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ET Security Activities

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  • Dex
    Cross posting this discussion...Crash course with reality...What has this world turned into...or...has it always been like this?...Dex ________________________
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2009
      Cross posting this discussion...Crash course with reality...What has this world turned into...or...has it always been like this?...Dex

      I had the same experience about ten years ago when I finally had enough of the imposed secrecy within my own contact group.

      I just started going online and telling anyone who would listen to my ongoing story up to that point. A few said I was crazy outright. Those types asked if I had any type of mental illness or some such thing. Many others thought it was interesting and wanted to talk directly to them in the same way they talked to me.

      I dragged my group from the shadows of in their own policy and told them up front I was going to do it without their blessing regardless of their participation. The advisor was the first to step into the fray with the males giving that disagreeing look. She seemed to take the opportunity to use it as a big lesson on dealing with other people about the subject. Often my group would tell me what to relay to the individuals asking about themselves as they were being mind read on the spot.

      Many people simultaneously complained of massive headaches/migraines. Many of the ordinary psychics and mediums would ask me to stop mind reading, since my capability and that of my group was giving them migraines all the time.

      I had to tell them that most of the time that it wasn't *I* who was reading them and it must have been coming from my group instead.

      Later, I realized that one of the side effects of mind reading people who are on low psychic settings is a strong focused headache.

      Several self acclaimed natural psychic experts started to try to reach out to my group psychically to see if anything was actually there. Many had similar reaction and said they were disturbed in their findings. Some of them said what was near me was evil and they wouldn't be speaking to me again or something like that. Many refused to say what they found because it seemingly disturbed them greatly to the point of being silent.

      I tested them and examined some of them to determine whether or not they were capable of the feats they claimed as natural psychics. Many did indeed have abilities to some extent, but they were pretty unstable or not very well controlled.

      But lucky for me they said they believed me. Often being impressed by either my abilities, the abilities of my group, or the information my group could pull from any individual as well as visiting them at night on occasion. They were also surprised by the immense amount of information I knew about psychic abilities and how easily I could perform several kinds of abilities at once.

      Then some skeptics challenged me/my group to read their mind and answer their questions directly. The one who was willing to take that challenge was the ET I called the advisor. She did nothing short of confound them with the reality of her presence at my insistence.

      Eventually I began to tell people what I could read of the future in their personal lives and later I leaked information that the advisor confided in me to hold back and "be vague" in front of others. She told me about 9/11 three full years before it occurred.

      Many were so convinced of my actual experience and that of my group that some individuals bordered on hysteria. Skeptics eventually either stated I was an interesting person they could not discount or admitted that "something" was there as I claimed.

      Many people who were well aware of the legitimacy of my claims took it pretty seriously even though I didn't. I was very vocal about finding answers and it seemed few if any could provide any. The advisor jumped at the opportunity to teach me a few hundred things about people and about how they differ and how to approach them when dealing with an audience.

      I also studied abductees and contactees and found out several interesting and disturbing trends in their lives.


      Anyway, as I spoke earlier of telling people of the 9/11 event (which is not what the advisor called it).since that time she refused to give me that kind of information again. Accusing me of not being "vague" as she had instructed me to be in front of others. Telling me that my activities were increasingly raising "red flags" and eventually I would get found out because I was giving serious clues and information that the public wasn't privy to know according to them.

      She claimed that if I kept doing what I was doing, eventually, someone would come to check me out to see where I was getting information that was of an accurate nature.

      At the time she gave me this bewildering course in how human intelligence agencies sift through massive amounts of data using data centers. She claimed that staff then culled the results and were instructed to forward certain kinds of ~fingerprints of phrases and contents~ for further inspection.

      Mysteriously, she claimed the lower staff (which I had the idea that she meant *analysts* of some kind because of her descriptions and associated imagery) didn't actually know anything about ET's or any of that kind of stuff at many of the distribution points.

      She claimed it was all a flagging system where the flags form a type of fingerprint and then it gets passed on to analysts who she also claimed listen in or pull transcripts to comb over the information. Then forward it to another department which she was more vague about and said they made the decisions as to whether it needed more investigation or not.

