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ZetaTalk GodlikeProductions Live [12-27-08]

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  • nathaniel x vance
    ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live Yellowstone, Tennessee dam, 6 on 1-10 scale, Fox news, Planet X cover-up, Spirit warnings, Suicide choices, Financial agendas,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2008
      GodlikeProduction Live

      Yellowstone, Tennessee dam, 6 on 1-10 scale, Fox news, Planet X cover-up,
      Spirit warnings, Suicide choices, Financial agendas, Oahu outage, UFO rules, .
      Blagojevich, Caroline Kennedy, 1960's, Karma, Weather wobbles, Zetas holidays,
      Obama's cabinet, Kabbalah, FDR, UFO swarms, Zetas economy, Gaza, Hybrid
      program, Pakistan/India tensions, Debunkers, Low-light vegies,
      Service-to-Other, Russia blustering, Shipping industry


      [Questioner]  Caroline
      Kennedy seems very STS even though she is registered with all the
      "right" activities, is she going to be the new senator to replace
      Hillary? She may know all about who killed her relatives, so will she be a
      target herself or is she going to have to behave herself. I would not vote for
      her she symbolizes the elite of the elite to me.

      [Zeta Response] This is of course a matter in the hands of man,
      specifically the Governor of New York. What has not been stated in the news is
      that she is considering a request from her uncle not to leave the Senate
      without a Kennedy, as he anticipates dying soon. She would function remarkably
      well, silencing her detractors.

      [Questioner]  In
      the northeast where I live we have had below zero weather followed by record
      warmth about every three days. Is this oscillation the weather surprise you
      have mentioned earlier? And the storms seem very windy like all of 2006 whereas
      all of 2007 was notable for lack of wind in storms, generally, compared to
      2008. Based upon what you have said, the Earth wobble from Planet X shifts us
      under the arctic air and back to the tropical air. Is there some other facts
      about that you still choose to keep quiet?

      [Zeta Response] We stated in 1995 that drought and deluge would be
      excessive, and switch about. Then we stated that temperature extremes would be
      experienced too, switching about. At a later date we clarified that all this was
      due to the Earth wobble, and that these weather extremes would get steadily
      worse. Now, they are worse! But the worst is yet to come! We also stated that
      the seasons would seem to blend into one another. This has not yet occurred.

      [Questioner]  What
      do the Zeta's think of the Obama's picks for climate change section of the
      cabinet, i.e John Holden, Jane Lubchenco, and Carol Browner? What is Obama
      trying to achieve with his selection? http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/environment/archives/157691.asp

      [Zeta Response] Obama's cabinet picks and other staffing have been
      roundly applauded by Democrats and Republicans alike. The wisdom of his picks
      is not apparent to all, but soon will be.

      [Questioner]  What about Gaza?
      Will the war spread? [and from another] With a new hard right leader to come to power in Israel
      and the attacks on Hamas today, and all the rockets from Gaza to Israel, what
      is to become of this?

      [Zeta Response] The leadership of Israeli is very fearful about the
      withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. They know this is coming, and not just
      because Obama won the election and promised a withdrawl. The current state of
      the economy in the US ensures that continuation of the war is not possible.
      Israel has made enemies of more than the Palestinians during its short life. It
      has threatened and bullied all of its neighbors. We have often mentioned that
      the bully is a coward, as much of the bluster and cruel treatment of others is
      an attempt to deflect fear of one's own demise onto others. In this Israel, as
      with other bullies, only undercuts its own security, and in the end its
      people's will pay the price. These confrontations, as with others in the past,
      will not spread out of the immediate borders with Israel, but will also not die
      down in the time between the present and the pending pole shift.

      [Questioner]  Pakistan
      has moved its troops away from Afghanistan, just as the Bombay bombers hoped.
      How will that affect US hopes, and what can you tell us of India vs Pakistan
      now with such heightened tensions? [and from another] Will either side (India and Pakistan) launch a nuclear weapon at
      each during this year and/or next year?

      [Zeta Response] Neither India nor Pakistan wants war, as they have
      engaged in confrontations in the past and found that no resolution of conflicts
      results. Afghanistan is not run by its official government but by
      tribes, which includes the Taliban. All of these conflicts will simmer until
      the pole shift, when they will become irrelevant because of the onslaught of
      Earth changes affecting the region. India will go under water. Afghanistan will
      rip open to become a new seaway. And all countries surrounding India will be
      plunged into polar cold.


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