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  • Dex
    (Cross posting from the Golden Forum) To DonD I ve changed my mind about Obama too. Biden I don t think is a bad choice. He s from the old school and sounds
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2008
      (Cross posting from the Golden Forum)
      To DonD

      I've changed my mind about Obama too. Biden I don't think is a bad choice. He's from the old school and sounds off at deception in our Government. I recognize a little of his consciousness similar to a Father-in-law I once had.
      Just how much these guys can do, only time will tell.

      To Shady

      I never got to know my dad because of the Korean war.
      I lost friends in Vietnam.
      It's best to put out the fires as diplomatically as possible until the space councils decide to make themselves known.
      If we have a WW III Hurtak says the Ophanim will wrap up this evolutionary cycle.
      In other words, ushering it in more rapidly. If China decides to march inland to lands of Russia and the Middle Eastern Powers, the angelic's will orchestrate the earthquake cleansing events that cuts off and destroy's some of China's armies. Then there are those in Russia who panic at China's encroachment and begin to launch Nuclear at them with some falling short in their own country. Remember, the Greys say there's no guarantee the WW can be contained.
      The upcoming expected vibratory change is an electromagnetic density shift. Those that have been tampered with can adapt to the different frequency. The fifth dimensional time cell will require fifth dimensional bodies. Meaning we'll have a more energized and less density material form.
      Many more can survive these vicissitudes and enter the on-going new life program's, alive, if we avoid the war.
      There are many instinctively wanting to strike back at the invaders , but, it would only provide the incentive for the perpetrators to launch their greater plan of domination, thus, serving their desired domino effect.
      The leadership in our world should fully be informed of this prophetic potentiality.
      I wonder what demonstration's can alert them to this crisis?


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