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ZetaTalk: Godlikeproduction [11-30-08]

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  • nathaniel x vance
    ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live written November 29, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat. [Questioner] How can Obama choose Laurence Summers to be
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      GodlikeProduction Live

      written November 29, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

      [Questioner] How can Obama choose Laurence Summers
      to be Economic Advisor or Treasury Secretary? When he was president of Harvard
      he said women were genetically inferior to men mentally by reason of DNA. I
      have to agree with the Natl. Org of Women on this one. What do you think Nancy?

      [Zeta Response]
      You have asked Nancy to address this as well as ourselves, but she is in
      agreement with us on this point. There are differences between the
      sexes, in the brain as well as below the waist. Studies of small children
      raised in in environment where there is no pressure to behave in any particular
      manner find little girls setting up shop inside cardboard boxes while little
      boys want to climb about on top of the boxes. Women have more verbal skills.
      Men have more mechanical skills. We could go on but Summers was not expressing
      discrimination against women, as both sexes are allowed to succeed in any venue
      where their skills ensure success. There are mechanical women, and men with
      high verbal skills. Summers was just stating the obvious, not suggesting women
      could not compete or that they should not have the opportunity.

      [Questioner] I have noticed a sudden increase in
      alien disclosure favoring like reports in the mainstream media, this is nothing
      new but is the Obama administration taking a new initiative to finish what
      Kennedy started?

      [Zeta Response]
      This is all beginning well before Obama is in the White House. Increasing
      disclosure has been in process for some years, albeit only evident in other
      countries until recently. The Bush administration has been resistant, but is
      facing the reality that they are washing out and will not be in power in the
      near future. It is the increased mass sightings, and the percentage of the
      populace who frankly believes that aliens not only exist but are visiting, that
      is pushing disclosure. Obama need do nothing!

      [Questioner] Are there any 'false gods' currently in
      control of portions of the Earth as they were back when Oashpe was written, or
      have they all faded away since the era of 'kosmon' began? And what will happen
      to our souls when they dis-incarnate from our bodies during the shift, for
      those that won't survive physically?

      [Zeta Response]
      We addressed this Oasphe question a week ago, and the answer still stands.
      There are plenty of false gods on Earth. One only need look to the
      number of people expending every waking minute in pursuit of riches to see one
      of the gods - wealth. We suggest you read the Density section to
      answer your questions about what happens when you die.

      [Questioner] Is Obama reading or being kept aware of
      what Zetatalk has to say and has he informed Michelle?

      [Zeta Response]
      Yes, in both cases. This is not something that we are going to discuss, as we
      stated previously. They have requested privacy, and we are providing this to



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