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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    I don t think it can be helped either Dex. For so many close encounter cases an esoteric explanation is the only one that makes sense. Unfortunately, unless
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      I don't think it can be helped either Dex. For so many close
      encounter cases an "esoteric" explanation is the only one that makes sense.
      Unfortunately, unless one is familiar with the esoteric knowledge-base then
      an esoteric explanation still won't make any sense even then! I think this
      leaves us all in the position of having to study esoterica and familiarise
      ourselves with that knowledge-base if we want to be able to understand some
      UFO/ET-phenomena properly. But so what? Who said we'd all be able to
      understand deep mysteries without having to learn anything new?

      For anyone who may be interested, I think the minimum
      familiarity-requirement for the esoteric knowledge-base would probably
      consist of the chakra system and its associated levels of consciousness, the
      science of vibration, the mental nature of the universe and the various
      subtle bodies and planes of existence. If these words sound like poppycock
      to some people then I guess they will just have to live with not being able
      to understand most paranormal phenomena.


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      Interesting..I don't think this can be helped TerraX.

      From the nuts and bolts heavy metal to non-physical Light vehicles.

      It seems the higher level contacts become more ethereally esoteric.

      As we advance through the ascending dimensions physically, our bodies become
      less dense matter and more energized. Inevitably, in our evolution, it's
      designed we evolve beyond corporeal form, becoming pure energy beings,
      gifted with freedom to come and go in participation with the Higher
      Evolutions of both the inner-nonphysical pure realms of energy emission with
      the material sided realities.

      Thus, the two side by side Greater Creations await our freedom.

      Boy! I thank these contactees for helping fill in the picture. Even though
      we have ethically and culturally a variety of directions we're all headed, I
      believe with the bits and pieces of their contacting testimony's, all us can
      build a unifying perception of what our Cosmology is truly designed for.
      It helps me cut through the disinfo by the deliberate sub-distorters of

      Reminds me what Jesus said about the Lawyers of his time,
      "They Enter Not Themselves, And They prevent Others From Entering"


      There are some recurring themes in the stories of contactees although
      the 'definitions' may vary. Personally, I enjoyed reading Orfeo's story
      but to be honest he's a bit to esoteric for my taste. It could very well
      be he met 'ascended beings' who interacted with him on higher levels
      of being.

      (My blog.)

      --- In prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com, "Dex" <dexxxaa@...> wrote:
      > (Note: We're being told directly...Dex)
      > SNIP"
      > ("Orion glanced at Lyra and a scintillating wave of golden light enfolded
      > them both.
      Orion replied slowly: With us names are of little significance. The brother
      of whom you
      speak was in the illusion of the past known as Astra, but in the higher
      octaves of light,
      individualized aspects such as you know upon Earth are non-existent. Even
      now as we
      manifest in this most tenuous of material states of being, you are not aware
      of us in our
      true eternal aspect. We are, you might say in terms of Earth, staging a
      reception for you, our lost brother. Before the Destruction our existence
      was much as you
      see it now; that is why you seem to remember all of this. In that phase of
      the time
      dimension you were known as Neptune.")
      > "SNIP"
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