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Re: [ufodiscussion] Interesting Photo

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  • Ted
    A Standing Ovation. Very well said. ... From: To: Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2008 4:49 AM Subject: Re:
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      A Standing Ovation.
      Very well said.
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      > I like that idea Dex. Those souls who have been through the lower
      > evolutionary cycles of this world and have learned the lessons that those
      > cycles teach should not have to keep going through them endlessly. They
      > belong in higher worlds where they can undergo the higher evolution for
      > which they yearn.
      > But do they need to go and live in a different world in order to do
      > it? Doesn't this world also have its higher evolutionary cycles to
      > experience and be transformed by? The road to cosmic consciousness may be
      > a
      > long one but many souls have already traversed it while incarnate on this
      > earth.
      > And times are changing for this planet. As the earth's axis shifts
      > progressively by small increments and aligns the planetary mind-field
      > increasingly with the vibrations of the Aquarian mode of consciousness, a
      > new age of the world is coming upon us, bringing new experiences and new
      > opportunities to everyone living to undergo the higher evolutionary cycles
      > and transform this world into a higher one.
      > I think we need to keep our hope alive at this chaotic time of
      > transition from the Old Age to the New, along with our faith in the benign
      > powers of the universe and our patience to last through the current
      > madness.
      > It may be an old saying but I think it is a true one that the darkest hour
      > comes before the dawn.
      > Regan
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      > From: Dex
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      > Subject: Re: [ufodiscussion] Interesting Photo
      > I guess the only thing safely said about it is...it was in the sky?
      > I have a feeling it wasn't seen with the naked eye and the camera got
      > lucky.
      > Reminded me of the famous Phoenix lights.
      > I had a very strange thought. What if it was collecting the people after
      > their death. May they enjoy the experience. I know someday I will. Those
      > in
      > charge of soul may have removed from them from the confines of earth for a
      > new life elsewhere. In that way they won't have to continue the lower
      > evolutionary cycles of this world.
      > I've learn this is part of the Plan for advancement. After these many
      > numerous rounds, I think we've earned it.
      > Dex
      >> Hmmn, curious pic Dex. There doesn't seem to be much information
      > in
      >> it though. It looked to me like the track of a moving strobe, so I
      >> compressed it down its length in my image-editor until all the individual
      >> light "pulses" combined into one and that's all I could see - a single
      > blob
      >> of light with no particular structure. Depending on the time-duration of
      >> the shot, I think it could represent any of a number of real objects - a
      >> plane, a meteor, a UFO, an orb,...... Without more information I cannot
      > say
      >> what it is. Can anyone else?
      >> Regan
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      >> From: Dex
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      >> Sent: Monday, December 01, 2008 4:43 AM
      >> Subject: [ufodiscussion] Interesting Photo
      >> Look at the upper left hand corner of this photo?
      >> Page 8 of the Nov. 29, L. A. Times...
      >> "Commandos end siege in Mumbai"
      >> Taj Mahal Night Photo
      >> http://www.thegoldenthread.info/forum/viewtopic.php?p=8128#8128
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