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  • Dex
    From Aileen THE ALIVIZATOS TREATMENT PROTOCAL FOR TREATMENT OF CANCER My cousin has come to visit me from Alaska. It was through him I learned of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2009
      From Aileen


      My cousin has come to visit me from Alaska. It was through him I learned of the Alivizatos treatment for cancer. I had never heard of it before. He had lymphatic cancer and his daughter-in-law had cancer of the bone, the uterus, and the liver. Treatment through normal channels didn't promise much hope of her surviving.

      My cousin Jerry learned of this method but it was in Greece. Dr. Horiton-Tzannis Alivizatos, MD, PhD inventor/developer of the protocol was born on the island of Limnos in the Aegean Sea. While an undergraduate in Medical School, he became interested in cancer research and continued four more years of research at the University of Athens School of Medicine. He is deceased now.

      The Alivizatos Treatment is only available at the International Bio Care Hospital located 10 minutes from the International Border in Tijuana Mexico or 35 minutes from down town San Diego. Treatment has been administered in Mexico since February of 1984. For more information please go to the following web site: http://www.alivizatos.com/secciones.php?secc=6#resp12

      Jerry, his son and daughter-in-law went to Greece and went through the treatment which consisted of a shot each day, normally for 23 days, at a cost of $40. a shot. They were advised to follow a strict diet, which they did. There was no surgery, x-rays, or invasive procedures. Blood was withdrawn at the beginning of the treatment and the cancer was determined from that. Today they are both cancer free and swear by Dr. Alivizatos' treatment.

      Dr. Alivizatos was brought to the United States to appear on the Phil Donohue show. He told about the treatment and what it would do for mankind. He wanted to share it so that people could be cured. Because he appeared on that program AND because he would not tell the AMA everything that was in the serum because he wanted it to be available for all people at a low cost the AMA ruined his reputation and eventually had his license revoked by the Greek authorities. The US had rail roaded him by cooroborating with the Greek authorities so that he could not practice any longer.

      Again when there is something to help people that the AMA doesn't have its finger in the pie they dessimate it so that no one can get any help. I see the living proof in my cousin who is healthy today that this treatment worked and is still working at the hospital in Mexico.

      I have another friend that I asked all of you in the past to help out by any donation you could make for his chemo shots which were $400 each time. He has now been the benefactor of our lovely medical procedures to where they have cut out his left breast (where he had cancer) and cut into his body to remove his lymph glands. The oncologist told him he would have pain forever where they removed the glands. In addition to that he will have to take their medicine (at what cost) for at least five years and maybe for life. He just yesterday had the second drain removed that they had put into his incision. This is torture for persons having to go through it when they could have an injection every day for 23 days and the cancer would be gone. But the powers that be stop any help they can get because of hospitals and doctors greed. He now has to go chemo therapy all over again and then radiation at what cost? He is a poor person and cannot pay. It is totally heart rending.

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