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  • Dex
    Cross posting: From J. W. Subject: The Great White Brotherhood. Part 2. Oct. 19, 2008. This talks about The Nobel Peace Prize.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2008
      Cross posting:
      From J. W.
      Subject: The Great White Brotherhood. Part 2. Oct. 19, 2008.

      This talks about The Nobel Peace Prize.


      This is why many people are more or less incredulous concerning the
      great work being done by the illumined.
      They are so accustomed to outer show and display that they cannot
      imagine any great work being done in such a quiet, simple manner.
      But if one will stop to think for just a moment he will realize that
      all the motivating forces of the Universe are silent and those who
      work consciously with these forces move according to motives.
      There will come a time, however, when they will work more openly,
      but that will be when there are enough i-lumined people to know and
      understand just what they are doing.
      Study your own experiences.
      Are you not aware that silent influences working underneath the
      surface of your own being are those forces which control your life
      more than the outwardly manifest things which you express in words?
      However, just as these silent �broodings� of your own inner nature
      eventually find their outer expression when you are in an environment
      which harmonizes with them, you do not hesitate to express them.
      Study yourself and you will find everything working in you just as
      it is in the r-ce. �What the Father sees in s-cret, He will reward you
      openly� is not an idle statement but it reveals the manner in which
      all things come into being in the outer world.
      To understand this fact will not only be to better understand
      yourself but also the manner of the universal s-iritual work that is
      going on underneath the surface all the time.
      It is only through adapting oneself to this sort of conscious
      procedure that he will be able to clearly trace the workings of the
      Se-ret Brotherhood.
      Their activities are hidden only to those who do not discern the
      mode of accomplishment.
      We are accustomed to noise and display and the quiet yet most
      powerful forces in ourselves and the world about us go unnoticed.
      We follow the noisy people into bypaths and lose the path of life
      that moves in stillness through our own individual being.
      This Brotherhood is not properly an organization, as anyone can
      belong who will work constructively either openly or silently for
      It is rather an association of kindred sp-rits.
      They co-operate, in fact, with any association or organization that
      is for the benefit of mankind or the advancement of humanity.
      The group in India works silently but it is its influence that
      brings these bodies together and co-ordinates their activities.
      It was the activity of this very group that brought the Nobel Peace
      Prize before the world.
      Tolstoy was a great factor in making this principle practically
      But it has always been presented through the nine rulers of India.
      Tolstoy was an advanced s-ul.
      He was working with the great Central Group all the time.
      While no one knows its exact location, that Thirteenth Group has
      always been a very dominant factor in world education.
      That group of twelve are working in every educational center in the
      These groups are not an organization here or anywhere that makes
      p-opaganda for world peace.
      It was seen that the spoken word, or the silent word, when sent out
      to the world, was of far greater influence than the written word.
      The written word can be garbled.
      The spoken word is an ever-expanding and ever-increasing influence.
      Here again is the wisdom of the wise which has always been in
      So long as constructive forces work in �sec-et� they grow unnoticed
      by those who would destroy their effect.
      The world does not realize the advance of the Constructive Force
      until it has already undermined the sordid structures of the selfish
      and self-seeking and then it is too late.
      At the time of such helpless disintegration, and only then, are the
      activities of the Brotherhood likely to come out into the open to
      strengthen the Truth in the minds of all the people.
      This is not done through f-ar of attack but through knowledge of the
      most powerful way to bring about any great constructive movement for
      world betterment.
      The selfish have no access to it.
      In a sense, all those who are working for India�s freedom or for the
      freedom and peace of the world are Avatars, as the Western World looks
      at the Avatars.
      Many of the Great Ones have been disseminating this teaching for
      thousands of years.
      Je--s has been and is working definitely for the betterment of the
      whole world.
      The reason many people in the Western World do not recognize the
      work of Avatars is that they can conceive of them only as working on
      the surface, saying and doing spectacular and m-raculous things in
