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Re: [ufodiscussion] RE: [prepare4contact] Re: James Bartley's lecture in Roswell 2007

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  • masanga@talktalk.net
    I have never knowingly taken drugs (street-drugs, I mean) but I know a lot of people who have and the effect of them seems invariably to be negative to me. If
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      I have never knowingly taken drugs (street-drugs, I mean) but I know
      a lot of people who have and the effect of them seems invariably to be
      negative to me.

      If you were to sprinkle aluminium dust into your computer, would you
      expect it to turn your computer into an interdimensional communication
      device? Or would you rather expect it to short out the circuits and leave
      your computer in a dysfunctional state? My guess is that you would expect
      the latter. I certainly would.

      Isn't ingesting mind-altering drugs doing something similar to the
      brain? Essentially one is inserting foreign reactive chemicals into the
      nerve synapses whose job it is to process conscious information. Naturally
      one experiences a different reality. But what "reality" is it? If the
      experiencer himself does not know, who will tell him?


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      Subject: [ufodiscussion] RE: [prepare4contact] Re: James Bartley's lecture
      in Roswell 2007

      The Intelligence I'm aware have gone the lengths to help free people off of
      drug use. Believe it or not.
      They're like us Wynn, just, more expanded in their abilities and thinking.

      Regardless, whether in the body or out of the body, their mission is to help
      refine our consciousness and clean up our acts, so, that we too can qualify
      for the greater liberation that's soon to come.

      The mysterious Orbs have recently shown me they image themselves as people
      in other wavelengths.
      They can feel as solid in their imaged body form when we reside in their
      midst of corresponding vibration.

      They shocked me with this newly revealed experience. They obviously felt it
      necessary because of the distrust I've been building when I listen the
      I'm developing sight to see them and it worried me not knowing who the
      company coming and going, flying through my house on whim is.
      Who are you I kept asking. Tell me or leave. Well, I've learned they're not
      negative and actually have mysterious delightful minds.
      Their energy level is more elevated than ours so they appear powerful.
      Their at peace and it seems their busy attending to the Light Lords work.

      I think their a kind of angelic entity. Cross over spirits overlapping with
      our world because of the upcoming changes we're all going to go through. I
      don't know what Order they are and they didn't say. They do mention biblical


      Hi Skolyer --back in the day we were very into 'set and setting' when
      we tripped- choosing our environment carefully, and choosing a
      spiritual focus --the 'set' -- so maybe that's why more of us had
      spiritual/mystical expereinces. i was somewhat stunned to learn that
      younger folks use hallucinogens as a party drug.

      Still no comments from p4c folk re new age/et community leaders using
      mind-altering drugs to facilitate communication. i think this is VERY
      important -- and suggests to me that most, maybe all, of these
      facilitated communications are with inter-dimensionals, and not with
      extra-terrestials. maybe they are one and the same, sometimes, but if
      people are not going to be up front about the conditions under which
      they make 'contact', we'll not learn much.

