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  • Dex
    I believe I ve learned through different alien Sources (contactee Hurtak in the early 70 s was one) a vacuum area in space ( the null zone) our solar s system
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 2, 2008
      I believe I've learned through different alien Sources (contactee Hurtak in the early 70's was one) a vacuum area in space ( the null zone) our solar's system is supposedly approaching, where no electromagnetic fields are present, is causing havoc with our sun.
      As we approach closer, our sun increases in solar flaring and sun spot activity.
      The increase kicks off extra amounts of solar radiation, ultra-violet light bombardment etc,..and this additional energy is received by our planet through the northern and southern polar axis.
      This energy build up inside our planet causes an increase in storms, super storms. earthquakes, volcanic pinches and even shifting the shell and mantle of our world. This seems the only natural means the earth can release this pressure build up.

      They're supposedly continuing ET attempts helping to reflect the increased solar radiation kick off. Reticulian's reported once an operation for helping stabilize the sun by building an energy field around it and of which later disclosed through a contactee (William Hermann) their mission failed.
      That was some time ago, maybe, since then, there's been some success?


      nathaniel x vance <broali4xa@...> wrote:

      >Does anyone of you have any idea as to what could be causing all
      these global weather abnormalities?

      Reviewing the history of climate on this planet, it becomes apparent
      that things change, and sometimes dramatically. What we might consider
      "abnormal" is actually pretty normal, in the historical scheme of
      things. It's just that we've been accustomed to a brief window of time
      in which there has been relative stabilty, but it should not surprise
      us, based on the history of this place, that that stabilty can be
      shattered. Of course, there are many many forces at work, and
      mankind's contribution in the form of industrial pollution, etc. is
      likely amplifying the pace of change in weather patterns, etc.. not to
      mention more technical forms of manipulation (as has been alluded to
      in HAARP posts), and of course a big question now is the effects of
      solar system and even galactic activity, so it foes back to the old
      saying that the reason for anything is everything -- in other words,
      dependent origination.


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