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ZetaTalk: Godlikeproduction [10-25-08]

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  • nathaniel x vance
    ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live written October 25, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat. Questioner: Can the Zetas admit they knew decades ago that the
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      ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

      October 25, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

      Questioner: Can the Zetas admit they knew decades
      ago that the "hands of man" would steal the White House in the run-up
      to the poleshift, which is why Obama and his assistants were put in place, or
      have there been many of these "off-world souls" put into place just
      on the off-hand chance such a thing would happen? The Zetas have often said
      many things are "in the hands of man", but it seems they really do
      know more about the future than they let on?

      Zeta Response: The planned attempt by George Herbert Bush and his
      cronies was known for decades, yes. His aggressive plan for his eldest son's
      clones was certainly a clue. Some 14 living clones born for the 3 that survived
      intact for the George W Bush administration. He wanted a puppet, and planned
      exactly what occurred - a grab for the oil fields of the Middle East with the
      most powerful military the world has ever known. This was assisted by
      long-range plans for election fraud with the paperless electronic voting
      machines and tabulating machines that could swap totals in an instant from a
      distance by remote control. All this combined to put George Herbert's machine
      into place, but it was then that the Council of Worlds decided a balance was
      needed and approved blocking of their plans such as planting WMD in Iraq. There
      are many plans among the Service-to-Self that do not evolve or
      succeed. Obama as a Star Child was one such plan by the Service-to-Other for
      these times. Just as with plans of the Service-to-Self, there are many plans
      among the Service-to-Other that do not evolve or succeed.

      Questioner: Will Obama and the military be on the
      same page once he gets in office? Use of troops for relief efforts, not martial
      law or riot suppression? Will the rogue elements of the military shape up or be

      Zeta Response: There are
      some high level officers who resent being pulled or pushed out of Iraq, as they
      buy into the mind-set of winning at all costs. But the military tolerates
      different attitudes as long as commands are followed, and they will be. Most
      of the high level officers within the US military agree with Obama and most are
      horrified at the stories about McCain's instability. Obama will not get any
      resistance from the military. <http://zetatalk.com/index/zeta480.htm>


      The ZetaTalk

      Issue 102, Sunday October 26, 2008 Weekly news and views from
      around the world and beyond.

      ZetaTalk House of Cards 4/5/2003: There
      has, from the start of the war in Iraq, been a presentation to the American
      people contrary to the facts. The media reports statements by the American
      generals, the Bush Administration, congratulating themselves. Where does the
      truth lie? It is a house of cards. This house of cards assumes that a win in
      Iraq, with oil flowing to the US like honey, will distract the American public
      from the reality of what has just happened. More oil, suddenly cheaper, will
      boost the Stock Market, so the theory goes. But what if the house of cards
      collapses! Does not hold! Iraq is not won, Bin Laden reappears, the Stock
      Market so desperately held up by frantic buying and selling among conspirators,
      an illegal act, falls to desperate selling with no buying. Thus, the fear that
      this house of cards will collapse is why the invasion is talked endlessly as a
      success, a fantastic success, congratulations in the media by the generals and
      the White House.

      ZetaTalk Analysis
      10/18/2008: The GOP is attempting to dilute the many new Democratic
      registrations that have occurred during the Democratic primary and in
      anticipation of the general election. They are throwing stones in the path of
      these newly registered voters, hoping to eliminate their votes. Since
      registering Mickey Mouse does not result in a fraudulent vote, this will not
      occur. Registrations ARE checked, in many ways, so that few illegal votes
      occur. What some may do via attempting to register voters illegally, to benefit
      the Democrats, does not compare to the massive voter fraud done by Republicans
      when they switched tens of thousands of votes via their Diebold tabulating
      machines. Nevertheless, this noise will continue until the election, when the
      totals are so overwhelmingly for Obama that the issue will become moot.


      We're in the ENDTIME of the Wicked and Not the RIGHTEOUS - GOD is Not MOCKED!
      salaam  akwaaba  jambo  Ashogee

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