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Dan Burisch

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  • Dex
    From UJ at the Golden Forum Cross posting: UncleJohn wrote: dan wrote: Okay...let s get this done... Marcia says I can post to it...I can post to it. Contracts
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      From UJ at the Golden Forum
      Cross posting:

      UncleJohn wrote:
      dan wrote:
      Okay...let's get this done...

      Marcia says I can post to it...I can post to it. Contracts are not my issue.


      edit: And I have to do something about this depressing avatar! ;D I think I'll deal with that first! Good Lord! Every time I look here I see that stolid face...and...ahhh...it has to be changed! God Bless Chi'el'ah, but...

      (There! Better! At least for now!)

      "a) Given the enormity of what is at stake: the future of humanity and this planet, and that independent confirmation of the data would constitute a minimally acceptable standard for almost any issue of far less consequence,"

      Too often, this tone...a tone of "inherent power or authority"...is presented toward me...over this issue...by a few. An implied argumentum ad verecundiam! This is not an issue where the grasp of the willing, the wanton, should be or will be applied. The words "enormity of what is at stake" are at once and sadly betrayed by the apparent willingness of a single individual (under the possibly naive assumption that one wrote it) to 'declare the constitution of a minimally acceptable standard.'

      My, how mighty is one who approaches? (Whereas, I know my limitations...)

      Representatives delegated by the United Nations struggled with similar (related) questions, in relation to the acquiescence to both the Omicron-Phi and Tau Treaties, and not really that long after the United Nations itself came into existence! It was decided that not one Nation State could speak for ALL Nation States, putting a real damper on the notion of Disclosure as some would have it, but we now seemingly behold a single individual who can declare in one breath the 'constitution of a minimally acceptable standard?'

      Just as a single individual, touting years of experience (refer back to my other post which stated "not old enough"), thought he/she could see inside me simply because the word "troubled" was used to describe my state relative a decision to be made for lotus...so to now the same individual can decide a standard that I know is not my place to apply, as just one person.

      The thought of that Cube in "someone's hands" is so drawing...it gives one the impression that one could be the nearest best thing to sliced bread. The reality, however, is that the word "enormity" doesn't hit home until such a thing is actually in one's presence. Those who so willfully grasp, when it it out of reach, should not be given the opportunity of proximity.

      You are alive! I am alive! It is enough for me. You can rest assured that if you live to be 120 (and I hope you do...if you want to...in health, happiness and prosperity...) that you can continue to question and deny without my arguing against you. As I also correctly prognosticated...you may awaken and laugh and say to yourself that you knew it could never have happened...and I will awaken and KNOW. I'm good with it.

      It shows pictures of just regular folks, like me, and you - whether any given person wants to realize it or not.

      "b) The evidence that military and governmental circles have spent considerable resources building redoubts against cataclysm, and that certain groups continue to pursue that same apocalypse, - surely they would not have undertaken such an enormous project without considerable other evidence of the probabilities here (that is, they could not have relied solely on the Cube/Stargate data � or did they?),"

      They have relied on more than Orion Cube, Looking Glass, and Traveler-data. They have drawn upon everything from matching hard physical data to the aforementioned means, and to myth, to prophecies, and generally to lore. The redoubts were placed there, as I have previously stated, should we be wrong about our interpretations. But...I find something very interesting almost buried in your question. It is how the question is dynamically arranged in this part:

      "...have spent considerable resources building redoubts against cataclysm, and that certain groups continue to pursue that same apocalypse,..."

      Certain groups are definitely shoring up defenses (albeit they would be almost worthless and they know this) should all of our interpretations have been wrong, and T-2 was to happen.

      (I set here, not saying as you later imply in the statement - 'trust me,' but rather speaking from conviction AND NOT JUST ABOUT YOU! I am important to ME too! I have seen sufficient data, and that takes quite a bit, which assures ME that T-2 has been avoided! You may be able to use the term (as a concept...I guess... : ...) "Dan Burisch" impersonally...but I don't...I can't! I am just another person, but I matter too! I matter to me and to others. I am grateful for both.)

      Yes, they are shoring them up...but they are not in a PURSUING state of mind. (I have spoken with a few such representatives.) The mental art of pursuing such an apocalypse is relegated to a very small subpopulation who are obviously fixated on catastrophe. The REAL 'rest of us' aren't. We plan on living on without it! We came here to LIVE, and we ALL depend on each other, and of course Almighty God, to make that happen!

