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  • Dex
    (Note: As I was reading the first paragraph below, my wife came in the kitchen and handed me a little box, 3 keys that came out of the box and a cellophane bag
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2009
      (Note: As I was reading the first paragraph below, my wife came in the kitchen and handed me a little box, 3 keys that came out of the box and a cellophane bag , apparently, the box and the keys were contained in the bag. She said they were out laying on the ground. It just so happens they were hidden keys I buried long ago deep in the ground under a rock next to our house. Now the amazing thing about this is there was no digging anywhere near the rock where the hidden keys were kept. How did they appear on top of the ground without digging for them? And her timing for alerting me while reading this information made it all the more mysteriously funny..The games that are played. ..Dex)

      Firedocs Transcript REMOTE VIEWERS


      JOE: Well, that covers a whole gamut of things. In terms of code, I guess top of the list would be one of ethics. I have a very strict ethical sense in terms of what I target or what I don't target. If I have a sense that I'm, you know, even getting something spontaneously about an individual, let's say, I would probably never even discuss that even with the individual, unless I had been previously asked by that individual to talk about it. What I target and when I target it is very critical to me, in terms of the righteousness of the target. I've had a lot of people that have asked me to do things that border, for instance, on industrial espionage, that sort of thing, and I just will not participate in those kinds of targets.
      JEFF: I would assume that there are people out there who have trained in this psychic profession if you will who are hired guns who might be able to do that kind of thing, for some people, for a fee, is that right?
      JOE: Well, one of the things that is true, there's a misconception that's held by many that you have to be a good person in order to develop psychically, and I'm sorry to say that that just isn't true. Anyone can develop psychic talent whether it's for good reasons or bad reasons. However, people who have a tendency to develop it for negative or what I would call destructive purposes, usually don't develop in a philosophic way, so their talent may be limited somewhat in that growth area. Seems like people who go to the positive or constructive way do a lot better in the long run.

      JEFF: You had a near-death-experience which changed your life, I think that we need to talk a little about that if you would. And where did that occur and what were the circumstances?
      JOE: Well that occurred in 1970 when I was assigned to Germany. It actually occurred while I was in Austria, I was having dinner with my wife and some friends, and started feeling very badly, and when I excused myself to go outside for fresh air, because I was nauseous, as I went through the door I collapsed, went into convulsions, swallowed my tongue, and as a result stopped breathing, and by the time they got me to the hospital I was DOA. The entire time that -- for the entire length of time of that event, I was out of my body, observing the events, and followed them as they carried me to the hospital in the car, and watched the action in the emergency room. At some point I felt as though I was falling through a tunnel, and when I stopped falling, I had a sense of heat on the back of my neck, and when I turned around I was enveloped in the classical white light.
      JEFF: What were your feelings, your emotions at the time, seeing yourself, the usual detached peace and happiness, did you feel liberated from all of it...?
      JOE: Well initially what happens is you have a feeling of fear, because you don't know what's going on, and things don't seem to make any sense. [JEFF: I would think.] Immediately following, within a few seconds of that fear, you, through a rationalization process come to the conclusion that you're either dying or dead, and at that point it becomes one of curiosity. And eventually you even detach from the curiosity, it's a feeling of necessity to go somewhere, that you have other business, or you may be looking to where you need to go next, and then the envelopment by the white light usually resolves in the conclusion that you've met God, or --
      JEFF: Universal consciousness.
      JOE: Yeah, universal consciousness.
      JEFF: Any anger in there at all Joe?
      JOE: Um, no, not really, I had a sense of great disappointment at one point, where you know, you review your whole past life, it's sort of an instantaneous review of your life's actions --
      JEFF: It does replay.
      JOE: Oh yes. What's interesting is that it does replay in absolute detail, but it happens like a flash. And one of the most disappointing aspects of that is realizing your own personal, you know [JEFF: Shortcomings?] shortcomings, and the things that you wish you could have done better with in your life.
      JEFF: Interesting. Ok we'll be right back with Joseph McMoneagle in just a couple of minutes, here on Sightings on the Radio.
      JEFF: And welcome back, we're talking with Joseph McMoneagle, his new book -- actually reprinted book, we call it new because there are new chapters and material in it -- is called MIND TREK: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing. And if you heard what I just said, exploring consciousness, time and space, we will get into lots of interesting areas as tonight's program progresses.

