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Re: We give you the word "Snowjob"

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  • Dex
    Thanks Bob A reminder of long ago reading. The paths and understanding the paths change with the acquiring experience and knowledge. Living in this world God
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2008
      Thanks Bob
      A reminder of long ago reading.
      The paths and understanding the paths change with the acquiring experience and knowledge. Living in this world God wants our seeking out the Self. Searching to understand ourselves God wants so 'It' can guide. I was told this directly. Acquiring powers is as natural as the brightening of our Aura.

      They become permanent because it is what we are. It is what Heaven is and we are that living power of Life of which was our beginning.
      They also become necessary as we advance.

      The below wisdom is by far a better idea to live because power interests become the more dominant and distracts from the knowledge to true liberation.
      We ought not seek it..it comes as a bestowal as we progress in our wisdom.
      Among other things, a gift from the Higher Evolution the years I've been living has been the return of our image with the return of the Whole Light Being.
      We are what they are and they are our counterparts in the Greater Creation.
      When we can break free from the physical form identity, realizing we have a body and are not the body then we can progress in the image for multiple-form embodiment experience. No longer locked in physical form identity bondage. Once actualized after the realization comes the return of our powers.
      Steps, stages, development growth, processes for building the Body of Light.

      And thus, once again are recognized in the image as Sons and Daughters of God fulfilling the writing..."Let us make Man in our image."

      For the kind of spirit that we are...this is not a physical form evolution, but, a consciousness evolution.

      The Ascension from this world for soul is real.


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      >This is something I experienced during my earlier contacts.

      OK, Dex -- no offense intended.
      Best wishes on your path!


      Btw, speaking of "real powers", you might find this interesting:

      Question: Are the Siddhis (super-natural powers) mentioned in
      Patanjali's Sutras true or only his dream?

      Sri Ramana Maharshi: He who is Brahman or the Self will not value
      those Siddhis. Patanjali himself says that they are all exercised with
      the mind and that they impede Self-realisation.

      Question: What about the powers of so-called supermen?

      Sri Ramana Maharshi: Whether powers are high or low, whether of the
      mind or of a supermind, they exist only with reference to the one who
      has the power. Find out who that is.

      Question: Are Siddhis to be achieved on the spiritual path or are they
      opposed to Mukti (liberation)?

      Sri Ramana Maharshi: The highest Siddhi is realisation of the Self,
      for once you realise the truth you cease to be drawn to the path of

      Question: Then what use are the Siddhis?

      Sri Ramana Maharshi: There are two kinds of Siddhis and one kind may
      well be a stumbling block to realisation. It is said that by Mantra,
      by some drug possessing occult virtues, by severe austerities or by
      samadhi of a certain kind, powers can be acquired. But these powers
      are not a means to Self-knowledge, for even when you acquire them, you
      may quite well be in ignorance.

      Question: What is the other kind?

      Sri Ramana Maharshi: They are manifestations of power and knowledge,
      which are quite natural to you when you realise the Self. They are
      Siddhis, which are the products of the normal and natural Tapas
      (spiritual practice) of the man who has reached the Self. They come of
      their own accord, they are God given. They come according to one's
      destiny but whether they come or not, the Jnani, who is settled in the
      supreme peace, is not disturbed by them. For he knows the Self and
      that is the unshakable Siddhi. But these Siddhis do not come by trying
      for them. When you are in the state of realisation, you will know what
      these powers are.

      Question: Does the sage use occult powers for making others realise
      the Self, or is the mere fact of his Self-realisation enough for it?

      Sri Ramana Maharshi: The force of his Self-realisation is far more
      powerful than the use of all other powers.

      Though Siddhis are said to be many and different, Jnana (knowledge)
      alone is the highest of those many different Siddhis, because those
      who have attained other Siddhis will desire Jnana. Those who have
      attained Jnana will not desire other Siddhis. Therefore aspire only
      for Jnana.

      Although the powers appear to be wonderful to those who do not possess
      them, yet they are only transient. All these wonders are contained in
      the one changeless Self.

      Greedily begging for worthless occult powers (Siddhis) from God, who
      will readily give Himself, who is everything, is like begging for
      worthless stale gruel from a generous natured philanthropist who will
      readily give everything.

      In the Heart, which catches fire with the blazing flame of supreme
      devotion, all the occult powers will gather together. However, with a
      heart that has become a complete prey to the feet of the Lord, the
      devotee will not have any desire for those Siddhis. Know that if
      aspirants who are making efforts on the path to liberation set their
      heart upon occult powers, their dense bondage will be strengthened
      more and more, and hence the lustre of their ego will wax more and more.

      The attainment (Siddhi) of Self, which is the perfect whole, the
      radiance of liberation, alone is the attainment of true knowledge,
      whereas the other kinds of Siddhi, beginning with Anima (the ability
      to become as small as an atom) belong to the delusion of the power of
      imagination of the foolish mind.

      People see many things which are far more miraculous than the
      so-called Siddhis, yet do not wonder at them simply because they occur
      every day. When a man is born he is no bigger than this electric bulb,
      but then he grows up and becomes a giant wrestler, or a world-famed
      artist, orator, politician or sage. People do not view this as a
      miracle but they are wonder struck if a corpse is made to speak.

      Questioner: I have been interesting myself in metaphysics for over
      twenty years. But I have not gained any novel experience as so many
      others claim to do. I have no powers of clairvoyance, clairaudience,
      etc. I feel myself locked up in this body and nothing more.

      Sri Ramana Maharshi: It is right. Reality is only one and that is the
      Self. All the rest are mere phenomena in it, of it, and by it. The
      seer, the objects and the sight all are the Self only. Can anyone see
      or hear, leaving the Self aside? What difference does it make to see
      or hear anyone in close proximity or over enormous distance? The
      organs of sight and hearing are needed in both cases and so the mind
      is also required. None of them can be dispensed with in either case.
      There is dependence one way or another. Why then should there be a
      glamour about clairvoyance and clairaudience?

      Moreover, what is acquired will also be lost in due course. They can
      never be permanent.

      Question: Is it not good to acquire powers such as telepathy?

      Sri Ramana Maharshi: Telepathy or radio enables one to see and hear
      from afar. They are all the same, hearing and seeing. Whether one
      hears from near or far does not make any difference to the one who
      hears. The fundamental factor is the hearer, the subject. Without the
      hearer or the seer, there can be no hearing or seeing. The latter are
      the functions of the mind. The occult powers (Siddhis) are therefore
      only in the mind. They are not natural to the Self. That which is not
      natural, but acquired, cannot be permanent, and is not worth striving for.

      These Siddhis denote extended powers. A man is possessed of limited
      powers and is miserable. Because of this he wants to expand his powers
      so that he may be happy. But consider if it will be so. If with
      limited perceptions one is miserable, with extended perceptions the
      misery must increase proportionately. Occult powers will not bring
      happiness to anyone, but will make one all the more miserable.

      Moreover what are these powers for? The would-be occultist (Siddha)
      desires to display the Siddhis so that others may appreciate him. He
      seeks appreciation, and if it is not forthcoming he will not be happy.
      There must be others to appreciate him. He may find another possessor
      of higher powers. That will cause jealousy and breed unhappiness.

      Which is the real power? Is it to increase prosperity or bring about
      peace? That which results in peace is the highest perfection (Siddhi).
      by A.R. Natarajan

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