      "c) The known history of deception, metagames and control engaged in by these groups, which could (theoretically?) extend even to deceiving and gaming Dan Burisch himself, using his honor and integrity as a pawn in a larger game, (nah�. )"

      The contents of the history is accurately stated. My fortuitous cross over between disciplines, access to original documents, level of echelon interaction to the Treaty and Policy Levels, argue against such a proposition JUST FOR THE ABILITY HAVE THE PRIVILEGE OF DEBATING OR DISCUSSING WITH SUCH A LIMITED WORLDWIDE NUMBER. Then again, there does mix in such a subpopulation individuals who believe they are councilors for the entire earth ( : ) and still others who believe they can 'declare the constitution of a minimally acceptable standard' for us all ( : ). Don't get me wrong: that small (in comparison to world population) number became very important to even larger numbers...all of us really...but...whatever self-ascribed "luminaries" which constitute individual statistics (speaking mathematically) find their best attainment (in my humble opinion) caring for others, rather than strutting about like a cock on the walk.

      "d) Coupled with what you already know about the unanticipated consequences of messing with timelines,"

      Given. I offer no counterargument to be applied, as it is stated in and of itself.

      "e) An initial confidence level in the Cube data of only 85% which is � I don�t know about you � not totally reassuring when someone still wins the lottery at odds of millions to one�. ,"

      You have misstated the facts. Those significance levels were not attributed to the Orion Cube. They were developed from the dataset from the Looking Glass, and I have made that clear on many occasions. p=0.85 is a normally accepted good level of significance, a confidence bound, applied in statistics. Furthermore, that significance level was paired to a 0.19 probability. We would have preferred a p=95 or higher, but the Looking Glass people reported what they found.

      Here's a useful intro-level link.

      (This all says more than those believing in an unseen, never detected issue of questionable interpretation, which they wrongly expound upon as certain death for most of us, while applying fallacies of relevance in the hopes that those who do not know about them will become afraid, and those who do know won't counter it.)

      No indicators, matching a furtherance toward the realization of that probability were ever observed. I am not in possession of the raw data, or we could compute new intervals. Indicators matching to a variant of Timeline #1 (that being v83) were observed. Since that time, we have moved events in such a way that they neither match any known T1 variant, nor the infamous T2.

      It is my personal interpretation, from the data to which I was privy, that should T2 have been "in the cards," we'd likely already be dead.

      "f) The fact that the �rest of us� � who will arguably be the most impacted by any T2 timeline consequences � do not have sufficient information about the Cube�s operation (i.e. Are the images �literal� as in remote viewing, or �symbolic� �standing on the bones of their children��; the influence of the expectations/emotional biases of the observer; the role of interpretation; etc) or any means to independently evaluate the existing data to be able to form our own conclusions about the probable outcome, �.

      In the case of the Cube, the answer is "both." In the case of the Looking Glass, whose data you have already wrongly ascribed to the Cube, the answer is "Literal images/sounds probabilities." Yet, still, within the content of your question, your characterization of RV results are questionable and in my interpretation also amiss, and especially so if discussing Coordinate Remote Viewing, as the complexity of the assigned random number has been attributed to a change in results, and perception clouds outcome. So, with all due respect, it seems your definition of "literal" may be no more grounded to fact than your assignment of the 85% concept to the Orion Cube. All this said, at times, I have found restricted and pre-cog (which some eliminate from true RV) Remote Viewing results very useful (in limited respects) in the elucidation of the Silicate Phenomenon we call "Lotus."

      "It would � in my view - be irresponsible not to ask what other venues of information or data can be evaluated to confirm or deny the Cube�s readings."

      You and the rest of the public know very little of the Cube's outcomes, and the use of the term "readings" matches that of currently used tactic (by a few) to associate the use of a highly advanced piece of technology to something as comical as "zeta talk." (Let me use my nearly nonexistent, certainly not honed, psychic abilities, and just guess that the preceding sentence hit a nerve?)

      "Any scientist, at least, would expect to be able to confirm any novel experiment, no? So surely to God there must be some other data/events/numbers out there that can be publically added to the message here? And if not, then that fact must also be taken into account."

      This technique is a combination of the application of ignoratio elenchi (which falls under "Fallacies of Relevance"), (as my colleague, Marcia, has stated) a 'disregard of published materials,' (such as that found at http://www.projectcamelot.org/t1v83.html and in the now published DVDs#3/#4) and (in my opinion) is used (by its tone) to "pursue" (in this case the pun is intended to relate to my above mentioned statement about fixation on the concept of "catastrophe")...a furtherance of the theme of "inherent power or authority." Furthermore, the use of these devices has been ongoing for decades, as testified to by independent witnesses (see DVD#2 - Will Uhouse's testimony, for instance), and thus your label of novelty fails muster.

      "Leaving a single good soul, one hapless Dan Burisch, to say �Trust me� to all of this as others hide opaquely behind him pursuing other secret agendas is � to say the least � unworthy of them as leaders and scientists, the scope of the issue and its importance to all of humanity."

