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ZetaTalk: Godlikeproduction [11-15-08]

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  • nathaniel x vance
    ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live written November 15, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat. Questioner: Paulson seems to be mis-managing the bailout. Has
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2008
      GodlikeProduction Live

      written November 15, 2008 on the
      GodlikeProduction live chat.

      Questioner: Paulson
      seems to be mis-managing the bailout. Has his tone on this changed as a result
      of the bailout?

      Zeta Response: Paulson did not have the common man in mind during
      his bailout press, as anyone watching his reactions before the committee could
      decipher. He wanted golden parachutes to remain untouched. He did not want any
      caps on executive pay. His first plan was to buy toxic mortages at only a
      portion of their worth, so the banks could take a write-off on the loss and
      theoretically the government would find that purchased housing increasing in
      value at a future date and make its money back. But the number of forclosures
      kept increasing, with the number of homes mortgaged beyond their paper
      value astronomically high. He thus began simply pumping funds into banks to
      keep them from failing, and is now refusing to be transparent about what he is
      doing because he fears that releasing the names of these banks will cause a run
      on these banks. Paulson is a drowning man, who does not know what to
      do, frankly.

      Questioner: Can the
      zetas admit if a major earth change event will occur before Obama is sworn into
      office? Something on the order of Katrina or the Great Tsunami of Christmas
      2004, big enough to warrant a genuine anomaly? Or are those type of events
      still that far in our future? According to the timeline the Zetas have given,
      we're between a 5 and a 6 on the scale of 1-10.

      Zeta Response: We were asked early in the year how the Earth would
      fare in 2008, and gave a scale of a 2-3 at that point where 10 is the time
      going into the last weeks. We stated that the Earth would be at a 6 by the end
      of 2008. This scale, per our definition, included societal disruption and the
      economy. Certainly, the Wall Street crash in September and the continued pace
      of job loss and bankruptcy worldwide is a factor in this. But there are
      physical, geological changes yet that will occur, as well as weather extremes.
      And there may be other surprises what we cannot detail. As usual, we like to
      surprise the establishment.

      Questioner: Would
      you please offer an observation of the plan re. Clintons and the latest
      "unofficial" Obama offer? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27713965/ Are both Bill and Clinton are scratching for a way into
      the Obama administration and the White house? The news stations seem to show
      only pictures of Barack Obama and Hilary hugging, close shots of Obama and Bill
      Clinton but no other candidate photo opps available? Officials: Sen. Clinton
      eyed as secretary of state. Others mentioned for job include Richardson, Hagel,
      Kerry, and Daschle http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032553

      Zeta Response: Obama would like to offer Richardson the job of
      Secretary of State, but does not want to make enemies of the Clintons. By
      having a discussion with Hillary, wherein she is told she has the job but must
      be vetted (and this must include Bill's activities), Obama has made her an
      offer she cannot accept. Due to the deliberate publicity around this
      discussion, she will be publically seen as having been given the job and having
      refused. Thus, when Richardson takes the job, this will not be seen as an
      afront to her or Bill.

      Questioner:  As it stands now, when do the Zetas say the main earth changes
      will be completed.

      Zeta Response: We have described the steps to the pole shift, which are:v

      an increased wobble with consequent sloshing of oceans
      and violent windsa lean to the left moving rapidly into3 days of darkness and6 days when the Sun seems to rise just west of the N
      polea few weeks of slowing rotation and then5.9 days of rotation stoppage, followed bythe hour of the pole shift.

      the shift, the melting poles and glaciers and rise of the oceans due to heat
      generated by the shifting crust will cause the oceans to rise to 675 feet above
      the current sea level. Aftershocks from the magnitude 9 quakes that occurred
      during the pole shift will continue for hundreds of years.


      ZetaTalk Newsletter

      Issue 105,
      Sunday November 16, 2008

      Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.

      (Nancy): Per the Zetas, the sense that many have that Obama is
      Lincoln reincarnated is correct.

      ZetaTalk Comment 11/8/2008: Obama was also Lincoln, as is obvious to many,
      including Gordon Michael-Scallion. Most Star Children recognize early that they
      are different, and sense the reason why. In Obama's case, he was a walk-in
      during his teens, so was able to choose the body and life circumstances for his
      mission. In such cases, where a walk-in occurs, the human body and mind sense a
      change, and seek an answer for this, arriving at the conclusion that they have
      a new soul within.


      We're in the ENDTIME of the Wicked and Not the RIGHTEOUS - GOD is Not MOCKED!
      salaam  akwaaba  jambo  Ashogee

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