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Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Calls for ET Disclosure

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      For info.

      > Hi,
      > It's very surprising, but indeed wonderful, that CNN has covered this
      > item, and is also posted it
      > in their headline section.
      > I presume the higher ups at CNN would have given their permission for
      > the story to have been
      > covered.
      > Bre.
      >> [From Debra Flanders]
      >> by Dick Farley, capecodtoday Washington Correspondent
      >> WASHINGTON, DC ¡ª April 19, 2009 ¡ª Retired navy captain and
      >> Apollo XIV astronaut Edgar Mitchell today called for the U. S.
      >> government to disclose to its citizens and other Earthlings what he
      >> asserts are the realities of long-standing extraterrestrial visitations
      >> and interactions with our planet.
      >> Speaking this morning at ¡°X-Conference 2009¡å in Gaithersburg,
      >> MD, a suburb of the nation¡¯s capital, Mitchell told several hundred
      >> attendees and a phalanx of video cameras that, with our planet
      >> confronting population pressures and critical questions of environmental
      >> and energy sustainability, the need for disclosure about
      >> extraterrestrial involvement with Earth is critical.
      >> Mitchell contends that the dispersal of knowledge about what he believes
      >> to be the end of Earth¡¯s apparent quarantine from other
      >> civilizations, and advancement of planetary culture beyond its present
      >> fragmentation and incoherence, are desirable results of the widest
      >> public release of information about the extraterrestrial presence he
      >> believes is real.
      >> Edgar Mitchell, an Apollo 14 astronaut and moonwalker, says his belief
      >> in UFOs and aliens being real is nothing new ¡ª contrary to what
      >> tabloid reports might imply. Credit: NASA.
      >> The conference, organized by long-time ¡°UFO Disclosure¡± activist
      >> and one-time Maryland congressional candidate Stephen Bassett, centers
      >> on an emergent field of cultural reconsideration its advocates term
      >> ¡°Exopolitics.¡± Basset¡¯s nonprofit Paradigm Research Group
      >> has mounted a decade-long broad spectrum campaign advocating disclosure
      >> of what he says are unwarranted secrets about ¡°UFOs¡± and
      >> ¡°ETs¡± held over as unnecessary ¡°Cold War paranoia.¡±
      >> Questions of ¡°What do we do and say after we say ¡®Hello!¡¯ to
      >> ET?¡± remain distant from wider public consideration, let alone
      >> consensus about their implications for national sovereignty, religious
      >> traditions and global policy formulation, discussions about which
      >> conference organizers and presenters are intent on provoking.
      >> Mitchell, Bassett and other ¡°ET disclosure¡± activists are
      >> banking on President Barack Obama¡¯s repeated assurances that
      >> government agencies withholding information from US citizens are ¡°on
      >> notice,¡± in the President¡¯s words, that an era of unnecessary
      >> secrecy is over.
      >> Obama has said his administration¡¯s tendency will be to unlock what
      >> he and senior officials consider information rightfully belonging to the
      >> public, while recognizing constraints required for national security, a
      >> presidential promise replayed on video at the conference to sustained
      >> applause by hopeful disclosure advocates.
      >> Mitchell said he believes such changes are essential for Earth to make
      >> progress through problems confronting humanity¡¯s competing needs,
      >> religious imperatives and cultural fragmentation.
      >> ¡°We live in challenging, magnificent times,¡± Mitchell said,
      >> emphasizing that, in his opinion, information that we are not alone in
      >> the universe ¡ª and indeed, he said, that we here on Earth are having
      >> ongoing interactions with nonterrestrial beings ¡ª may provide a key
      >> to consciousness changes he and his colleagues believe are necessary.
      >> Mitchell said he believes such changes are essential for Earth to make
      >> progress through problems confronting humanity¡¯s competing needs,
      >> religious imperatives and cultural fragmentation. His efforts since
      >> leaving NASA and the space program have been focused on exploring
      >> frontiers ¡°of the mind, body and spirit,¡± he said.
      >> Mitchell acknowledged that, before humanity can travel with practicality
      >> much beyond our own solar system, solutions to Einsteinian limitations
      >> to faster-than-light propulsion of our spacecraft must still be solved,
      >> a frontier the aging astronaut said he believes science eventually will
      >> do.
      >> But he stressed that our own limitations have not limited the
      >> extraterrestials he asserts are present on Earth.
      >> ¡°The aliens have done it!¡± Mitchell said of an apparent ability
      >> to traverse what to us are insurmountable distances.
      >> He contends that as a result of wider public awareness of the ET
      >> presence, revisitation of much phenomenology catalogued in human history
      >> should precipitate revision of how we understand planetary history in
      >> light of what he believes are long-standing extraterrestrial
      >> interactions on Earth.
