were sleeping in bunk beds with the window towards the craft. They saw the light and when one reached out to pull the drape aside they heard a pounding on the wall. They decided to ask questions to see if they could establish a connection. Each time they would ask a yes or no question they would get one hit to the wall for no and two for yes. Through this means they got answers.. Where the pounding on the wall came it was very high on the side of the house. Once one of the boys got a look at the alien that was answering back. He saw that he was very tall. The boy asked how he could fit in such a small vehicle. It was surmised through yes and no answers that inside was much different in scale and he fit just fine. The next day there were burns on the side of the house where he had hit it with his replies. On the ground we collected an oily residue that the craft left (or the alien did! LOL). We put it in a jar but never was able to find anyone to research the components it was made out of. That was in 1965.

      Another case was Carl Higdon in Wyoming. He had been elk hunting when he encounted an alien pointing his arm towards Higdon. When he did this he was lifted into a very small craft that also contained 5 elk in it! The craft from all appearances was too small but inside somehow they were condensed down to fit. He said after a flight to another planet where he was rejected and brought back his muscles hurt like they had been miniturized!

      So there you go, two more that I know of where the bodies were a different size.

      Oh just thought of another one. Victor Kostrikan from Russia said his contacts were normal size but he had seen them grow to about 18 feet tall!


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