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  • Dex
    From Aileen Thursday, April 30, 2009 WHO WAS THAT MAN? George Adamski was the first to claim contact with extra terrestrials. Adamski s case presents an
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      From Aileen

      Thursday, April 30, 2009
      George Adamski was the first to claim contact with extra terrestrials.

      Adamski's case presents an enigma. Although an anathema to scientists, still there is an event that took place after his demise that leaves one perplexed.

      Adamski died of a heart attack on April 23, 1965 in Silver Springs, Maryland.

      At the time he was visiting Madeline Rodeffer, who had also taken movies of the identical craft as Adamski had photographed at Mt. Palomar Gardens in California. (This is not the enigma however!)

      On April 24, 1965 in a remote field near Scoriton, England, gardener Arthur Bryant was dramatically confronted with a situation completely beyond his comprehension - a huge flying saucer and its three occupants.

      Bryant had gone for a walk around 5:30 pm as he often did. Upon arriving at the Down, he turned to look back at Scoriton and as he did so a large saucer like object appeared out of thing air over a field.

      "I must confess that my first reaction was to turn tail and run really hard, but some influence seemed to suggest I remain where I was. The saucer rose a few feet or so and then, swinging like a pendulum to the left then to the right and then to the left again before leveling out and becoming stationary thirty yards away over the field in front of me; there it hovered about three feet above the ground. A door slid up into the roof from the center and three figures appeared from it all dressed alike in what I took to be diving gear. After watching me for a few minutes, one of the three beckoned me, with both arms outstretched. Somehow I had lost my original fear and climbed over the iron gate to the fence separating the field from the lane."

      What followed then was completely baffling to Bryant. Two of the beings had extremely high foreheads which came to a point. Their features were thin and sallow and there was no facial hair. Eyebrows and eyelashes were fair and fine and there was no facial hair. Eyebrows and eyelashes were fair and fine and their hair, which was longer than ours, was between a blond and a mousy color. The nose was squat and the eyes very blue in color with a vertical cat-like pupil. Each had four fingers but no thumbs.

      The third person had a normal appearance - there was nothing to distinguish him from you or I. He had short brown hair, very dark brown eyes and appeared to be a youth of between fourteen and fifteen years of age. The three wore suits of a silvery color that rustled like tin foil when they moved. "The young one's suit struck me as being too large and the belt too loose." The boots were similar to ours in design having two straps, one at the toe and one at the ankle; the soles were very thick - approximately one and one half inches. When they moved no sound was heard.

      The youth seemed to be in charge. "My name is Yamski" (or something close to that). "I thought he was Russian but he had an American accent."

      Yamski gave several messages but Bryant had no idea what they meant. The things Yamaski said were completely foreign.

      For Desmond Leslie, who co-authored "Flying Saucers Have Landed," with Adamski, they had a great meaning. Only Desmond Leslie, when he eventually heard them would understand, as they were directed to "Des Les" which is what Adamski frequently called Desmond Leslie.

      The three also said they would bring proof of Capt. Thomas Mantel's plane that had crashed while chasing a UFO. They did bring parts (like new but with fresh grease of lubricant on them) that were identified as being off the same type of plane.

      George Adamski had said to persons close to him that he would have a young boy's body waiting for him when he died.

      Many of the "abductees/contactees" have seen identical replicas of themselves on board the ship at the time they were abducted. They have been told that these bodies are waiting for them.

      Could it have been that Adamski really was telling the truth about his contact with alien beings? WHO WAS THAT MAN?

      NOTE: The detailed account of Arthur Bryant's contact can be found in "The Scoriton Mystery" by Eileen Buckle (1967), published by Neville Spearman, 112 Whitfield Street, London W1, England.

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    • Dex
      Skolyer wrote: I ve heard something similar to the other contactees. Something like, when one body wears out we give you another. _______________ First
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        Skolyer wrote:

        I've heard something similar to the other contactees. Something like, "when one body wears out we give you another."

        First Abduction/Contact Testimony

        My Experience

        The photo above is identical to the spaceship I was shown during the time of my abduction back in the early 70's. I was abducted from the Niles Canyon Area of Fremont, California.