      You saved the best for last, and ironically where the denouement belongs! ;D You see, unlike those who live their lives as victims, claiming that every little (and big) thing which goes wrong is due to others, I readily take responsibility for almost most everything which has happened in my life, while always giving deference to God for not only the privilege but the great Blessings, and even for those things hidden to me, which I may perceive as problems! I swore into Majestic in 1986. No ET told me to do it. I did it for my own reasons. I made countless other decisions: some great, some good, some not so good, and some terrible ones ;D along the way! It's a fact of life, and one which I see (albeit the overall numbers are small)...but nevertheless...one I see some doing everything in their ability to rationalize away...even to the point of tacitly declaring themselves mentally unsound due to "influences from without" that allegedly control minds! (This statement is not focusing on the legitimately known tactics used in the commercial industries, and mechanisms applied by humans in application of political/financial power against humans for social control.) Some do it through an unwillingness to face reality, others (and I feel for these folks and try to help) have biochemical issues applied within their neural networks, but still others apply ruses to control people while they prey on them through their observed weaknesses.

      Nowhere along the line have I asked you to declare your respect or your belief, or your 'just trust me.' You were ADVISED (and such was set in legal stone, somewhat as a courtesy) what we were doing, and why. Nowhere along the line have I asked you for your thanks, admiration, or approval. (This has been said before.) Yet, even with the mass of evidence now in place, virtually (for some) unexplainably, they step forward from that same nowhere and demand (by use of subterfuge) a level of respect (even of jury power) they have not earned, the same which we have never requested, and prance around in pretend fine linens, the same which I have (in reality) personally eschewed.

      The arguments of some seem fixated on the predication that such can be demanded of a person (and a team) who has done his (their) bit for "king and country" and never knew you in like service while doing it, but always held you in his (their) heart(s) anyway. I (we) still do. I (we) didn't do these things, make this sacrifice and service just for ourselves, we did it in the full knowledge that "some would awaken (i.e. become aware) and..."

      There are no prizes in this, save the knowledge of what we did, that it was done for the right reasons, for the good, for everyone, and we have (on many occasions) already made that clear.

      Are the people for whom we have worked worthy of our (meaning the team's) admiration? In many instances "no" and in a few "yes." I know that may be not what some want to hear, but I am not changing my perception, recollection of events, or history, for those who claim that my perception is controlled or colored by others.

      The description of me being "hapless" is almost as funny as the poor amateur comedian who once tried to paint me as a saint. It also shows that you have not faced me in anything even as light as a parlor game. Where dice are concerned, some become so "concerned" about my good luck (including Marcia! ;D), that they demand my use of a cup to shake any set of dice prior to casting them! ;D The askewed comment of "single good soul" is either a denunciation of everyone else (as I am no better than anyone else) or it is an unfortunate Freudian slip from any number of origins. But...it isn't that, is it? While your analysis is overtly agenda-emotionally driven, and (please exclude the terms) "highly questionable," it isn't the focus on my being a good soul (I hope I am) that's bothering you, is it?

      Could it be these words?

      "You will conduct this disclosure with the application of your sacred honor, without regard for personal security, and in an unwavering manner rely upon the Truth and the countenance of Almighty God as your personal defense."

      I hope it's not those words.

      When a person does just that, and I 99.99% have (I had some concerns about my safety recently, but that was after the closure of the successful completion of the orders) those you may have "opaquely" stood in the background, have made no difference to the application of the truth which was issued from me! Their debilitated honor is their problem, and I have maintained mine, firm.

      marci wrote:
      Thank you, Dan. I was waiting to read it. (Squirrel, we'll leave it up for a short hour and transfer it to the archive.) It's good to let people see the analytical depth, how you can handle yourself under veiled and open attack, and what is waiting for anyone, should things (which I doubt) ever become real enough in a courtroom or tribunal.

      You spend so much time smiling, laughing, and caring for those in need, because that's your spirit. That's your heart! But there comes a time to let others who have negative intentions know! There comes a time, Dan.

      This is the last thing I'll direct of you for awhile in the public, so you can focus on the integration of the theory, the extra projects we have, the scattered requests for diplomatic interventions, and the coming Widget deployment. Have fun, enjoy yourself in the research. You've earned it!

      By the way: the cutting equipment you requested for the geothermal cones, to get trace fossil data, has been ordered.

      This is terribly important 'stuff'...


      This isn't a physical linear commentary, it's more advisement from a power level discourse.

      I'm not sure if this level is understood without conscious interaction.

      Amazing I knew about some of this worrisome so. He answered some of those dubious questions that arose with me due to this participation of mine.

      Thank you Dan..

      Thank you UJ for cross posting, seeing that whenever I try to read from eagles eventually I develop weird computer interruptions. And I know Dan and Marci are not to blame.

      (Note: In case you're wondering what the heck is a dubious question? It's when I have question I'm not sure is relevant to this reality)


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