      >> The Cape Cod connection?
      >> The late Harvard psychiatrist Dr. John E. Mack, a former summer Cape
      >> dweller who studied and wrote about purported ¡°ET alien
      >> abductions¡± in the early 1990s, and long-standing ¡°ET
      >> abduction¡± researcher (and Provincetown resident) Budd Hopkins, a
      >> New York modern artist who has studied the phenomenon since his own
      >> ¡°UFO¡± sighting in 1964, met each other at the Cape. They were
      >> introduced by a mutual friend, Dr. Robert Jay Lifton, the acclaimed
      >> psychiatrist and author, also at Harvard, who lives on the Cape.
      >> The astronaut, who told Cape Cod Today he was raised in a strict Baptist
      >> household, said reevaluations of source phenomena that led to
      >> Earth¡¯s major faiths, and which he said foster divisions among
      >> humans, might be another of the beneficial results of wider awareness of
      >> what Mitchell believes is the historical and ongoing ¡°ET¡±
      >> presence and their asserted involvements in human development.
      >> Mitchell and his fellow explorers of what he has called the
      >> ¡°Frontiers of Consciousness¡± have long contended that broader
      >> public awareness of the extraterrestrial presence and interactions the
      >> astronaut-scientist believes are reality could help promote a
      >> ¡°global mind change.¡±
      >> Mitchell and colleagues assert this could point us toward ¡°planetary
      >> transformation,¡± helping Earth¡¯s culture to mature sufficiently
      >> to gain entry into a wider community of civilizations for which they
      >> believe abundant evidence exists, now and throughout history, when
      >> viewed through a filter in which the claimed extraterrestrial presence
      >> is considered.
      >> Taking questions following his presentation, Mitchell told Cape Cod
      >> Today that his beliefs as expressed this morning about extraterrestrial
      >> involvements with humanity on Earth are drawn from information generally
      >> available to those who study the field of alleged ¡°ET-UFO¡±
      >> events and experiences, citing no ¡°secret information¡± to which
      >> he has been privy.
      >> He also contradicted some other presenters at X-Conference 2009, who
      >> claimed that Mitchell and the other NASA astronauts were briefed before
      >> their space flights about potential encounters with UFOs of an
      >> extraterrestrial nature and how to handle or disguise them from the
      >> public. He said unequivocally that this did not occur.
      >> In a previous private interview with Cape Cod Today, Mitchell also
      >> expressed skepticism about some of the more popular ¡°UFO conspiracy
      >> lore,¡± i.e., stories that NASA astronauts did not really visit the
      >> moon or that the space agency has been covering up satellite photographs
      >> of Mars purportedly showing evidence of past civilizations.
      >> ¡°We had no briefings on UFOs during our astronaut training,¡±
      >> Mitchell told the conference, suggesting that ¡°human nature¡±
      >> tends to embellish and distort things about which there is insufficient
      >> information or which embody concepts disruptive of our respective world
      >> views.
      >> Mitchell said decades of ¡°UFO disclosure¡± revelations, drawn
      >> principally from elderly military and nonmilitary folks claiming bits
      >> and pieces of the larger puzzle about what they believe really happened
      >> at Roswell, NM in 1947 He also acknowledged that the UFO field has often
      >> been the target of disinformation and intentional misinformation
      >> seedings throughout the years, some perhaps for legitimate national
      >> security reasons having to do with terrestrial aerospace research and
      >> development.
      >> But Mitchell¡¯s stance on NASA-centered conspiracy theories about
      >> ¡°ET UFO¡± remained firm in the face of questions.
      >> ¡°It was not mentioned during my career,¡± he said, adding that he
      >> and his fellow spacefarers saw no evidence of space visitors on the back
      >> side of the Moon, another long-standing tale among the more cult-like
      >> cohorts of UFO faithful.
      >> Mitchell said decades of ¡°UFO disclosure¡± revelations, drawn
      >> principally from elderly military and nonmilitary folks claiming bits
      >> and pieces of the larger puzzle about what they believe really happened
      >> at Roswell, NM in 1947, helped shape his belief that the event actually
      >> took place and was not, as the US Air Force claimed, a crash-test
      >> balloon.
      >> He cited what he described as the credibility of the witnesses and the
      >> coherence of their stories as influencing his belief in the reality of
      >> the ET scenario attendant to the Roswell event, which stems from a 1947
      >> cover-story released in July of that year after a crash of some
      >> unspecified aircraft not far from Roswell Army Airfield (AAF).