        One night, as I laid sleeping in my bed, I suddenly awoke and found myself in the midst of (quote) "Space People". I just knew it had to be the people I had chased for so long a time, at least a good year and half, and who had kept me at bay(from catching them) with their marvelous technology. So as I sat on a laboratory gurney, I wondered what kind of question I could ask of these "space people," Apparently, reading my mind, a thin, tall, maybe 7 foot tall, red haired, Caucasian, human appearing spaceman walked over to me and said, let me ask you a question first. I replied with, sure go ahead. He asked... what do you know about a "Green Sun"(Son)? I thought for a quick moment, and found in my mind compartments empty and searching, I quickly surmised I didn't know anything about a Green Sun. I felt like I failed in answering his question, like failing a test, strange why I felt that way. As I peered into his deep, dark brown eyes, eyes like that of a red-tailed hawk, I was faintly remembering a familiarity about him... where could I have seen him before? Oh, well I thought for a moment..but nothing came to mind. I tried looking behind me but it seemed every time I tried I some how was directed back forward again and unable to look back. The first time I tried, I caught a glimpse of electronic equipment of some sort, but that was about all I was permitted to see. Why? What would I have seen? Upon reflection, I think I know what I would have seen. I suddenly, impulsively, asked my question, and what a question it was. I thought it was silly. I asked, do you have any UFO's around here? He answered yes, we do, as a matter of fact(his words), we have one arriving from Mexico in a few minutes.
        It arrived, and as it hovered inside an enormous cavern, I watched human's that looked like they were from all walks of life disembark from different parts beneath the ship as it hovered. It looked like they were sliding down a invisible gravity elevator beam to the ground level below, of which I could not see to the bottom floor.

        Another amazement was the fact I had been placed in a different embodiment, a body about 3 to 3 and a half feet in height, and about, oh, maybe, weigh 10 pounds at the most... As I attempted to cross to the other side of the room (note: the room looked like a science lab) to gaze out the large glass window on the other side. I again 'impulsively' leaped from the gurney to the floor and crossed to the other side of room in a split second! Wow! I was stunned and surprised at the speed and control I had of this new form. The speed was unbelievable. I wondered in shock how I stopped in time to keep from crashing into the wall. Well that was neat, But the best experience in this new body was an incredible feeling of joy, constant, continuous, never ebbing feeling of joy. I felt without density, I couldn't feel the body, featherweight, the joy was like being connected to a higher energy link of unknown origins, a link I now feel the human race is missing. Analogy...Black & White compared to color. My mind was different, I was aware, but without thinking? Hard to describe. Anyway, I will reveal more, but I'm afraid it would appear too science fiction for even some of the more learned UFO researcher's, let alone the uninitiate. Since those day's...I've entered into a permanent and preparatory membership with them, and many other world intelligence.

        What I've told you here is my truth, no one else. Its been a pleasure and a command to share this with you.

        P. S. Its true, no-longer Aliens but teachers.

        A Personal Note:

        Confessions of Knowledge
        The Divine Invisible's

        Through the ensuing years I have had many experiences , initiations and sightings of a variety of their craft.

