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Planet X in a Crop Circle?

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  • Dexxxaa
    Cross posting from the Golden Forum From Shady Are Governments Suppressing the 23-July-08 Planet X / Nibiru Crop Circle in Avebury?
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 1, 2008
      Cross posting from the Golden Forum
      From Shady
      Are Governments Suppressing the 23-July-08 Planet X / Nibiru Crop Circle in Avebury?

      YOWUSA.COM, 26-July-08
      Marshall Masters

      The Crop Circle Connector web site has long been a leading UK crop circle resource, but a recent, mysterious retraction of their report on what could be a groundbreaking formation depicting the orbit of Planet X / Nibiru now begs the question: Is this the result of government suppression? Are we being prevented from learning about the Planet X / Nibiru Crop Circle that appeared in two parts in Avebury Manor, near Avebury, Wiltshire, UK on 15 July, 2008 and 23 July, 2008?

      Before leaping to conclusions, let's first examine the parties involved and the chronology of events. Then, we shall present our initial findings on part 1 of this 2-part formation, which indicate a date stamp for the Winter Solstice of 2012 with a planetary alignment that clearly demonstrates that we are in the process of losing the Planet Pluto.

      The UK Crop Circle Sites Involved
      One possible way to explain this is that the the Crop Circle Connector web site removed the image because they determined it to be a hoax. If so, they would have reported that. However, they did not. Further, they attributed the image in question to Temporary Temples, which is likewise another prestigious UK Crop Circle research site.

      Therefore, in order to further maintain that this image was hoax, one must force the argument that hoax lightning has struck twice, and with two of the most respected crop circle web sites in the UK.

      Furthermore, should these sites now respond to this article and offer an ex-post-facto explanation, how credible would such a convenient afterthought explanation be?

      The Chronology
      On July 17, 2008, we received an inquiry from Kerry Cassidy at Project Camelot about the new Avebury formation first reported on 15 July, 2008 on the Crop Circle connector site.

      Have you seen this? All the planets line up for that date except Pluto which is moved off it's orbit... possibly due to an impact event or other planetary body??-Kerry

      My response back the same day was:

      Hi Bill and Kerry:

      Yes, Pluto's orbit appears to have been heavily perturbed in this formation. My hunch is that this is the first of a series of formations like we saw back in 2003. The next one could be a real blockbuster.

      We're on it.

      Thanks, Marshall

      I forwarded a copy of Kerry's message to Jacco van der Worp, MSc to ask him to review the orbit of Pluto as it appears in this initial formation. Meanwhile, I kept a close eye on the page to see if there would be any updates. That effort hit pay dirt — big time!!!
    • Dex
      Well, think what you want Dex, but the fact is that Marshal could not provide the celestial mechanics rationale (based on Sitchin s orbital hypothesis) that
      Message 2 of 3 , Aug 3, 2008
        Well, think what you want Dex, but the fact is that Marshal could not
        provide the celestial mechanics rationale (based on Sitchin's
        orbital hypothesis) that allows a Saturn size planetary mass to enter
        our solar system every 3,600 years (for the past 400,000 years) and not
        gravitationally affect the asteroid belt.

        (Dex-Sitchen could be wrong about that.).

        You must realise that Marshall has a very good reason for trying to
        establish the existence of Nibiru, because of the book he published, and
        his promotion of it on the "Town Hall." Having publicly
        commited, both intellectually & financially to Nibiru's existence,
        it would be somewhat of a blow to one's ego to realise its

        And, if you take a look again at the additional work done on the
        original 2012 crop circle, you'll see that the sun has been enlarged
        to the orbit of Venus (not going to happen) & three of the crops rows of
        straight lines were enlarged, one of them extending a little ways beyond
        the orbit of Neptune, all of which, apparently, is supposed to represent
        the effect of the approaching Nibiru.

        The bottom line is that no one on planet earth can do the celestial
        mechanics for a physical planetary Nibiru as postulated by Sitchin,

        (Dex- I agree).

        because it doesn't fit within the celestial mechanics constraints of
        the present/existing solar system.

