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Re: [ufodiscussion] The Affliction Of God

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    The scroll of Kerobal Pakthermin looks a very interesting document, Dex. I did a Google-search on it and got just one hit (that must be a record, surely!) -
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      The scroll of Kerobal Pakthermin looks a very interesting document,
      Dex. I did a Google-search on it and got just one hit (that must be a
      record, surely!) - the web-site where it is reproduced. To see it go to:


      As usual the original authorship of the document cannot be traced,
      checked or verified. On the question of whether the ancient historical
      events which it describes actually took place, a disclaimer is given in the
      2nd paragraph of the Introduction where it says:

      "The important point, however, is that this is not intended to be a
      historical record, an intellectual work or literary effort, it falls short
      of these and is rather a coherent and consistent body of spiritual
      teachings. It is on this aspect alone that it stands or falls. The spiritual
      truths presented here are all that matters, the rest can be regarded as an
      embellishment,..... "

      My respects to Dondep, but I think it might not be a good idea to
      set too much store by this as a factual account of a previous pole-shift
      brought on by a visitation from the planet Nibiru that actually happened on
      the physical plane. But I do find it intriguing. So that's what the monks
      of Glastonbury Abbey were into on the quiet. Hmmmnn........


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      Subject: [ufodiscussion] The Affliction Of God

      I'm not trying to make a point here...
      It's the timing that's interesting. The below posting is today's posting by
      DonD from the Golden Forum.
      I don't know if he reads over here, but, his posting below seemed to me that
      this alleged event was witnessed by the author...Hmm


      Dondep wrote: And "lo and behold", in the second account of a poleshift in
      our history (there are a few more), not only is the physical description of
      what happened on earth during this particular shift, but a reference is made
      to "the Neckless Ones".



      This comes from the scroll of Kerobal Pakthermin who wrote, "The forbears of
      all the nations of man were once one people, and they were the elect of God
      who delivered all the Earth over to them, all the people, the beasts of the
      field, the creatures of the wasteland and the things that grow. They dwelt
      through long ages in lands of peace and plenty."

      "There were some who struggled harder, were more disciplined; because their
      forefathers had crossed the great dark void, their desires were turned
      Godward and they were called The Children of God".

      "Their country was undulating and forested. It was fertile, having many
      rivers and marshes. There were great mountains to the East and to the West,
      and in the North was a vast stony plain."

      "Then came the day when all things became still and apprehensive, for God
      caused a sign to appear in the Heavens, so that men should know the Earth
      would be afflicted, and the sign was a strange star".

      "The star grew and waxed to a great brightness and was awesome to behold. It
      put forth horns and sang, being unlike any other ever seen. So men , seeing
      it, said among themselves, 'Surely, this is God appearing in the Heavens
      above us'. The star was not God, though it was directed by His design, but
      the people had not the wisdom to understand'.

      "Then God manifested Himself in the Heavens. His voice was as the roll of
      thunders and He was clothed with smoke and fire. He carried lightings in His
      hand and His breath, falling upon the Earth, brought forth brimstone and
      embers. His eye was a black void and His mouth an abyss containing the winds
      of Destruction. He encircled the whole of the Heavens, bearing upon His back
      a black robe adorned with stars".

      "Such was the likeness and manifestation of God in those days. Awesome was
      His countenance, terrible His voice of wrath, the sun and moon hid
      themselves in fear and there was a heavy darkness over the face of the

      "God passed through the spaces of the Heavens above with a mighty roar and a
      loud trumpeting. Then came the grim dead silence and black red lit twilight
      of doom. Great fires and smoke rose up from the ground and men gasped for
      air. The land was rent asunder and swept clean by a mighty deluge of waters.
      A hole opened up in the middle of the land, the waters entered and it sank
      beneath the seas".

      "The mountains of the East and West were split apart and stood up in the
      midst of the waters which raged about. The Northland tilted and turned over
      on its side".

      "Then again the tumult and clamour ceased and all was silent. In the quiet
      stillness madness broke out among men, frenzy and shouting filled the air.
      They fell upon one another in senseless wanton bloodshed; neither did they
      spare woman or child, for they knew not what they did. They ran unseeing,
      dashing themselves to destruction. They fled to caves and were buried and,
      taking refuge in trees, they were hung. There was rape, murder and violence
      of every kind".

      "The deluge of waters swept back and the land was purged clean. Rain beat
      down unceasingly and there were great winds. The surging waters overwhelmed
      the land and man, his flocks and his gardens and all his works ceased to

      "Some of the people were saved upon the mountainsides and upon the flotsam,
      but they were scattered far apart over the face of the Earth. They fought
      for survival in the lands of uncouth people. Amid coldness they survived in
      caves and sheltered places".

      "The Land of the Little People and the Land of Giants, the Land of the
      Neckless Ones and the Land of Marshes and Mists, the Lands of the East and
      West were all inundated. The Mountain Land and the Lands of the South, where
      there is gold and great beasts, were not covered by the waters".

      "Men were distracted and in despair. They rejected the Unseen God behind all
      things for something which they had seen and known by its manifestation.
      They were less than children in those days and could not know that God had
      afflicted the Earth in understanding and not willfully, for the sake of man
      and the correction of his ways".

      "The Earth is not for the pleasure of man, but is a place of instruction for
      his Soul. A man more readily feels the stirrings of his Spirit in the face
      of disaster than in the lap of luxury. The tuition of the Soul is a long and
      arduous course of instruction and training".

      "God is good and from good evil cannot come. He is perfect and perfection
      cannot produce imperfection. Only the limited understanding of man sees
      imperfection in that which is perfect for its purpose".

      "This grievous affliction of man was another of his great tests. He failed
      and in so doing followed the paths of unnatural gods of his making. Man
      makes gods by naming them, but where in this is the benefit to him?"

      "Evil comes in to the midst of mankind spawned by the fears and ignorance of
      men. An evil man becomes an evil spirit, and whatever evil there is on Earth
      comes either from the evil of spirits or the evil of men".
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