        I have learned these beings are involved with teaching programs that are connected directly with a greater Consciousness within etheric and non-physical worlds. Realms of pure energy emission.
        Time to wake up. Become the dreamer no longer.
        Where do you think your consciousness, what you call soul dwells while your body lays sleeping in bed at night. Haven't you wondered where you'll reside when your housing garment wears out or dies in some other fashion? Dreams are only dreams to those who remain asleep. This Consciousness or rather the Grand Instructor within is connected with many levels and many minds of intelligence serving the "Living Light." The greater Consciousness within (in the plural) serves collectively as one mind. Along with the dispensing of other gifts, this is an intended gift of discovery for all Mankind.
        I have learned that there are 'two kinds' of contact with these ET's..The physical and the non-physical. The non-physical worlds are considered superior levels of being and generally give commands and instructions to the physical intelligence when a physical contact is needed with a selected specie. For the spiritual contact, technology as we understand it, isn't necessary.
        Try to understand that before we can become a non-evolving intelligence or a non-corporeal being. That is a pure energy being without the need of physical form and remaining in 'Paradise' for eternity with God. The supervising Intelligence on the other side of time whom are responsible for our individual as well as our collective spiritual destiny require of us to go through many galactic transformations and transmutations for the testing of their creative impulse.. thought-forms. We are their creative thought-forms in motion. That is why there are many levels and a Higher Evolution of Galactic Intelligence co-participating in the material side of creation. Try to understand that we have two creations going on side by side, (1) the 'Spiritual' (non-physical) realms of pure energy emission and (2), the 'Physical', the material side of creation.
        It seems our physical levels are separated by vibrational magnetic energy field parameters of time and space. If we were able to step up or accelerate our vibration from this density zone of physical life space, we too would be able to traverse our dimension and penetrate into other time zones containing less matter and more energy composition, yet although still.. of a mental time and space construct. Fulfilling the 'Dream of the Divine Mind'. I believe Higher Intelligence see our physical universes that contain billions of galaxies, galaxies that contain billions of stars, as spherical time cells. Its been described these time cells look like a series of dots of matter form creation.
        Surrounding these time cells are the domains and dominion's of Light Energy Forces. A Superior Spiritual Mind force behind the Higher Evolution....Welcome to Cosmic reality.. Hmmm..I'll get back to my story later...upcoming...there is a 'Plan'.

        One addition..) This too might be hard to swallow, but bare with me, Villa was also told their "technology" can size body forms to any height they need if necessary, so as to fit in very small vehicles, or miniature craft for very specific purposes and function.

        Betty Andreasson has confirmed a similar reality from the Watchers, her alien abductors. They showed her they can stretch their bodies to different sizes as well. They referred to this ability as opulating or they opulate when doing this.


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      • Dex
        It was one of my experiences I wrote a long time ago in high school grammar. I do hope I ve improved. I was impressed with the little grays agility. They d
        Message 3 of 4 , May 2, 2009
          It was one of my experiences I wrote a long time ago in high school grammar.
          I do hope I've improved.
          I was impressed with the little grays agility. They'd drop in our apartment complex and the chase would begin. I found I couldn't strong hold my apartment well enough no matter what I'd do to keep these little guys out. Then I found they were working with human security counterparts.Oh boy! I was out numbered.

          I eventually lost my anger with the discovery these were no ordinary people with impressive tech devices that enabled their invisibility and shifting vibration that enabled them to run through walls or drop down through apartment ceilings from the attics into boarded apartments below to escape my chase.

          I kept asking myself...'Who Are These Guys'?

          Then when cars would materialize out of thin air, to pick them up, I decided I couldn't catch them.
          Later, I learned it was all an act, a demonstration of introduction.
          It was important testing by them to see if I could qualify.

          Well, apparently, these medical groups have a means to transfer people's consciousness from body to other bodies then back again when arranged.
          It was important I know what kind of intelligence this little bunch represented. Can you think of a better way.

          I've learned since the project preserve destiny has some merit to the rumor.

          These forms energy matrix are extremely different and gifted. Highly powered.
          Remembering that experience helps my understanding how space people can live a thousand or more years. You'll never find yourself bored,

          The thing I might add, inclusively, is IMO the elusive mysteriousness with these experiments are important testing.

          They study how we receive things. Are we hostile, are we receptive, open and kind.

          Some of their scientist intimately arrange situations in our environments, while they bale us out of the negative garage traps, stimuli for testing.

          Their ways are hard to understand because it involves an unknown psychology.

          I don't think I qualify to elaborate on this.

          Over the years, since the fourth grade, 1957, when my classmates and I witnessed their craft hovering over our school, a different kind of education was introduced in our lives. They performed in the air. In rapid movement, two interlocking orange ball craft spelled out in the air with their movement the letter C. As if it were to mean, 'seeee'. We're here!

          Two jets from a near by air field were scrambled to investigate. When they were high enough to enter the cloud formations where they couldn't see out and we couldn't see them inside,The alien craft in a tremendous display of speed backed out back into space. The jets broke through the cloud formation, circled around at such a slow speed compared, then, returned to their base. We knew then something had changed in our lives. What it was that changed we were destined to learn later in our growing up years.

          '1957, Fourth Grade, Their Program Began for us'.


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