      They do not know that the true mi-acles are always worked out in
      silence first.
      Regarding arbitration as an instrument for world peace, this
      movement was started in the Punjab of India.
      It is a powerful instrument of world peace.
      It has completely outlawed aggression.
      India never did use an aggressive attitude, never did encourage open
      w-rfare in that territory at all, and the Punjab was the greatest
      influence back of this whole movement.
      It has been maintained throughout India for about three thousand
      Non-aggression and arbitration have been proved practical.
      W. J. Bryan, consciously or unconsciously actuated by the silent
      influence, succeeded in getting peace treaties with all but four
      So far no national character has since dared to take up his work.
      It will be taken up again some day in the future with the forming of
      a board of men, unknown to the outer world, that will have complete
      authority from the peace societies and groups working unselfishly for
      world peace.
      If all the financial world were to get behind this movement for
      unity, it would be the greatest influence for peace.
      There could then be no finances for wa-.
      It could be impossible to finance -ar and hence there could be no
      If the cooperative system should be adopted universally, there could
      be no booms and no more depressions.
      It would also be of great influence in the abolition of wa-.
      As a matter of fact, cooperation is coming into existence.
      The people who do not cooperate and align themselves with the new
      order will be outlawed completely.
      Following this spreading tendency to outlaw w-r, people will have
      their eyes opened to the causes of -ar, which are in the sole
      promotion of group or national advantages.
      The practice of non-cooperation will also be outlawed as a
      contributing cause of wa-.
      This brings the whole thing right down to the individual and each
      one must outlaw his own selfishness and self-seeking at the expense of
      He as an individual will find that the best way to promote his own
      interest is to promote the common interest and the only way to
      preserve his own good is to preserve the good of the whole.
      This silent tendency is now being awakened on a broad scale.
      But each individual must find its beginning in himself and one who
      will earnestly search his own so-l will find the embryo of this
      movement increasing in his own nature every day.
      Spreading from individual to individual it will grow into a mighty
      world movement and will be the ultimate motive in all human
      Just as the individual who does not obey this eternal trend of his
      inner nature is destroyed, so will such groups, institutions,
      r-ligious organizations, r-ces and nations be disintegrated, leaving
      the world for those who love the law of G-d and live that law in
      relationship to every other man and nation.
      In all modern movements it is clearly revealed that the changes must
      be first in the individual for, unless his own nature is properly
      correlated with the movement back of outer conduct, he becomes a
      disintegrating factor in any movement that might otherwise accomplish
      untold good.
      One can scarcely do anything in the way of accomplishing universal
      peace until he has found peace within his own nature and he cannot
      find peace in his own nature until he has been long enough truly in
      touch with the unseen forces which move toward the common good.
      There is no question but that the individual first must be at peace.
      Not only that but he must realize what it means to the individual as
      well as to the nation.
      If he is centralized in that idea of peace, he projects that
      influence and he becomes one of the great moving factors of the
      sp-ritual development of the age.
      The peace movement is one of the most definite factors toward
      spi-itual e-lightenment as well.
      Po-itics will be broken down completely with this new system that is
      But, so long as the present poli-ical set-up endures, no really
      effective program can be launched and carried to a successful
      Everyone who keeps in step with the trend of the times is receiving
      all the help he is capable of receiving from these higher forces.
      Some of them receive this help consciously, some unconsciously, but
      nevertheless the help is there.
      Some have gone so far that they know and acknowledge this help.
      Politi-al parties, in the working out of the underneath movement of
      constructive forces, will probably merge into one great party for
      greater simplicity of gove-nment.
      These changes must come through our party system, moving into single
      chamber legislation and not divided. "A house divided against itself
      shall fall."
      That will eradicate a great many of our politic-l e-ils.
      This will all originate within the States due to changes brought
      about there.
      It is coming as a national movement in the U-ited States.

      Part 2.

      John Winston. johnfw@...

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