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Re: Alarming Info If True

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  • Dex
    This is an important reason for us to become Whole again. The blue prints have been sufficiently laid out before us and all we need is to follow the wisdom so
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 17, 2009
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      This is an important reason for us to become Whole again.
      The blue prints have been sufficiently laid out before us and all we need is to follow the wisdom so God can guide.

      This space level is an under the Light world reality.
      Lower and negative vibrational intelligence reside here with us.

      However long it takes, we'll all eventually find the Redeemer that'll help set us free from being bound to these lower repetitive lower density level experiences. Cycles of repeated death and birth experiences. Over and over again, until, hopefully, soul realizes there's more and seeks it.

      I don't know about the reptilians and what they're up too, but, I think they may be more at home in this space than we are.
      We're not meant to stay, but, take with us the knowledge experienced in these worlds so that we may develop the necessary understanding and compassion that's needed for voluntary assisting when called upon for aiding a fallen specie God does not abandon.
      Time could be our ultimate illusion.


      Hi Dean -- a lot to reply to in your post

      re souls being trapped -- i respectfully disagree -- i used Auschwitz
      as an example because some time ago some Christian and Buddhist monks
      and nuns did a prayer/fasting vigil there specifically to help the
      souls trapped there -- and i've read that sensitive people who visit
      that horrible place can feel/see these souls

      i also used to think that death would be a complete release, a return
      to my full soul consciousness - i don't think so any more -- we
      don't lose our minds when we die-- they go with us -- and, as Mr
      Cayce used to say re death, 'The tree falls where it lies' -- like,
      if you're a bigoted hateful person -- or someone who enjoys torturing
      small animals and children --that's not all going to magically go
      away when you die. unfortunately, it takes work to grow spiritually --
      we don't become enlightened just by dying.

      i don't feel as if my soul is in heaven, a higher plane. i feel i AM
      my soul, and so how can i be separate from it?

      and i think you might remember from previous posts of mine that i
      have a very strong suspicion that the reptilians and greys are very
      very very busy on the astral plane now. not primarily here on Earth,
      but in the astral environs around/interpenetrating her.

      Also i don't agree with this:
      > 'Most everyone is fully aware of the real jerks who are running the
      > and who are responsible for all of the murder & mayhem on planet
      One of the reasons i came back to p4c is that almost all the flesh
      and blood people i talk with have NO CLUE what is going on.

      thanks for your response.

