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FW: RE: Alarming Info If True

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  • Dex
    Hi All -- I have come across some info that if true is QUITE alarming. A woman who says she is an ET gave me the book Apocalypse 2012 by Lawrence J Joseph
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2009
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      Hi All --

      I have come across some info that if true is QUITE alarming. A woman
      who says she is an ET gave me the book 'Apocalypse 2012' by Lawrence
      J Joseph thru a mutual friend (i've never met her so don't know if
      she really is an ET. she knows from our mutual friend of my interest
      in ETs.)

      in the book Mr Joseph describes his visit and conversations with the
      Russian scientist Dmitriev in Siberia. This is the same scientist
      whose discoveries about our solar system and the energy field it's
      moving into -- the same Dmitriev whom David Wilcock quotes as proof
      that Earth is moving into an ascension field.

      What D Wilcock may not know is the rest of what Dmitriev has to say
      about our entering into this energy field -- which he refers to
      sometimes as a 'shock wave' and calls a 'threatening phenomenon'--

      according to Dmitriev, the Sun in particular is not going to be able
      to fully handle this shock wave -- Dmitriev writes: "Just as water
      cannot absorb water and earth cannot absorb earth, the Sun's molten
      mass of energy cannot absorb and dissipate energy nearly as
      efficiently as the hard, cold material bodies of the planets can"
      [i.e., we may all be fried].

      Dmitriev also thinks that iron ore and other metals act as a kind of
      safety valve for Earth at times like this, conducting the energy
      field heat to the inner part of Earth, and that our extensive mining
      in the last 150 years has greatly diminished this safety valve.

      He also writes: "Effects here on Earth [from passing into the
      interstellar energy cloud] are to be found in the acceleration of the
      magnetic pole shift, in the vertical and horizontal ozone content
      distribution, and in the increased frequency and magnitude of
      significant catastrophic climatic events. The adaptive responses of
      the biosphere, and humanity, to these new conditions may lead to a
      total global revision of the range of species and life on Earth."

      This certainly explains why the DUMBS are being built -- and why
      the 'space platforms' --some elite humans i guess are planning to
      survive by going off-planet. Perhaps NASA knows a lot more than they
      let on... Also it kind of gives credence to John Lear's saying that
      most ETs here around Earth now -- all the sightings all over the
      place-- most are here just to watch the humans destroy themselves.
      Here for the show. or maybe to feed on energy.

      Given that it seems likely that most human beings are going to die,
      all together and soon, the energy being put into the construction,
      the building of the NWO --it makes no sense, why, if the non-elite
      useless eaters are all going to die anyway --why all the $$, thought,
      and energy into dumbing down and mind controlling the masses ?? --
      unlesss there IS going to be some kind of a soul harvest, and dumbed-
      down mind-controlled human souls are easier to grab when they die --
      especially during a mass death [there are still many many souls
      trapped at Auschwitz, for example).

      Maybe ascension AND mass destructions will happen all at the same
      time -- are happening, i should say. Like Chet Snow's three very
      distinct futures. i've posted here a few times my wondering
      if 'ascension' really means 'massive planet-wide deaths.' (If you
      think this is 'negative,' maybe you're afraid of death?)

      I look forward to hearing what you all think of this.

      Peace, wynderer


      Dex replies:

      The Ascension field is also known as the 'Null Zone'.

      Quite a few of us have known about this since the 70's.

      On behalf of the benevolent ET's, many will survive. They've been commissioned to help.

      The negative consciousness have the greatest problem.
      Our world is experiencing consciousness degeneration. Road warrior mentality. Look at the spread of gangs.
      Mind control experimentation is one of the greatest transgressions and offenses against God.
      Before complete degeneration takes place, these programs finalize.
      I suspect we're in for a new heavens and a renewed world of which otherwise would wind up being destroyed by the senseless uncaring inhabitants.

      Why do you think so much has been given to you? To help you prepare. To help you advance with the changes.


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