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RE: Lay-o-esh Pillars of Light

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  • Dex
    From Shady at the Golden Forum... Sigulda was and is a very ancient Sacred Spot in Lativan culture. It was the High Place, High Seat where our tribal (kings)
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      From Shady at the Golden Forum...

      Sigulda was and is a very ancient Sacred Spot in Lativan culture.

      It was the High Place, High Seat where our tribal (kings) leaders took the throne in Pagan days. Very much like Tara in Celtic history. It was also a meeting ground where the tribes,

      Latgala, (translated Highlanders of the Lett Tribe)
      Semgala, (People of the Lands end)
      Vidzeme, (People of middle (Vid) Earth (Zeme))
      Curzeme, (People of Baltic Coast)

      Would come together (in Norse "A Thing") and hammer out peace treaties in Pagan times. In Pagan times the four Latvian tribes never got along, we were constently feuding. Nothing really serious, the combat was mostly to shame the other tribe, stealing cattle, ransaking and looting a village or two, run off and elope with their womenfolk..lol A way of propping up the image of your tribe while shaming the other. We call it Hoologinism. lol

      Latvian tribes were a warrior(ess) society so the feuding was way of being 'Macho' showing the other how Dominate we were, by symbolically stealing from them. lol

      Sigulda was "Treaty" site where the four would come together once a year and celebrate, trade, and renewal kinship bonds, important to social stablity as well as elect the new tribal chiefs.. also the Krivous (Baltic Druids) considered a high and holy sacred spot.

      You now know WHY

      Sigulda has today some of the richest archeological sites around it, literal tresure trove.

      As for the feuding, we still do that. Although these days its done at Lativan Folk Song and Dance Festvials where each of the four tribes (now districts in Latvia) come together and try to beat each other senseless with our Folk Singging and Dancing.

      Now the light phenomena is what we Latvians call Janis Uguns "John's Light" and is the bases of the May Pole symbol. John's Light is the Light of Devis ... The Light of God. Rebirth back into the Earth after the Death of Winter...

      An when my Latvain Pagan Ancestory saw this phenemona at Sigulda all four did this!

      Latvian Folk Dance Show - Grand Ending


      Psst psst its not just a pretty design they are forming with their dancing.. Magical Talismen and the dancers energy charges the Talismen (Sacred Gemotery) this was the Pagan way. The Dance and Song is the Ritual itself!

      ALSO I'll let you in on a very hush hush secret... Very ANCIENT very Powerful!

      Scientists left baffled as mysterious columns of coloured light appear in the night skies


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