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Wendelle Stevens

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  • Dex
    From Aileen: Thursday, March 12, 2009 STAR SYSTEMS Some time ago we asked Wendelle Stevens to make a list of planets or star systems he was aware of through
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      From Aileen:

      Thursday, March 12, 2009
      Some time ago we asked Wendelle Stevens to make a list of planets or star systems he was aware of through contacts made. The following list is the result with a couple John Parker and I added.

      Planet Acali Antonio Tasca, Brazil
      Planet Acart Artur Berlet, Brazil
      Star System Betelguese SMS Charles Moody, USA
      Star System Centaurus A. Horst, Bolivia
      Star System Coma Berenices - Apolinar Villa, USA
      Star System Cygnus Eduard Meier, Switzerland
      DAL Universe Eduard Meier, Switzerland

      DALs: Origin unknown? A very advanced race; by the name of the Timors; human type; Nordic in appearance. Can breathe our air, etc. The Dals assist all others with the ERRA-Plejarans. The Plejarans are affected by our air pollutants with sinus problems. They mature at 10 years, attend schooling until 70 years and marry at 110 years. Lifespan over 1,000 years.

      Star System Deneb
      Planet Epsilon Eridani Brian Scott, USA

      EPSILON ERIDANIS: (20 LIGHT YEARS AWAY) is A G-5 TYPE sun (like earth) 82 ERIDANI, creatures seven feet tall, croc-wrinkled skin, large mouths and ears, three fat fingers.

      Planet Koldas Carl van Vlierden, Union of South Africa
      Planet Korendor Bob Renaud, USA
      Planet Koshnak Rev. David Melindez, Puerto Rico
      Star System Lyra Eduard Meier, Switzerland

      LYRIANS: Started evacuating their planet 22,000,000 years ago with advanced space travel. Settled on planet Earth which was a single land mass. It was called HYPERBORIA. Mixed with its inhabitants. Also settled on a fifthy earthly solar planet from our Sun calling it MALONA and mixed there with its inhabitants. They also settled later on ERRA, a planet of the Pleiades (Plejarans) and HYADES. They had conflicts (wars inbetween settlements. Atlantis - Lemuria, etc. were colonies namedby those earthly settlers.

      Constellation Orion Raphael Chacon, Costa Rica
      Planet Zeti
      Constellation Pleiades Eduard Meier

      PLEAIDIANS: (Plejarans) Cousins to Lyrians and Earthly humans. They are visiting Earth along with their Vegan cousins having kinship to earthly beings. Other races are also visiting earth having no kinship to humans.

      Constellation Pleiades Enrique Carlos Rincon, Colombia
      " " Charles A. Silva, Peru
      " " Lloyd Zirbes, USA
      Planet Alcyone
      Constellation Reticulum William Herrmann, USA
      Constellation Reticulum Betty and Barney Hill, USA
      Zeta Reticula John Salter

      ZETA 1 & ZETA 2 RETICULA: Twin SUNS. A race with domed heads, hairless, with skin, four feet tall large orb eyes. Origin unknown, have been studying earth for decades.

      Beyond Rigel Phyl ____, USA
      Star System Sirius Roger G. Temple, USA
      Star System Tau Ceti Brian Scott, USA
      Planet UMMO Antonio Ribera, Spain
      Star System Vega Eduard Meier, Switzerland

      VEGANS: Also are descendants from the Lyrians as are the Plejarans. The Atlantis/Lemurian conflicts on earth resulted in leaving the earth and finding ERRA and HYADES in the Plejaries. In between conflicts and split-ups MALONA was completely destroyed.

      Planet Karran Herminio & Bianca Reis, Brazil
      Andromeda Universe Jocelina Mattos, Brazil

      ANDROMEDA: Non-physical beings. Sits in a high space council with a Confederation of Planets authority and order.

      Planet Clarion Truman Bethrum, USA
      Planet Apu Two Aymara Brothers, Peru
      Planet Meton
      Star System Proxima Centauri Elizabeth Klarer, South Africa
      Planet Venus Ron Card
      Planet Norca Albert Coe
      Planet Iarga Multinational Industrialist

      IARGA'NS: (10 LIGHT YEARS AWAY) A race with very powerful bodies, powerful swimmers, Iarga having much water, little land area. Totally unlike humans. Visiting earth, space vehicles go under water.

      Planet Verdant Philip Krapf
      Planet Mirassol Sr. Valdemen Menussi
      Planet Orion of Aldeboron Martin Wiesengruen
      Planet Itibi Ra Ludwig Pallman
      Abduction at Botucatu Rodolfo Cassellati and Joao Valerio de Silva
      Planet NEP-4 Oswald Gonzales
      Planet Baavi Algerian - Mr. Y.
      Planet Biaveh Riley Martin

      BAWWI: An unknown race of visitors.

      CYGNUS: An unknown race of visitors. As many other space visitors coming to earth.
      Nol System - The Druans Eduard Meier

      Parts of the above were compiled by John Parker. If you have any more to add to the list please send them in and I will incorporate them. Thanks.

      P. Urial

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