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  • Dex
    No worries mate, I doubt they ll believe it. Dex Cross post. Hi All, Interesting and often serious choice of words in this update. Bre. ... [Non-text portions
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2008
      No worries mate, I doubt they'll believe it.


      Cross post.
      Hi All,
      Interesting and often serious choice of words in this update.

      > [Interesting reading - I hope it happens! ellie]
      > Channeling from Galactic Federation of Light regarding 14 October--
      > First Global Contact
      > The Grand Finale !.. | 22 Augustus 2008 | 18:36:14
      > Channeler: Blossom Goodchild
      > Friday 22nd August. Channelling from The Federation of Light
      > (Blossom) Much is happening on the planet in readiness for your
      > arrival. I hope you're sprucing up the outside of that ship; you've
      > got to look your best you know! Many other channels it seems, have
      > confirmed you're coming on that date. Excitement is mounting down here
      > ��� how���s plans going up there?
      > GFoL: All is in order dear Lady. Although we are slightly concerned
      > that many of your race are still unaware of this happening and we are
      > worried of the shock to their systems and the damage that may cause to
      > them. We wish to bring no harm to anyone. Sadly it will be of those
      > who are harmed ��� damaging themselves ��� through lack of understanding
      > and from the refusal to wake up when we have been sending messages to
      > your planet for so long now.
      > In accordance with Divine Law we have set the date of our arrival and
      > in TRUST you have emitted that date out to your world. It is now for
      > the individual to decide in their soul what to make of this news. For
      > indeed it shall be news. There will be NO DOUBTING of that. It is
      > necessary for us and you to bring in the LOVE and CALM that will be
      > required. For as we have stated there shall be much panic from those
      > who did not want to know of us.
      > We come to change the ways of your world and by our very presentation
      > we shall be setting those wheels in motion. Not only will we be
      > bringing in the Higher vibration of LOVE to your planet, which will
      > have a great affect on all things, but it shall have a greater effect
      > on your thoughts. One���s soul will reconsider past doctrines. One���s
      > soul will be uplifted for it will begin to listen more intently to
      > what its inner most Truth is telling it.
      > What will it be like for those of you who already are convinced of our
      > coming? What will it be like for those who hope we are coming? What
      > will it be like for those who think that what we have posted out via
      > you Blossom, our vessel, is merely speculation and of no Truth at all??
      > How we desire for those souls of the latter sentence to search within.
      > Just for a short moment and just consider the possibility of this
      > taking place. Even that will assist them in some way.
      > We ask that in preparation for this, that those who are in Knowledge
      > of the Truth send out Rays of Light to those in general who find us to
      > be of a mind���s fantasy. Do not underestimate the power of those Rays
      > when they come from the Truth of your heart.
      > Add fervor to this quest. We ask you to remember of the Light that is
      > in your heart. We ask you to recall LIGHT HEARTEDNESS. Be of bright
      > and cheery dispositions dear ones. This is not a terrible thing that
      > is to take place. It is of the opposite. It is of the utmost
      > importance to your species as a whole. For the betterment of it.
      > Surely that is something to celebrate. Surely one would feel the joy
      > that such an event shall bring. Joy, because the TRUTH shall be
      > apparent at last. There can be no more stalling. No more hiding of
      > this great Truth.
      > We The Federation have chosen to uncover our selves in our Truth for
      > it is indeed time to reveal the mockery that has been presented to you
      > as a Truth for so long.
      > How those who have made others suffer, shall suffer. Forgive them.
      > Assist their souls to rise. For in the Truth of yourselves there is no
      > malice, no venom projected to another. Only Love dear friends. Only Love.
      > YOU ARE OF THIS.
      > That is why when we bring in this higher frequency, it shall resonate
      > deeply within the core of your being. For it is a message from home. A
      > postcard from your loved ones letting you know all is well back in the
      > wisdom of your origin.
      > We shall of course be in discourse with you as the days draw ever
      > closer to our arrival. Hold on to your hats.
      > Blossom: That should have been the name of this book!! For I am always
      > hearing it from you. Perhaps you could write a signature tune. I
      > laughingly see an impression of your ship coming in and everyone
      > holding onto their hats due to the enormous wind incurred by you doing
      > so!!
      > Just as an off side ��� Everyone wants to be at the event. I guess I
      > just accept that I probably won't be, even though I don't know where
      > it is you are going to show. And that I will just be so relieved to
      > see it on TV, knowing that ���we did it���. Yet, if I think a little
      > deeper, what a spectacle it shall be, to see in person. On the other
      > hand, as I say, I accept, and ���All is as should be���.
      > GFoL: That is all for today, Except we say to you the word ���snow cone���.
      > Blossom: Snow cone??? What on earth does that mean? Never even heard
      > of it. It makes me think of a mountain. The plot thickens. Many
      > thanks. Trusting you will be close by to guide me through my Radio
      > interview tomorrow. I am trying the best I can to let go of fear.
      > GFoL: We TRUST in you.
      > Good ��� I will try to TRUST in me too!!
      > Love Light Laughter & Golden Rays
      > Bloss
      > www.blossomgoodchild.com <http://www.blossomgoodchild.com>
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