        (Dex- Since these postulated theory's have coincided with other on and off-world ET opinion's, one example is from Rama in "Date with the Gods mentioning a Herculobus (aka Planet X, Nibiru, etc,.) Orfeo's "Secret of the Saucers" indicated worlds with too much preponderance of evil inevitably draws to itself a ELE asteroid ordained by the cleansing action of the Cosmos's, gives me a lot to think about. And generally accompanied with remarks suggesting there are alternative's to adverting this kind of destruction. If this has been the case for other worlds and as it was shown to Orfeo to be the supposed case with our's, then, more than likely any information regarding an alleged event of this kind would be categorically a National Security threat and an ensuing cover up would obviously be in effect. Crop Circles are watched closely by monitoring Governments. C.I.A. have sought out means to suppress the information flow by debunking them with reputable people.
        I feel privileged we're able to discuss the scenario).

        Hmm, too.



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      • Dex
        Yikes! I can understand your doubting Dean, coming from you it s okay, but, about the few you spoke of, I hope don t dismiss the information as easily as you
        Message 3 of 3 , Aug 3, 2008
          Yikes! I can understand your doubting Dean, coming from you it's okay, but, about the few you spoke of, I hope don't dismiss the information as easily as you have.

          People who knew Orfeo in his days spoke quite highly of him and anyone whom enquired of him and his experiences would quickly be assured by people who knew of him intimately he was a very truthful person.
          The ET's that contacted him were a special bunch and that information was given to him to share with the rest of the world for an important reason.

          Good luck to you Dean and to all others who want to survive these changes.
          I'm hoping the Bio-Satellite worlds that J. J. Hurtak has talked about come in time to help relieve the over crowding conditions of our planet, thus, helping avoid the supposed stratagem of any Cabal desiring to play God with the world's population.
          That is possible if the information of these alleged suppositions' are able to reach the ears of that elite few who need to know of these possibilities.

          I believe J. J. was told the Sokar temple ships, and other city sized vehicle's are to be brought down after when people are left without food, clothing and shelter. I've seen a photograph of one coming out of the gulf of Mexico and they are as large as a city.
          The higher theme with many visitors has been to assist us with our education for the ascension, transformation and transfiguration.

          Including teaching the new caretakers for our world. Those that choose to remain.
          I suspect many will have to get lifted up, temporally, prior to some of these cataclysmic changes and returned afterwards. Taken out of the zones of destruction.
          There are some of us being informed of the changes and what's expected of them afterwards.

          The below posting is an interesting read. I have no idea of it's authenticity, however, it rings a few bells for me, considering the unknown visiting company that occasionally frequent me.


          From JW

          The following information was provided by your
          etheric teachers:

          This is your first life on Earth. This is not
          uncommon, as many have chosen Earth as a recent
          i-carnation because the e-olution of all creation via
          ascension is centered here. This is also the first life
          that you've had a team of etheric teachers to support
          You've never been part of the Light before, but you
          have an opportunity to ascend if you commit yourself.
          This doesn't mean you were a bad person in these lives,
          but you weren't committed to the Light, and in fact,
          had never heard about it before during any of your
          in-arnations. You obviously had heard of it between
          your inc-rnations, but there wasn't a lot of
          information available for you to investigate further.
          Prior to this life, you've had 50 others. So you are
          a relatively young s-ul. You were 'born' in your so-l
          group approximately 2,301 years ago if you measured in
          Earth years. You've spent your 50 previous lifetimes in
          universe #780.
          In none of these lives, were you humanoid, but had
          three different forms during these 50 lives (your
          teachers choose not to reveal what you looked like to
          me, but may tell you if you seek them in meditation).
          In 70% of these lives (35) you were a female, which was
          your preferred gender (Generally, beings are always 70%
          of their preferred gender).
          In none of your lives were you either one of the main
          leaders or had great wealth.
          In five of the lives you were a slave and worked in
          the mines. In 12 of your lives you lived in extreme
          poverty. Your average life span for your 50 lives was
          30 years of age.
          You had one loving relationship (as a female but bore
          no children). You have also had three unhappy
          relationships as a women, and three unhappy ones as a
          man. As a man, you didn't have any children. You were
          an orphan once, d-ed of childhood diseases once,
          starvation once and you were m-rdered once. 12 times
          you were ki-led during invasions of your planet (very
          commonplace in that universe).
          At this time, Je--s and Buddha (and 20 others from
          the F-deration) work quite a bit in that universe as
          it's the one with the most turmoil out of all creation.
          They'll both be there for another two years.
          Your name is something your teachers choose to give
          you directly, and you can reach them by practicing
          meditation every day. It's very important to develop a
          close working relationship with them if you'd like to

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