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Dan, DonD and Zeta's

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  • Dex
    (Note: STO- Service to others. STS- Service to self). Cross posting. Antz wrote: Latest Zeta talk is verging on the ridiculous.I m sorry DD but some of this
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2008
      (Note: STO- Service to others.
      STS- Service to self).
      Cross posting.
      Antz wrote:

      Latest Zeta talk is verging on the ridiculous.I'm sorry DD but some of this just sounds banana's........
      The Zetas said recently the eclipse on Aug 1 will happen as scheduled. They said it is not yet the time to let an eclipse fail. When is it time when the Zetas let a solar or lunar eclipse fail, thus stunning the world?

      Were we to tell you this, we would be clueing the establishment into the timing of when they could anticipate public panic to arise. Thus, our lips are sealed!(In other words...i dont have a bloody clue mate)

      (D-Actually, it doesn't follow that they don't know. If they DID know (which is moot at the moment), then telling 'us' means telling 'them' (the PTB), and 'them' certainly do have plans to lock up the cities. Very articulated plans, though most of us dimbulbs think it's all due to some pro-actively evil NWO that simply wants to declare overtly power they already have covertly.)

      Will the US government offer disclosure into what was found on Mars this next week?

      They are clearly leaning in this direction, via the disclosure of photos showing ice mixed into the soil on Mars. Just what day or week an announcement might be made, we cannot say. This is in the hands of man. (Oh yep,the old 'it's in the hands of man' palm off)

      (D-Think about it for a moment; the trick part of the question (not the answer) is 'will they offer disclosure....this next week?' Duh. It's all in the question; properly asked, K.I.S.S.: "Will the US gov't. tell us the truth about what was found on Mars, period?")

      Does Arnold Swartzenegar(spelling!!!) know about Planet X? He is said to back McCain but verbally praise Obama?

      Swartzenegar is in the know, and is expected by the Puppet Master to take charge of the extensive California region in the Aftertime. (Look out the terminator is comin back)

      Why isn't Clark McClelland story about NASA able to get published and is it true he lost his pension because of stories he's told about the secret DoD missions he worked on?

      If he were telling stories about secret missions, when coming from a job that carries national security clearance, he would not be out and about spreading stories on the Internet. Thus, his claims are untrue. Not every crazy or attention grabbing individual is assassinated. They are ignored. (Alot of verifiable personnel say otherwise..Sounds like she doesnt want to lose centre stage a bit here)

      (D-I'll say it again, I have my own issues and frustrations with these Zetas. And Nancy, and their inability to show that all-important empathy they so tout we need to have. But then again, she's admitted that they are spiritually not as developed themselves, despite their technological abilities, particularly telepathy and ability to read our thoughts. As to "verifiable personnel"...... who is "verifiable", AntZ? Let them swear to it in an affidavit, then! But NOOOOO!!!! They won't, because when the rubber meets the road, they'll be among the first to be lynched. As to "centre stage"? She's not on it. They usually don't want her there. Found out recently she was already on Kerrang! Radio, on a different show, back in Oct 2005 and Aug 2006. And as much of ZT as I've read, I never bothered keeping up with "Media Dates". A correspondent who reads here occasionally told me. But as far as "centre stage", she ain't on it and never has been. The PTB don't like to enable her getting the STO Zetas message out. (sheesh.....I never thought I'd have to be justifying these arrogant Zetas' pronouncements.)

      There is also a report that the Zeta's among others have been informed of a meteor, or comet, due to strike in November and that they are attempting to move it from its path. If other Zeta's have spoken of this could you? If it breaks the rules to talk of it, please simply disregard.

      This issue was raised a couple weeks ago. Our answer has not changed! Basically, what reason do you have to believe that any of these other so-called Zeta sources are true? There is no meteor about to strike. Well,the same can be asked why should we believe she is espousing the truth????

      (D-Good point, AntZ. Yet, what they warned about over the years has indeed come to pass - with the glaring exception of the 'Grey Lie', which can be argued was necessary in order to force the selfish humans like Bush and Cheney to play their hand, which they did. But in general, one has to look at the body of ZT and determine if you can how much of it resonates and has turned out the way predicted? My problem is that they exaggerate and continue to obfuscate in their desire to keep the PTB off-balance, meaning we end up being misled right along with our human PTB.)