      (I am not going to get into that right now. But amazingly for being an ET from "outer space"....she sure seems to know a whole lot about our affairs down here on this dirt ball...? I later found out it was actually true as she described it. Now...how does an alien know about all that? ??? )


      One day she came up to me and gave me a berating set of instructions to follow *without question*. I remember her expressions of being dead serious and asking me to cease any telepathic talks with her.

      Suddenly she adjusted her settings to make her appearance less noticeable on a psychic level and she communicated with those above, at "her place" (the grey males), to move away and take a more distant position.

      She gave me that intently serious look of hers and the telepathy between us became super dim and quiet. It was very hard to hear her thoughts anymore for a good period of time.

      She told me I was no longer to speak of her out loud nor refer to her mentally. That I was on my own and to only address her in an serious emergency. She said she would still be there but was making herself and the others up there "harder to detect".


      Later during sporadic periods she explained in a type of telepathy that was really soft and harder to notice, that supposedly I was under surveillance.

      She blamed me for it and said I tended to say key words, phrases, and concepts of information that were targeted as being related to having an association with extra terrestrials.

      She said that some people nearby where scoping me out as a routine to figure out if I had obtained the information from an alien entity or if I was just lucky in putting it together.

      She claimed some people in a van were nearby and described some of the tools they were using. Later on, I learned she was describing a Laser microphone (listening with a pulsed beam of light) and what she said was experimental equipment; special cameras that could be pointed at a residence to see through it's walls.

      (Which made me ask myself the obvious: Um...if it is experimental, how do you know about it? Was she a spy from space??)

      She also instructed me not to think about her as I was being randomly accessed/assessed psychically to ascertain (according to her) whether or not someone was in contact with me. She pressed the issue in her dead serious tone not to even think of her in the slightest or refer to her in my mind until she did the talking. (which was rare at the time)

      I was like ???. Are you nuts woman?! Then I became suspicious that she was trying to make me somehow paranoid or something for some nefarious reason.

      But they took it extremely seriously. So seriously that many of the details stuck out in my mind till this day. They stopped many activities altogether and there was a span of months with little or no activity from them.

      When ever they did, it was for a few minutes or hours. Then they went back to their old game of hide.

      The advisor said that once the group surveying me was convinced that I was nothing but a crack pot they would leave and report that nothing out of the ordinary was occurring.


      The funny thing was that the Grey males explained that there were many kinds of general surveillance that they had to avoid. They claimed that during an abduction or intervention they would time the weaknesses in the surveillance to coincide with their arrival.

      (This was before I knew the males were Greys by the way)

      They further explained that above my head there were special satellites made by my kind (or so they and the advisor claimed) that were tasked with repeatedly scanning a surface area on the earth with a projected beam which they described as very wide and thin.

      The males went into a detailed (and interesting) discussion with me about how the satellites move in long paths (not geostationary?) and how our government was at least partially successful in detecting phased-out ET craft by intensifying the search process from several satellites. The grey males said the satellites would detect subtle anomalies and it would pinpoint in a general area where the craft was likely to be.

      But they claimed identification of their craft was an issue because the satellites needed to coordinate several passes of this wide and narrow beam (~fuzzy~) or intensify the search from several satellites on a small area to detect an anomaly. They claimed the satellite were constantly set to random sweeps but that they could be reorientated to a specific task or search.

      The advisor said at the time that the males were telling the truth and I don't remember who said it, (I think it was the males?) that these outer pointing satellites and the inner ones could predict a general path of entry into our world.

      They went into somewhat well defined conversations about how our government and the ET's both know alot about where crafts land and how long it takes for a response to intercept them. The males and the advisor both agreed that it was a matter of minutes in most densely populated areas to an hour in most rural areas. They also claimed that in cases where several key satellites were orientated away from a crash location it would take up to the better part of a day.

      They explained to me that ET craft were not suddenly tracked inbound when they were over a city but much sooner in the course of their approach and that is why the times were so short. The advisor specifically detailed that many times most ufo's can only stay on the ground in their visible state for a few minutes to an hour before they are intercepted.

      They also talked about an RV program and how it is used in (I have to admit) very creative ways to find and target ET craft. Recently Dan Smith has written a post in his section which (if I remember correctly) Ron Pondolfi claims that they do indeed target individuals having ET contact rather than looking for a need in a haystack.

