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UFOlogy's Superstars Discuss Intergalactic Politics at X-Conference!

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      For Info.

      > http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/04/20/AR2009042003754_pf.html
      > ALIEN! --
      > By Dan Zak Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, April 21, 2009
      > UFO FLASHPOINT: The exopolitical movement was also encouraged by Obama's
      > selection of JOHN PODESTA, noted champion of UFO disclosure, as his
      > transition chairman.
      > Extraterrestrials exist and they visit Earth routinely, according to
      > people who know this for a fact. Moving on. What does this mean for
      > Washington, for America, for the planet? It means, according to the
      > roughly 400 people attending the fifth X-Conference over the weekend
      > [April 24-26], that politics isn't local anymore. It's galactic. It's
      > universal. This is EXOPOLITICS.
      > In the ground-floor banquet hall of the Gaithersburg Hilton, there are
      > no alien costumes. There are PhDs, ex-military men, activists and
      > concerned citizens. They sit in on lectures with titles like "Obama and
      > Disclosure."
      > They browse tables stocked with books such as "Exopolitics: How Does One
      > Speak to a Ball of Light?" They talk about black budgets and quantum
      > cosmology. They watch the last 15 minutes of "The Abyss," during which
      > Ed Harris swims hand in hand with a jellyfish-like alien.
      > People in the exopolitical movement want full disclosure of any U.S.
      > government files on unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrials.
      > Only then, they maintain, can mankind deal with the sociopolitical
      > implications of the universe: the rule of law in outer space, the
      > sharing of technology between civilizations and the physics of
      > one-on-one interaction with ETs.
      > "No, we're not alone," said Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the
      > sixth man to walk on the moon, speaking first at the X-Conference on
      > Sunday and then at the National Press Club yesterday morning.
      > "Our sun will burn out in due course, and we have to be off this
      > planet.... Our consumption rate of non-renewable resources is not
      > sustainable.... Our destiny is to become part of the planetary
      > community. It's time to start thinking in those terms."
      > Forget "eco." The most urgent prefix today, the X-Conference suggests,
      > is "exo." We need to evolve into an exoculture. We need to be
      > exoconscious, to reframe our minds for interstellar relations and
      > interdimensional experiences.
      > "If we live off-planet, we have to change our mind and bodies," says
      > Rebecca Hardcastle, a hypnotherapist and exoconsciousness coach who
      > lives in Phoenix. "Your emotions, life force and what you've been taught
      > is a belief system that cords you to the Earth. We must change our frame
      > of reference."
      > Hardcastle, wearing pearls and a black dress and sitting at a table,
      > says she has been contacted by ET intelligence since she was 3. She, and
      > others in the exopolitical community, say we need to learn remote
      > viewing and teleportation, we need to propagate the practice of ESP, we
      > need to let ETs change us, and we need to integrate technology and
      > consciousness so we can participate in the universe.
      > What's the secret to moving in that direction?
      > Diet and exercise and balanced living, says Hardcastle. Yoga and
      > peacefulness, say others. Small steps for man.
      > To be sure, conspiracy theories and creepy claims are a big part of the
      > X-Conference. Even an audiovisual glitch is a cue for mild paranoia:
      > "Something happened with our system," says a nervous AV guy after a
      > microphone blows out during a lecture. "It happened suddenly,
      > systemwide. Something hit it and took it down."
      > When California podiatric surgeon Roger Leir takes the microphone, the
      > topic is extraterrestrial implants.
      > "How many of you have seen a UFO?" Leir asks the audience before showing
      > video of alleged implant extraction surgery.
      > More than 100 people put up their hands.
      > "How many think you've been involved with the alien abduction program?"
      > Five hands go up.
      > "How many of you think you've been abducted and have never returned?"
      > There is laughter. There is also a sentiment of acceptance and
      > adaptation. Once we get our act together, once we understand our own
      > selves, the ETs will engage us, says Michael Salla, president and
      > founder of the Hawaii-based nonprofit Exopolitics Institute, which
      > offers an online semester in galactic diplomacy for a little more than
      > $1,000.
      > "Humanity is still tribalistic, driven by elite interests rather than
      > global ones," Salla says. "But with Barack Obama, for the first time in
      > our planet's history, we have a global leader. It's a tremendous advance
      > in our global society."
      > On the TV in the lobby of the hotel, Obama shakes hands with Hugo
      > Chavez. Later, there's a CNN report on the disclosure of torture memos
      > from Guantanamo Bay. These are good signs of open-minded diplomacy and
      > government transparency, some conference attendees say.
      > Plus, over the past year, the British government has released thousands
      > of documents pertaining to UFOs, about 5 percent of which are truly
      > inexplicable. The exopolitical movement was also encouraged by Obama's
      > selection of JOHN PODESTA, noted champion of UFO disclosure, as his
      > transition chairman.
      > And Mitchell the astronaut is out in full force, saying the existence of
      > ETs was confirmed to him 10 years ago by a member of the Joint Chiefs of
      > Staff (who subsequently denied it, but that's how these things go).
      > The ridicule is ebbing, conference attendees say. The exopolitical
      > movement has gone grass roots; the education and outreach phase is
      > underway. One man at the conference is collecting 4,000 signatures to
      > put forth a ballot initiative for a Denver Extraterrestrial Affairs
      > Commission. Another is calling upon the United Nations to create an
      > "extraterrestrial civilizations liaison."
      > For Nick Pope, who was in charge of UFO investigations for Britain's
      > Ministry of Defense in the early '90s, the bogies in the sky are simply
      > a matter of national security.
      > "If we ignore UFOs because of the baggage that term has in people's
      > minds -- because we don't believe in flying saucers -- it opens up a gap
      > in our capacity to deal with these things," Pope says. "It's dangerous.
      > We're ignoring a potential air-safety issue."
      > EXOPOLITICS: It's about air-traffic control. It's about honest
      > government. It's about self-empowerment and healthy living and bold
      > declarations of reaching for the stars. Ask too many questions, though,
      > and you'll see exopolitics is also about a race of humanoids who live
      > under the barren surface of Mars and may, at some point, desire to mooch
      > off Earth's rich resources.
      > EXOPLITICS "provides a conceptual framework for dealing with our highly
      > populated universe," says author, lawyer and activist Alfred L. Webre,
      > who coined the term 10 years ago and has watched it creep into the
      > mainstream. He also says the Martians are keeping to themselves for now.
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