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Re: Exo business .. Re: the Galactic Federation of Light versus the Star Nations

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  • dexxxaa@earthlink.net
    (Note: I m mentioning a few things in here only because I feel you have the right to know). I ve found the vernacular varies...values such as; morality,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 24, 2008
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      (Note: I'm mentioning a few things in here only because I feel you have the right to know).

      I've found the vernacular varies...values such as; morality, virtues, principles are similar, more refined.
      I've learned in the Cosmos, the reality programs immutable inherent adaptations are coded from the inner Light Sources into the physical side of life for species creative survival.

      According to the ascendency level, the language changes when communication exchanges are conveyed through pictographic and ideographic imagery. This goes beyond telepathy.
      A whole new ball game for language patterns less limited. 'Power' (energy) increases with thinking lettering picture systems and becomes for us more potential for mind over matter mastery. I'm referring to holographic communications.
      Hurtak describes what I'm talking about as 'telethought communications'. A Language of Light.

      I experienced this with the Higher Evolution. It wasn't until years later, I found another human being I could talk too about this UFO intelligence encounter and have the experience understood.

      I've concluded this has to be experienced first before grasping the magnificence of a language system lost due to a past fall for mankind.
      It was desired the gift be removed from us. A true method to communicate with greater counterpart's of our Higher and Inner Heavens. The Sons (living Suns) and Light Lords.

      Remember the story about the Tower of Babel?

      With my experiencing, proved another prophetic fulfillment that the Living Star Language would be returned to us.
      I'm 'not' the only one in our world. There's Jim and unknown countless others.
      This does nothing for the EGO. You don't feel special, just, thankful they're are others who know.

      Then again simply more mumbo jumbo for the uninitiated MK. I can't change this problem. Why do I think of this as a problem?

      IMO it's a great problem. I appreciate the variety in our world. However, our species are too dissimilar in our thinking.
      Too much divided.

      The only limited, hopefully, helping thing we can do is share our encounters. Where else can we learn these things?

      The experience went way beyond my imagination. Truly a Treasure of Mind.

      If one of us can experience this, then, all of us can.


      Is it just me or do others in this group share the belief that people from other planets, dimensions and so forth probably won't think or act as humans do. I find it completely unbelievable that our star brethren or sistren would play games such as those described below. I also don't think that they are going to write letters or emails that sound like standard DoD gobbeldygook (I have read emails from Dr. B that would never pass the FOGG index which means that they read like something written by someone who has been in the military so long that English has become their second language.)

      People from other worlds do have different motivations from us, they are much more intelligent than we are and have a much longer horizon in mind from what I can tell. I have a lot of trouble believing that htey are going to sound like us or express motivations like ours.

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