      Which is what my group claimed years ago. But that whole story would make the MIB look uninteresting in comparison. Sorry for going off in a tangent but I am like a book brimming with so many stories and claims from ET individuals. As soon as I think of one particular...all the other stories come out of the closet in my brain. It's hard to forget some of those hard to swallow tall tales that my group used to tell me about.


      They said beyond those satellites there were others that constantly looked outwards rather than inwards and would identify entry and exiting by ET craft unless they took measured steps to avoid detection.

      The males also said that along the surface of the ground there is surveillance that wasn't directly controlled by the non-public government. The ones on the ground I think they meant "radar"? Not sure.

      My group explained and confessed that in order to be nearby to me, they would remain phased out to keep from being generally detected. But that my government along with others had found that concentrated scans by multiple sources above could reveal their general location within a small enough area.

      They further explained that sometimes those satellites emissions were tasked to certain areas and they take advantage of the holes in the detections sweeps to perform their activities clandestinely.

      They made it extremely clear that the process was not passive but an active search. They also implied the satellites looking outwards (away from the surface) were not directed in any way. They were general areas of constant detection. They didn't explain how the outer ones work.

      In either case, that was an interesting revelation.


      The advisor agreed with what they were telling me and so I said "okay, whatever you say". I was too busy trying to figure out if they were pulling my leg or if they were trying to introduce false ideas into my mindset or something.

      They seemed to know a heck of alot about our intelligence agencies activity and our military affairs for being aliens....

      Later on, I found out what she meant and what the males meant by coming across several sources of information that did in fact match exactly what they claimed to be true.

      Amazingly. :

      I never met any MIB's, but I did have several threats leveled against me from the little greys that if I didn't cooperate they would forward my case to "the agency". From what I understood, they are some kind of generalized alien agency that keeps tabs on affairs that have the potential to affect other wider scale events. They supposedly prevent flare ups from having unintended consequences.

      One time when I did ask the advisor about whether there was any such thing as the existence of the "MIB". She said it wasn't exactly like popular culture, but she used the same words as the males and called them "the agency".

      She differentiated for me the real vs imitation kind. She described them as an "affairs department". And they deal with situations before they arise within our time line.

      I was kind of surprised. I expected her to say it was baloney or something actually.

      She said the "affairs department" cleans up the mess that ET groups leave behind and nullify an event before it can affect the rest of the future. She said at the time, that in the affairs department (aka "the agency"), job was to maintain a smooth and uninterrupted flow of events relative to the general alien agenda. She claimed "no premature events" of alien disclosure were possible.

      She did claim the state department made a joke of the "MIB" and often tried to arrive before the actual affairs department did. Not really sure why. (Or how for that matter)

      Anyway, I think I have rambled enough.


      P.S. In case anyone wants to know as a side joke, the advisor during that time of me supposedly being surveyed. I stepped outside to check out the situation for myself and found nothing obvious.

      She was somewhat mortified at my bluntness but I was totally skeptical. Though after I learned those things do exist, I gotta keep wondering about it.

      Oh, and the advisor said she would walk up to the surveillance van in her invisible state and mess around with the equipment by causing it to become intermittent repeatedly. She claimed she made it act like equipment failure. She claimed she would target a very ?expensive coil? or power source (~fuzzy~) attached to one of the devices which she claimed was very costly to replace.

      She claimed one of the individuals was a bald man that was ignorant of the true reason the equipment kept failing. She said they switched over to other kinds of equipment that were more basic in nature.

      Dunno if it is true. All I do know, is they took it seriously for some reason and still do. Would they go into a contact hibernation for no real reason?


      They recently negotiated with me just to keep me from detailing times and dates of their approach or arrivals. They sent someone I know all too well to make the deal. I was asked what it would take to keep me silent about specific details. They delivered on each of the points I specified except the last few bits. All on the pretense that I would stop specifying when they were in extremely close proximity or not.

      I traded controlled experiences for my silence in detailing their ongoing activities. They made good on their agreement and I have done the same.

      They have explained countless times why they don't want me to keep records or to write down their comings and goings. Everytime I have, they do the exact same things they did 10 or 12 years ago.

      So either the ET's I know are mentally defective and paranoid individuals. Or there really is something or someone interested in watching them.

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