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  • Dex
    (Note: This is a Moderators opinion about the people whose been posting on his forum for many years. Yesterday was his birthday and the forums anniversary. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2008
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      (Note: This is a Moderators opinion about the people whose been posting on his forum for many years. Yesterday was his birthday and the forums anniversary. I think these kind thoughts reside with all of you too...Dex)

      Cross posting:

      From DD

      I take the job of conveying what the posters here have said over the years very seriously; I am sensitive to what many of you might think of the editing of what is said on-thread, and have tried to do justice to what I felt was important. Yes, there were times I snipped many of my own posts out, as they didn't really contribute to 'telling the story', but I've tried to give a fair reflection of what has happened here and more importantly the viewpoints you all have shared. (Rob, it may a good thing I haven't heard an IM from you in awhile, as I'm carefully choosing which of your comments and finds are essential....man, this is like surgery!) I have to do justice even to those that didn't agree with me, those I fought with on-thread and off, and to those that kept a low profile but who had a great amount of influence such as Seion9, who first discovered the Forms 255 and 256.

      To you bunny chan, you're one Republican I can relate to from the days I was one of their 'operatives'.

      And brightstar, you're of a kind after my own heart, I don't know that many even here who have diligently mailed their Congresspersons and even phoned them like you have. We need an army of you, but to have at least one is what's important.

      Boomer, you and Crackajack were always the "rational" ones, the skeptical gumshoes that wanted as much proof as possible. Ultimately the lack of it proved the "gamechanger" for many readers; the 'house of cards' really began to crumble then. I'm doing my best to reflect the importance of your work doing that. Those days of urgent IMs in the dead of night and the wee hours of the morn were something else. PageMarker misses you too.

      UncleJohn, how can I say in a few short words what your friendship has meant, how you make us laugh and question what we're being told. Your prodigous efforts at archiving, to pass on all that we've accumulated and learned, has always been noted by those writing out the akashic records. That vino-tinged twinkle in your eye coupled with a blunt smack to the side of the head is always a lethal combination. It's true that only love can fill, but I still don't think we're incapable of rejecting "mind control by ETs".

      Dex, your wondrous accounts of contactees and the interfacing with higher entities isn't just entertaining, it helps us put all the other information in perspective. Anyone reading along all these years should certainly have no anxiety if encountering extraterrestrials in almost any setting.

      And Shady, the perennial 'bad boy' of the Golden Thread, a radical activist after my own heart, much like brightstar. Yes, there was a time I thought you were single-handedly going to sink Disclosure, but I came to realize in time that an archetype such as you represent is always there when the B. S. is floated. Sometimes it's just that "sixth sense" that "something isn't right", that the wool is being pulled over our eyes, and even though we can't explain it (you never did provide all those documents and files you kept promising! ) it just doesn't "smell right". I know we've had our disagreements, but at heart we want the same thing.

      And to mjc, one of the "best and the brightest" of the Brits. Always even-handed and rational to the point of seeming disspassionate, but with that same wry humor and incisive observations. I'm sure 'Hilly' (Lord Hill-Norton) weighed his decision with you in mind.

      And to Simmering Frog, our resident expert on how the Bankster Gangsters snookered the legal system in America and moldled it after their own agendas.

      And then there's ubleck and peter7. Like George Carlin and Jack Kerouac, with a dose of Hunter Thompson and Allen Ginsburg thrown in. Even though it's rare, we can always tell when peter7 is on a tear. Usually he lurks and records the highlights of this 'Thread for the akashic records, but there's times when he seems to have imbibed a fair amount of catnip, or white lightnin', or maybe even a whiff of stardust. It's those times when you can truly see what a SOV he has.

      PageMarker, I wish you would speak more in public, as you can be quite eloquent and passionate, but I know that like many you've felt that we've deserved a much better and truthful accounting of the antics of Dan B., his BJ Wolf, and their many thugs and associates. I agree and hope we'll end up getting it, and not like Sarah Palin would tell it.

      Dagwood, my friend and devil's advocate par excellence, you still owe me some music! Just kidding; even though months might go by, I feel like it's only yesterday when we catch up. I know you've questioned everything that's played out here on-thread, and rightfully so. You're one of the few folks here that has actually met not only me but the central characters of SNEDs, so your opinion carries some weight.

      And even though we're not supposed to say anything to him, such a short list wouldn't be complete without mentioning JANunknown, though he rarely comments. JAn, you're a man of good heart that can travel many roads with many different people, but I will always quote that famous line about "it's not in the proving, it's in the knowing".

      Naturally I couldn't say these things if I didn't speak of my 'better half', my 'sigificant other', Starryeyes, who has borne this odyssey in so much of a personal way that I could never truly impart in public just how deep that goes. I can share the fact that one of her birthday gifts to me today is "Angler: The Story of the Cheney Vice-Presidency". As much as she loathes the Maji, not that she even allows herself to believe in their connection to this thread, she loved me enough to get me a book on one of the chief bamboozlers of modern times. Believe me, it's a shocking read, even without mentioning his activities as MJ-2.

      I know too that there are many that read regularly but rarely post, and I hope you won't feel slighted if I didn't mention your names, but believe me I am doing my best to honor your contributions. Drewski, AntZ, cyberbird (you never replied to my IMs after beating me in chess that once, but just wait til after I get this tome published, we'll have another go), and Thessa, I miss reading your spiritual-minded posts. Tex, what's going to happen next week on Oct 7th? For anyone that is willing to take the time, I would like to get your synopses of what you think of what's happened over these past 5 years; "Bamboozled!" ends with the 'Big Psy-Op' of May 2006, with an extensive epilogue that condenses what's happened since then, but I would like different perspectives and will do my best to include them in my final analysis.

      Salut! Cheers!

      Thank you all and god bless this bunch as we head into this winter.

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