      Peace, wynderer

      --- In prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com, "Dean" <jdsloan1@...> wrote:
      > Hello wynderer,
      > Personally, I'll go along with Dr. Salla's essay titled
      > "Zero Sunspots: Global Consciousness, Solar Activity and 2012"*:
      > There is the factor of "the concept of 'global consciousness' and
      > how it affects the evolution of life on Earth is Tielhard de
      Chardin and
      > his concept of the noosphere," and there is also the Mount Adams
      > video at Alfred Webre's website about no longer being on the
      > "timeline" in which an extinction level event will occur:
      > http://www.exopolitics.com/
      > Metaphysically speaking, it needs to be pointed out that there isn't
      > any such thing as a negative "soul harvest" nor can souls be
      > trapped anywhere, which is due to the fact that they never leave
      > "heaven," but energise & create the personality's astral &
      > mental sheaths (composed of substance of the 4th ether) when it
      > voluntary incarnates into the fetus at the "appointed time." It
      > is the deeply material, traumatised & confused personality
      > that is occasionally "trapped" on the astral plane in the
      > vicinity of its physical death, not the "soul," and only those
      > who have achieved conscious out-of-body travel on the lower levels
      > the astral plane (or those who are fully clairvoyant) would be able
      > see if any of the personalities are still at Auschwitz. Eventually
      > astral plane will be purged of the low energy vibrations & all of
      > former personality's etheric bodies will dissipate back into the
      > general reservoir of substance from which they originated.
      > Whatever happens in humanities future is dependent on how well we
      > the Logos' plans for this particular planetary cycle. Meditate, tune
      > in to and participate in those plans. Anyone who focuses' on a
      > negative future for humanity & mother earth is hindering those
      > Most everyone is fully aware of the real jerks who are running the
      > and who are responsible for all of the murder & mayhem on planet
      > The time is coming for the "truth embargo" to be lifted, and the
      > foregoing elitists will be properly dealt with.
      > Best regards,
      > Dean
      > * http://www.exopolitics.org/Exo-Comment-79.htm
      > --- In prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com, "akavibe" <akavibe4@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi All --
      > >
      > > I have come across some info that if true is QUITE alarming. A
      > > who says she is an ET gave me the book 'Apocalypse 2012' by
      > > J Joseph thru a mutual friend (i've never met her so don't know if
      > > she really is an ET. she knows from our mutual friend of my
      > > in ETs.)
      > >
      > > in the book Mr Joseph describes his visit and conversations with
      > > Russian scientist Dmitriev in Siberia. This is the same scientist
      > > whose discoveries about our solar system and the energy field it's
      > > moving into -- the same Dmitriev whom David Wilcock quotes as
      > > that Earth is moving into an ascension field.
      > >
      > > What D Wilcock may not know is the rest of what Dmitriev has to
      > > about our entering into this energy field -- which he refers to
      > > sometimes as a 'shock wave' and calls a 'threatening phenomenon'--
      > >
      > > according to Dmitriev, the Sun in particular is not going to be
      > > to fully handle this shock wave -- Dmitriev writes: "Just as water
      > > cannot absorb water and earth cannot absorb earth, the Sun's
      > > mass of energy cannot absorb and dissipate energy nearly as
      > > efficiently as the hard, cold material bodies of the planets can"
      > > [i.e., we may all be fried].
      > >
      > > Dmitriev also thinks that iron ore and other metals act as a kind
      > > safety valve for Earth at times like this, conducting the energy
      > > field heat to the inner part of Earth, and that our extensive
      > > in the last 150 years has greatly diminished this safety valve.
      > >
      > > He also writes: "Effects here on Earth [from passing into the
      > > interstellar energy cloud] are to be found in the acceleration of
      > > magnetic pole shift, in the vertical and horizontal ozone content
      > > distribution, and in the increased frequency and magnitude of
      > > significant catastrophic climatic events. The adaptive responses
      > > the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a
      > > total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth."
      > >
      > > This certainly explains why the DUMBS are being built -- and why
      > > the 'space platforms' --some elite humans i guess are planning to
      > > survive by going off-planet. Perhaps NASA knows a lot more than
      > > let on... Also it kind of gives credence to John Lear's saying
      > > most ETs here around Earth now -- all the sightings all over the
      > > place-- most are here just to watch the humans destroy themselves.
      > > Here for the show. or maybe to feed on energy.
      > >
      > > Given that it seems likely that most human beings are going to
      > > all together and soon, the energy being put into the construction,
      > > the building of the NWO --it makes no sense, why, if the non-elite
      > > useless eaters are all going to die anyway --why all the $$,
      > > and energy into dumbing down and mind controlling the masses ?? --
      > > unlesss there IS going to be some kind of a soul harvest, and
      > > down mind-controlled human souls are easier to grab when they
      die --
      > > especially during a mass death [there are still many many souls
      > > trapped at Auschwitz, for example).
      > >
      > > Maybe ascension AND mass destructions will happen all at the same
      > > time -- are happening, i should say. Like Chet Snow's three very
      > > distinct futures. i've posted here a few times my wondering
      > > if 'ascension' really means 'massive planet-wide deaths.' (If you
      > > think this is 'negative,' maybe you're afraid of death?)
      > >
      > > I look forward to hearing what you all think of this.
      > >
      > > Peace, wynderer
      > >
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    • Dex
      Skolyer wrote: the other side who are testing you and their motivations are no different. They ve graduated from being wicked humans to becoming full fledged
      Message 2 of 3 , Jan 19, 2009
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        Skolyer wrote:

        the other side who are testing you and their motivations are no different. They've graduated from being wicked humans to becoming full fledged demons.

        Correction..they're inhuman spirits (creature negative energy beings) and I've encountered them through possession cases.
        You don't ever want to see or hear them. Hard to believe they're in Creation.
        There you go, real discernment.

        Remember where it comes from.
        You're in their arena. They've created a job for themselves and until that changes, we suffer in this world.

        Most benevolent ET's refrain from telling you where you're living, it's meant for your discovery.
        The ET we relate too transpose themselves from the higher to our lower aiding as permitted.
        They hope we learn how to free ourselves from this repeated brutal history.

        These intelligence are forced to remain in the lower. They say their under the 'Power' of the 'Light'.
        It was asked what they meant by the light? They said the 'White Light'.

        One took delight in being responsible for our wars. Especially WW II. To kill as many with only a few. I learned about this before we had a terrorist. Many years ago.

        Our war for survival is with them. They break the rules. They have technological devices aboard ships used for mass hynosis.Prince of the air. Their greater transgression with God is violating our freewill.

        You're a sitting duck in this life if you haven't learned their tactics.
        Many years ago they said they believed they won the war because mankind can't see the intelligence behind the power.

        I suspect when they win, God does a house cleaning and the lower boundaries are created anew.
        There will always be dark earth worlds for testing experiences.

        It takes an exorcist perception. How you see reality thereafter is not a desirable perception change, but, you begin to see a greater truth for this reality.
        A reality the human spirit wasn't meant to remain in.

        The enemy isn't out there, it's here.

        Please be kind to the ET even if he's only witnessing. Because of the rules he's not allowed to engage or interfere. Even the negatives that land in your backyard that refuse to respect the codes of protection are subject to being destroyed by the armies serving the Lord God of Hosts.
        Without their protection these life programs wouldn't have a chance. We'd be plunged into an eternal night of slavery.

        Whether you like it or not, you are a creation, offspring, of the Lord God and subject to it's immutable Laws of Creation.

        You'll either sleep through it or learn how to remove the veils.


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