      >> The next day the initial ¡°recovered flying saucer¡± cover story
      >> issued by Roswell AAF public affairs staffers was countermanded by a
      >> senior Army Air Force commander, who said a ¡°weather balloon¡±
      >> was what had crashed, pieces of which had been recovered.
      >> The story died for three decades until being resurrected in the early
      >> 1980s, eventually prompting a 1994 U. S. Air Force revision of their
      >> ¡°official story,¡± contending that the Roswell crash was of a
      >> ¡°Mogul¡± project balloon of the type used for atmospheric
      >> monitoring to detect possible Soviet nuclear weapons tests.
      >> A subsequent version of the Air Force story was that the alleged
      >> ¡°recovered alien bodies¡± endemic to some Roswell crashed saucer
      >> tales were, in reality, ¡°crash test dummies¡± used for testing
      >> experimental high-altitude equipment for the U. S.¡¯s growing
      >> strategic bomber forces.
      >> As is well known to worldwide ¡°UFO¡± enthusiasts, the Air
      >> Force¡¯s efforts to defuse the Roswell story were in vain, and a host
      >> of alternative scenarios have persisted.
      >> These range from ¡°ET crashed saucer recovery¡± to speculations
      >> that the event being camouflaged was human experimentation on unwitting
      >> subjects, in contravention of the then-recently adopted Nuremberg
      >> Protocols governing medical experimentation on humans following
      >> disclosure of Nazi concentration camp Holocaust horrors.
      >> Mitchell is among many former military officials and large numbers of US
      >> and world citizens who scoff at the Air Force ¡°clarifications,¡±
      >> citing what he says are the credibility of the witnesses and the
      >> coherence and consistency of their recollections, in his opinion, that
      >> an extraterrestrial craft indeed crashed and the event covered up for
      >> six decades.
      >> ¡°What more do you need?¡± Mitchell declared, asserting that the
      >> Air Force¡¯s balloon stories are transparently false.
      >> Ironically, the future astronaut grew up in Roswell, NM, where his
      >> family had a ranch not far from the alleged crashed saucer site,
      >> although Mitchell said that at the time it happened, he had no firsthand
      >> experience or knowledge about it.
      >> But other space related research was going on at Roswell during
      >> Mitchell¡¯s youth, as rocket pioneer Robert Goddard had moved his
      >> research and testing program to Roswell in the 1930s and launched
      >> numerous experimental rockets. The youthful future astronaut was
      >> captivated by Goddard¡¯s efforts, which captured his imagination
      >> about possible travel away from Earth and to the stars.
      >> Mitchell also related that in 1945 he and his family¡¯s neighbors
      >> witnessed the bright, white flash over the horizon which signaled the
      >> advent of the atomic age with testing of the first nuclear weapon at the
      >> Trinity site. Mitchell said the bomb influenced him significantly when
      >> he later learned what it was and, much later, better understood its
      >> implications.
      >> Mitchell said he believes the nuclear explosion also may have attracted
      >> the extraterrestrial presence he believes resulted in the alleged ET
      >> aircraft collision which UFO researchers have claimed for three decades
      >> happened near Roswell, which is situated not far from where the
      >> nation¡¯s first nuclear weapon was detonated.
      >> ¡°I have a sneaking suspicion that the reason for Roswell (as the
      >> alleged ET aircraft crash is euphemistically termed) was that the UFO
      >> phenomenon was drawn to our nuclear sites,¡± Mitchell told the
      >> gathering. He said he is concerned about the tendencies of terrestrial
      >> governments and their militaries to stake claims and perhaps fly weapons
      >> in space, a concern Mitchell believes may be shared by the intervening
      >> extraterrestrials.
      >> Mitchell said that many years ago, after leaving NASA, he authored a
      >> manuscript advocating against militarization of space attendant to
      >> nationalistic colonization of the high frontier for military advantage
      >> or benefits other than for all of humankind.
      >> ¡°I submitted it to thirty-four publishers, and all refused to
      >> publish it,¡± Mitchell said. He told the X-Conference that his coming
      >> forward so unequivocally at this time reflects his concerns about the
      >> direction our planet is heading and his belief that wider public
      >> awareness that ¡°we are not alone¡± will precipitate a healthier
      >> consideration of Earth¡¯s future.
      >> permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/saucersecrets.html
      >> <http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/saucersecrets.html>
      >> source & references:
      >> http://www.capecodtoday.com/blogs/index.php/2009/04/19/apollo-astronaut-\
      >> demands-release-of-gove?blog=73
      >> <http://www.capecodtoday.com/blogs/index.php/2009/04/19/apollo-astronaut-demands-release-of-gove?blog=73>
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