      JEFF: Joe, Dannion Brinkley once told me that he had the same experience basically you did, he died twice, and his entire life flashed before him, and we've all heard this many times, did you feel, as your life flashed before you when you noticed your shortcomings and noticed the things you had done that you probably could have done better at, did you feel guilt at all?
      JOE: No actually, I didn't feel any guilt, I just felt very badly for having missed a lot of the possibilities. For not being aware. It was sort of a -- I felt as though I were operating on automatic, like I was asleep. And it would have been a lot better if I had been awake. One of the other things I wanted to say is, while it's happening, you have a sense that you're not alone, that you're sharing the information with some other entity, but it's all done in an unconditional, loving atmosphere, and the unconditional love is so overwhelming, that even the smallest aspects of your faults become very very magnified, and so they're very disappointing. More than guilty.
      JEFF: Hmmn. You feel like you want another chance?
      JOE: Right -- well, you feel like, if you just, if you could have just been a little more aware of what you were doing at the time, it would have been a lot better.
      JEFF: What did you see as the reason that kept you from that level of awareness, that you think you'd rather have had?
      JOE: Ignorance, more than anything. [JEFF: Ego?] Yeah, that and up until that point in my life, I was very much a black and white person, you know, either things were one way or they were the other, and I was also extremely self centered to a certain degree, where if I didn't think someone else had anything of value they could share, then I wasn't interested. And I've since learned that, as my wife once astutely observed, what we need to do is, we need to like, look on the janitors the same way that we would look on say, the Dalai Lama, you know sort of a shared consciousness, or a shared realization that all human beings are important.
      JEFF: Did you happen to notice or sense the reaction or sense the reactions and feelings of other people that had interacted with you during your last time -- up to that point, who had been hurt or disappointed by you?
      JOE: Yeah. That all comes through as well. You actually see in review what their intentions were. And so there's this remarkable feeling of loss, that you may have missed that opportunity. That was particularly true with some experiences that I had had with my twin sister. And I was able, as a result of the experience, the near death experience, I was able to share a lot more with her before she passed away.
      JEFF: I see. That's a pretty poignant story. Did you share any intuitive experiences with your twin sister while growing up?
      JOE: No, I don't think any more than most sister-brothers.
      JEFF: Uh huh. Sometimes they say twins do that though.
      JOE: Well I do know that she was extremely sensitive, and as a result she was having the same experiences I was having. What's interesting is that she chose to view them as being very detrimental, and went the sort of normal route I guess, sought assistance from people that she knew to try to get rid of her visions, or her experiences, wound up in the psychiatric realm. [JEFF: Really.] Yeah, and I felt, I feel that that was very destructive, because for a long time she was misdiagnosed, and given some very powerful medications.
      JEFF: Yeah. That's a whole 'nuther program, which I have done and I will do again in the future, and that's a very sore subject with me, the whole psychiatric industry, if you want to call it an industry at all.
      JOE: Right, exactly.
      JEFF: You were able to then, through the NDE, basically come to some level of understanding and enhance your relationship with your sister, which is very nice to hear, is that correct?
      JOE: Yes, and not only, you know, her, but the rest of my sisters and my family, as well as just the people I worked with.
      JEFF: The issue of dying and then being brought back, we haven't finished with the story but I wanted to ask, what caused this physical shutdown? It sounds like you may have been poisoned, it sounds like something may have happened, what was the actual genesis of the problem?
      JOE: [pause] Well.... I usually don't go into a lot of detail about that.
      JEFF: Alright well don't if you're uncomfortable, it's perfectly fine.
      JOE: I, I suspect the reason, but I'd rather not go into that.
      JEFF: Well okay, I think we can read into that whatever we want to then, and we'll leave it alone. As far as coming back into your body, you said you sensed the presence of other aliens, entities, supernatural beings, whatever you want to call them, were you told at some point by one or more of these presences that you would be returned to your body, that it was not your time, how did that work?
      JOE: My sense was that all of the communication was with the single unconditional loving entity that was the light, and the very loud message was that I was not supposed to die, that I had to return. I did not _want_ to return. I was extremely comfortable, and it's a place that was very rewarding to be in. But regardless of my arguing, I found myself returning.
      JEFF: Interesting. Alright Joe, hang on here and we'll be right back with more here, with Sightings on the Radio with Mr. Joe McMoneagle.


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