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Anthology "Portuguese and Extraterrestrial: the "ET Culture" during the XX century in Portugal"

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  • Joaquim Fernandes
    Dear friends, We are announcing the edition of the anthology Portuguese and Extraterrestrial: the ET Culture during the XX century in Portugal , a collective
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2008
      Dear friends,

      We are announcing the edition of the anthology "Portuguese and
      Extraterrestrial: the "ET Culture during the XX century in Portugal",

      a collective work with 17 papers, elaborated from the UFO collections
      reports at the CTEC, University Fernando Pessoa, in Porto.

      This new work represents a first large mutidisciplinary essay conducted by
      academics from several disciplines, largely illustrated,

      concerning the social representations and stereotypes found in the UFO
      reports collected during the XX Century in Portugal.

      This book ends a mission of eight years of intensive organization and study
      of different private associations collections, now extinct.

      We think that this anthology will be available in the beginnings of 2009, as
      a original contribute to the scientific survey and understanding

      of the unusual aerial phenomena.

      Best regards,

      Joaquim Fernandes, PhD


      Universidade Fernando Pessoa


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