      Peace, wynderer

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      > I had very limited exposure to drugs as a teenager. I smoked lots
      of pot for a couple of years during high school. I did a couple
      other things a few times but never did I have any kind of mind
      opening experiences with aliens. We'd smoke pot and ride around or
      go to someone's home and watch the three stooges or something. I
      wasn't old enough to experience the 60's and don't know why people
      did drugs then. I think many musicians did drugs to open their minds
      back then. And many of them it turns out believe in UFO's. None of
      my experiences in the late nineties when I was seeing quite a number
      of ufo's were under the influence of any drugs. The experiences were
      quite real.
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      > Hi Skolyer -- i think the main reason folks take mind-altering
      > IS to break down the barriers between our limited daily
      > and other dimensions/our own unconscious.
      > i wasn't just thinking of meth/crank and reptilians when i
      > to the drug/ET connection -- i was thinking of David G's
      statement of
      > his personal knowledge that many leading lights in the New Age
      > ET/ufo community use mind-altering drugs to facilitate
      > w/their spiritual or ET contacts. No response from anyone on p4c
      > this rather significant statement.
      > Having done my own share of tripping on mind-altering substances
      > in the day, i've always questioned myself re whether the
      > i had while under the influence can be trusted as actual
      experiences -
      > - again, because we humans know so little about our own minds --
      > Jung pointed out , the unconscious IS, by nature, unconscious --
      > we can't know what is in there...
      > specifically, in re to David G's statement -- this substantiates
      > doubts i am having that the 'ETs' who are communicating in such
      > numbers with so many people are actual ETs -- off-Earth physical
      > beings visiting Earth. especially when they all seem to
      > telepathically. i've been trying to find the clip from Steve C's
      > listserve i posted a while ago re the Tavistock Institute's plan
      > in the '60s-'70s to use mass mind control methods on new age and
      > et/ufo community people to make them think they are
      > contacting 'ascended masters' or 'ets' when really they are just
      > getting messages beamed into their minds from factions of the
      > i'm not trying to be a debunker -- i've had my own 'contacts' and
      > would very much like for them to prove to be real --but at this
      > i am very skeptical
      > Peace, wynderer
      > --- In prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com, <skolyer@> wrote:
      > >
      > > It could be that drugs break down some kind of mental barrier
      > keeps negative entities at bay. It could be that most people are
      > influenced by negative entities but they aren't able to see what
      > is that is influencing them and think that they are thinking
      > own thoughts when really they aren't. The Pleadians claim that
      > put thoughts into our minds and we don't realize where these
      > actually come from. Breaking down the barrier with drugs may help
      > some people face their demons and see what is really influencing
      > them. Others live in blissful ignorance totally unaware that
      > strings are being pulled. I read accounts of people in Russia who
      > after seeing ufo's would get addicted to drugs. When I first
      > seeing ufo's in the late nineties I got these urges to smoke
      > cigarrettes and got addicted to cigarrettes again like I did for
      > couple of years in my teens. It took me three years to get off
      > cigarrettes.
      > >
      > >
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      > > Subject: [prepare4contact] Re: James Bartley's lecture in
      > 2007þ
      > >
      > >
      > > Hi All -- i brought this up again because when i first posted
      > i
      > > didn't make any comments on it. I find it interesting that
      > is a
      > > connection between meth (methedrine)/crank use, and the
      > > appearance/influence of reptilians in these person's lives. not
      > so much
      > > with abductions, but with the reptilians influencing and in
      > cases
      > > what could be called possessing the drug user.
      > >
      > > the drug/ET thing going on again, which continues to make me
      > wonder
      > > if 'ETs' are not from outer space (the 'Greater Community' as
      > > Allies of Humanity call it), but from inner space -- our human
      > minds
      > > and the other dimensions our minds go to when we are sleeping,
      > and
      > > other times.
      > >
      > > also i found it of interest that Bartley says that the
      > do
      > > not like feminine spiritual energy.
      > >
      > > also -- i have sensed this before with some reports i've read
      > women
      > > being abducted for sexual purposes by the reptilians --Bartley
      > makes it
      > > clear that many women enjoy the sexual feelings and become
      > addicted to
      > > them -- thus opening the door and giving free-will consent to
      > > intrusions by the reptilians. I fought back the only time this
      > was
      > > tried on me, and have not had any nightime sexual visitors
      > >
      > > again --this sexual stuff could all be happening in/from the
      > astral
      > > plane --something like the succubi and incubi of medieval lore.
      > and the
      > > nwo media is certainly doing its part to get humans addicted to
      > sex in
      > > general and sexual perversions in particular. sexual energy is
      > > spiritual energy -- this obsession with sex (not talking about
      > > teenagers, whose hormones demand that they pay attention to
      sex --
      > a
      > > biological survival tool) --this sex obsession is yet another
      > that
      > > humans are choosing to be drained of their spiritual energy and
      > > connection to Source/God/the Creator.
      > >
      > > Peace, wynderer
      > >
      > > >From James Bartley:
      > > > Hello again everybody
      > > >
      > > > Here is a link to a lecture I gave at the UFO gig in Roswell
      > 2007.
      > > > Please send this out to those who are interested in alien
      > abductions
      > > > particularly reptilians and milab experiences.
      > > >
      > > > http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-
      > 306990562979011400&hl=en
      > > >
      > > > James
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