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  • Dex
    Skolyer wrote: Did you ever get any insight into the question that he asked you, Do you know anything about a green sun? By the way you still write son after
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      Skolyer wrote:

      Did you ever get any insight into the question that he asked you, "Do you know anything about a green sun?" By the way you still write son after sun with a question mark I think you have not yet been given that insight. Tell me if you think I'm full of it But I'll tell you what I think and why. I think the properties of that body you were in may be similar to the properties of the sun. The body you were in may have been a shade of green. There are many reasons why I have come to this tentative conclusion. Some of my own experiences and some of what I have read suggest this. I have read of an afterlife experience of someone who looked at her body after she died and it looked like a sun. I had an encounter with a being that I could not physically see but could hear him speaking to me and when he knew that I still wanted to be a human and didn't want to have a new body that was not human it made him sorrowful. He said it saddened him that he would have to create me again out of the dirt. And that now I would never be all that God intended me to be. It is still my choice. You're new body will not be of flesh and blood if I am correct.

      Good for you Skolyer..your question is most relevant.

      Yes, I found out. And it was all prearranged. My most spectacular contact experience.

      Look at the most recent crop circle this year...another Sun.

      I'm not at liberty to reveal the esoteric side of these personal secrets.
      It would interfere with yours and others discoveries.

      This isn't because I think myself special, this is a fact. With me, power was required, and so it was shared. The answer of the Emerald Rays are mention cryptically by Jim in his book. A fifth circulatory energy system of the body. It's mentioned in the last passages of Malachi in the bible. It has to do with the rainbow garment of Jesus.
      I'm sorry to speak in riddles, but, I've found it necessary.
      I wish I could tell all of it to you.
      These things have to remain elevated and not reduced trampling on pearls before their time.

      I've heard enough ways of thinking from people on this and other forums, I think it better some things not be revealed through me.
      Remember, I'm an initiate of the 'Whole Light Beings' written about in Hurtak's book '64 Keys of Enoch'.
      Some of the Angelic Orders are fulfilling his information.
      When you find yourself 'Loved' by a Higher Evolution', gifts sharing, is their way of showing their affection and appreciation.

      They welcome us into their immortal societies beyond time.

      I've learned and I am reminded an important necessary requirement for solving these secrets is through 'believing'.


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      It was one of my experiences I wrote a long time ago in high school grammar.
      I do hope I've improved.
      I was impressed with the little grays agility. They'd drop in our apartment complex and the chase would begin. I found I couldn't strong hold my apartment well enough no matter what I'd do to keep these little guys out. Then I found they were working with human security counterparts.Oh boy! I was out numbered.

      I eventually lost my anger with the discovery these were no ordinary people with impressive tech devices that enabled their invisibility and shifting vibration that enabled them to run through walls or drop down through apartment ceilings from the attics into boarded apartments below to escape my chase.

      I kept asking myself...'Who Are These Guys'?

      Then when cars would materialize out of thin air, to pick them up, I decided I couldn't catch them.
      Later, I learned it was all an act, a demonstration of introduction.
      It was important testing by them to see if I could qualify.

      Well, apparently, these medical groups have a means to transfer people's consciousness from body to other bodies then back again when arranged.
      It was important I know what kind of intelligence this little bunch represented. Can you think of a better way.

      I've learned since the project preserve destiny has some merit to the rumor.

      These forms energy matrix are extremely different and gifted. Highly powered.
      Remembering that experience helps my understanding how space people can live a thousand or more years. You'll never find yourself bored,

      The thing I might add, inclusively, is IMO the elusive mysteriousness with these experiments are important testing.

      They study how we receive things. Are we hostile, are we receptive, open and kind.

      Some of their scientist intimately arrange situations in our environments, while they bale us out of the negative garage traps, stimuli for testing.

      Their ways are hard to understand because it involves an unknown psychology.

      I don't think I qualify to elaborate on this.

      Over the years, since the fourth grade, 1957, when my classmates and I witnessed their craft hovering over our school, a different kind of education was introduced in our lives. They performed in the air. In rapid movement, two interlocking orange ball craft spelled out in the air with their movement the letter C. As if it were to mean, 'seeee'. We're here!

      Two jets from a near by air field were scrambled to investigate. When they were high enough to enter the cloud formations where they couldn't see out and we couldn't see them inside,The alien craft in a tremendous display of speed backed out back into space. The jets broke through the cloud formation, circled around at such a slow speed compared, then, returned to their base. We knew then something had changed in our lives. What it was that changed we were destined to learn later in our growing up years.

      '1957, Fourth Grade, Their Program Began for us'.


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