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Re: [ufodiscussion] FW: Howard Menger Passes

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  • William Hamilton
    And, just before Howard Menger passed away, Brian Scott passed away. The era of the contactee is seemingly passing away. Bill ... From: Dex To:
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 15, 2009
      And, just before Howard Menger passed away, Brian Scott passed away. The era of the "contactee" is
      seemingly passing away.


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      From: Dex
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      Subject: [ufodiscussion] FW: Howard Menger Passes

      Famed UFO contactee Howard Menger died at his home in Vero Beach
      Florida on February 25th, 8 days after his 87th birthday. He is survived
      by Connie Menger, his wife of over 50 years, four children, (two by a
      former marriage) and many grandchildren.

      At the age of 19, Menger enlisted in the Army and saw service in the
      Pacific during WWII in a flamethrower unit flushing the Japanese out
      of caves and other hideouts. He was wounded and received the Purple
      Heart. Retuning to his native New Jersey in 1946, Menger started a
      sign painting business and a family.

      This changed in 1956, when he appeared on the Long John Nebel
      radio show, along with contactee George Van Tassel. He talked about
      contacts with space brothers (and more specifically -sisters) who
      appeared to him beginning when he was ten years old. Some of his
      later published descriptions sound distinctly sexual in nature, although
      he carefully couched them in language that could be construed as

      He also started taking pictures of the space people and their ships,
      although most who saw the photos say that they are quite indistinct.
      On August 4th of 1956, Menger said he was invited on board one of
      the flying saucers. The next month he said that the space people took
      him for a joyride where he saw alien civilizations on other planets and
      structures on the Moon.

      Later that year, an attractive young woman named Connie Weber
      appeared at one of Menger's gatherings. He thought that she was the
      reincarnation of a blond spacewoman that he had known (in the
      biblical sense) in a previous life on Venus. He soon left his first wife
      an family to begin a new life of lectures and touring on the Contactee
      circuit. Many investigators visited the Menger home and interviewed
      witnesses whose stories varied with the telling or did not match each

      In From Outer Space To You, Menger's 1959 entry into the contactee
      fray, made him a regular at Van Tassel's annual Spacecraft Conventions
      in Southern California. Connie wrote a book entitled My Saturnian Lover
      about her previous interplanetary relationship with Menger.

      In 1960, Menger appeared on a TV show with Nebel and basically
      recanted his entire story. He later said that he was involved in some sort
      of Army test of public reaction to possible alien contact. Fortean writer
      Ivan Sanderson arrived at the Menger residence in the late 1950s and
      claimed that Menger got very angry with him when Sanderson discovered
      some equipment and crates in a storage area with "U. S. Army" stenciled
      on them. (My source for this obscure story was the late Dr. Mario

      After this, Menger retired from the public eye and worked on electronic
      devices he said were designed to harness free energy and allow mankind
      to build their own flying saucers. He received no widespread publicity for
      these inventions. Jim Moseley recalled that Menger attended a UFO
      convention in the 1970s and "blew out all the fuses in the hotel" with
      one of his contraptions.

      Despite the claims and controversy, Howard and Connie Menger seemed
      to be genuinely in love with each other and apparently raised a reasonably
      happy family. If nothing else, Menger will be remembered as a unique
      personality who tried to leave a positive message as his legacy.


      February 17th,1922-February 25th, 2009

      The shell has been discarded yet the essence remains of one of the most
      extraordinary individuals I have ever had the pleasure to know. UFO
      Contactee Howard Menger, left his body today, February 25th, 2009 at
      11:11 PM in the company of his loving and supportive family, children
      and grandchildren and especially his wife and loyal partner of over fifty
      years, Connie Menger. Howard lived an extraordinary life, yet came
      from a humble background and was a simple man, with very few needs
      and many friends worldwide. He is responsible for having brought into
      this world one of the most creative, talented and loving families of the
      likes I have never seen anywhere else. I have been fortunate enough to
      have been a part of the family and regarded as their eldest daughter, a
      privilege I will always be grateful for.

      The extraordinary love and faith this family bestows upon all who meet
      them is unparalleled, the show of support they have for one another is
      immeasurable, in their presence one feels aglow and basks in the light
      of the love they have for each other. To have entered into their inner
      sanctuary and been a part of the family has been one of the highlights
      of my life, aside from having three wonderful children and a supportive
      and loving husband.

      We will all miss Howard, his energy and personality, his laugh and sense
      of humor, his wisdom, his innovative inventions, his interesting stories
      about the numerous experiences during his visitations with people from
      other planets, depicted in his books, "From Outer Space To You", "The
      Highbridge Incident" and "Threads of Light To You". He served his country
      when there was a need, he was a son of America, a loyal citizen, he loved
      this land and the freedom it represents for all, adored and cherished his
      wife and loved and served his family till the very end, and they responded
      to him in kind, as did his loyal and loving friends.

      Howard you are one of a kind and we will all miss you, we will keep your
      message and essence within our minds alive, forever and the knowledge
      and information that ETs do visit Earth and have contacted 1000's of
      people similar to you. God bless you and may he keep you close to his
      heart, as we will keep you in ours, forever. Amen.

      Susan L. Cerdan
      The FURST Group
      The Florida UFO Research & Study Group-Vero Beach, FL


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