      My point here is........if she truly is genuine then why is she not willing to put a date on events this time around?Scared of law suits?Recriminations?Told-you-so's?Alot of her comments sound,while scientifically sound,(but then,there's always google)pompous and arrogant and closed minded in so far as she seems to think she is the ONLY source of Zeta info.

      (D-ZT is, I'm afraid, the only officially-sanctioned source of "Zeta info" because it was actually written into the treaty of 1994 with Majestic. Our "STS" PTB have tried to produce false "Zeta" sources, one of which I asked NL about 2 or 3 years ago, when this was all explained to me. What was written then didn't hold up, was excessively vague (at least the arrogant Zetas Nancy deals with, who she is the 'emissary' for, are blunt. No new-age B.S. from them). And wouldn't that be logical? The humans agree to allow a website to provide info to the 'common man', then after that source yanks their chain in order to force the hand of the human sh*ts that rushed into Iraq, they try to get their revenge by creating 'false' Zeta sources. (It still doesn't account for NL/ZT acting so pompous and arrogant; I totally agree with that assessment.)

      I'm leaning towards the belief she is as much of an attention seeker as D+M,must have had a lonely childhood,a loner or whatever.

      That's your exercise of the "Element of Doubt". However, you should be aware of a few things here: When I was on the Rob Simone Show 3 years ago (god, can't believe it's been that long), I suggested to him he should have her on his show, and he said 'sure, have her contact me' or words to that effect. I had a number of emails from her at the time, but she never bothered to pro-actively approach him. Which would be odd for someone who is merely an "attention-seeker". They did confirm the Tau-9 took place, but that it was a sham, being put on by the STS. Also, last year, in June, I asked her on her Saturday chat (anonymously, from the safety of a proxy since I was at work and GLP wasn't allowed) whether Dan was "STO":

      (D-Is Dan Burisch a Service-To-Other soul, and is this why he seems to be a spokesperson for the secret cabal that includes Cheney?)

      We have addressed this privately with DonDep who is an advocate of Burisch. He is a legitimate MJ12 member, and encountered Service-to-Self aliens during his work. What he was told were lies, from these Service-to-Self aliens, but Burisch is telling it straight, in other words, repeating the lies and not trying to spread disinformation. Of course, as the Service-to-Self alien lies are disinformation, this is not helpful to humanity.

      (D-Now, am I the only one that even knows who Dan Burisch is, that might have posted a question like that? I posted anonymously, I used a proxy, and they would have had to know (not Nancy, who wouldn't have been able to determine who might be using a proxy...if anything, I was emailing other questions to her, none about Burisch at the time) just who it was. Meaning I was being chastised by them, OR, if that's not the case, then they were saying I was the only one qualified or interested in Burisch, who had by then already appeared on Rense and Camelot videos, etc. Either way, it sent a chill down my spine.

      As I said earlier, I have my own issues and frustrations with ZT. Sometimes I have to admit that my own admittedly-human comprehension is just too primitive to deal with their pronouncements, but often and especially lately I feel that they tend to lecture us about 'empathy' yet don't practice what they preach. The only rejoinder I can make on their behalf when it comes to that issue is that they were given dominion over the post-shift earth this time as a means to recover some of those attributes of spirituality they lost when they altered themselves genetically to eliminate things like anger, and passion, and all those emotions that make us 'human'. The hybrids they have been making from both Zetan and human genetics are supposed to take the best of humanity and the best of the zetas to arrive at the 'new model', which helps restore some of those 'missing links' to them, while assisting us in making the 'next leap forward' to restore things like telepathy and a single consciousness.

      Naturally these are only some of my thoughts on the matter, and I don't mean to justify everything the Zetas/Nancy Lieder say, because their largest audience was Majestic, at least until recently. And why would Majestic agents, who have access to much much more than even lowly CIA and NSA operatives have, take her seriously? Because only they would know the truth that she and they and that website was indeed part of the 'treaty'.

      Until we have 'proof', we have the 'element of doubt' and the guide of our own intuition.)

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