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Re: Alarming Info If True

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  • Dex
    Skolyer wrote: the other side who are testing you and their motivations are no different. They ve graduated from being wicked humans to becoming full fledged
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 19, 2009
      Skolyer wrote:

      the other side who are testing you and their motivations are no different. They've graduated from being wicked humans to becoming full fledged demons.

      Correction..they're inhuman spirits (creature negative energy beings) and I've encountered them through possession cases.
      You don't ever want to see or hear them. Hard to believe they're in Creation.
      There you go, real discernment.

      Remember where it comes from.
      You're in their arena. They've created a job for themselves and until that changes, we suffer in this world.

      Most benevolent ET's refrain from telling you where you're living, it's meant for your discovery.
      The ET we relate too transpose themselves from the higher to our lower aiding as permitted.
      They hope we learn how to free ourselves from this repeated brutal history.

      These intelligence are forced to remain in the lower. They say their under the 'Power' of the 'Light'.
      It was asked what they meant by the light? They said the 'White Light'.

      One took delight in being responsible for our wars. Especially WW II. To kill as many with only a few. I learned about this before we had a terrorist. Many years ago.

      Our war for survival is with them. They break the rules. They have technological devices aboard ships used for mass hynosis.Prince of the air. Their greater transgression with God is violating our freewill.

      You're a sitting duck in this life if you haven't learned their tactics.
      Many years ago they said they believed they won the war because mankind can't see the intelligence behind the power.

      I suspect when they win, God does a house cleaning and the lower boundaries are created anew.
      There will always be dark earth worlds for testing experiences.

      It takes an exorcist perception. How you see reality thereafter is not a desirable perception change, but, you begin to see a greater truth for this reality.
      A reality the human spirit wasn't meant to remain in.

      The enemy isn't out there, it's here.

      Please be kind to the ET even if he's only witnessing. Because of the rules he's not allowed to engage or interfere. Even the negatives that land in your backyard that refuse to respect the codes of protection are subject to being destroyed by the armies serving the Lord God of Hosts.
      Without their protection these life programs wouldn't have a chance. We'd be plunged into an eternal night of slavery.

      Whether you like it or not, you are a creation, offspring, of the Lord God and subject to it's immutable Laws of Creation.

      You'll either sleep through it or learn how to remove the veils.


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