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The Gathering

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    Enoch Speaks of Spirituality and Rapture Cross posting: Translated by Raised Crow Good day, the light be with us. For many years we have been exposed to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2008
      Enoch Speaks of Spirituality and Rapture
      Cross posting:
      Translated by Raised Crow

      Good day, the light be with us.

      For many years we have been exposed to difficult situations that have forced our older brothers to prepare a great rescue operation, which has been developing silently and which, possibly, will have to be done in the public eye.

      As I have commented in sub-forums of this same forum, the most important thing is to achieve a state of communion with our inner self which is the essence of divinity. The closer we are to the Father the less important reincarnation, leaving the physical body, is, because the spirit is eternal and the Father has many dwellings..

      Now, in the same way as we should not fear death, it is also true that it is extremely important to maintain our physical body, and because of that we have to take care of ourselves and, as much as we can, of those under our responsibility, and even help those who wish to be helped. We must not force or coerce anybody, because each being has its own evolution. Encouragement and stimulation, however, is something each of us has to do, this work requires humility, simplicity, patience and perseverance, but never coercion or bullying.

      In the universe everything is energy, which is manifested, according to its vibration, in one way or another. Minerals, to give an example, vibrate much more slowly than one of us, and we, for example, maybe are vibrating more slowly than a very evolved being. However, each of us has his own vibratory frequency or 'bar code' to understand each other easily, that mantram or vibratory level can go up or down according to our thoughts, actions, emotions, etcetera, and because of that it is essential to evolve.

      In the event of an open rescue or evacuation at the planetary level, he will generally act on those beings that have a mantram that is at least good enough to continue evolution in another plane or place.

      The variables of whether to do the evacuation or rescue are many, but this could be necessary in some moment, therefore it is best to remain serene and calm to make our older brothers' job easier.

      What must a being do to be heard if only few are capable of doing it (listening)?

      Nothing, for the word only reaches those who are prepared to accept it and understand it.

      The two witnesses are alive and among you on Earth as 'last' signal that we are in the transition times or ending times as many have called them.

      Do not expect miracles, nor decapitated lambs, because we come with the word fundamentally/mostly.

      We won't shred our garments either, nor will we walk the streets wearing tunics, the times have changed.

      These are times of change and introspection, of communion with the highest principles and values, of separating the good from the bad, of eliminating egos and gathering the fruits of the spirit to embark on the journey...

      I say it again that, in front of the final part of the important transformation which we will be a part of, the safe-conduct for evolution in harmony in the future scenario passes through integration or communion with our divine essence; work that is psychological, emotional, and intellectual which allows us to harmonize ourselves and raise each one's individual mantram.

      Truly, this road can be tiring sometimes, because it is not about isolating ourselves from the world physically or spiritually, on the contrary, the greatness of success is reached within our daily context; family, work, leisure, etc.

      This implicates being always ''awake'', this goes towards making ourselves one with the Father on any occasion or moment of our existence in this plane and dwelling. The light-oriented road gives us everything ''in addition'', for it elevates us spiritually and physically

      With the confidence of feeling ourselves ''one'', fears and uncertainties leave us progressively and it will be enormously easier and safer to endure the transition period.

      Each being has his own road to traverse, which deserves our respect, now also, giving our helping hand to make this transformation easier is part and parcel of our essence, love.

      Because of that, ''the word'' must reach every being and place to orient, give calm, and fill with plenitude.

      Seeing the difficulties, knowing where the goal is and how to walk the road, comforts and strengthens us.

      Whoever walks towards the light knows internally that whatever the way their transition should happen he or she will have the assistance of our brothers of and in the light.

      Some with high vibratory levels, but with their tired physical bodies, will need to reincarnate to start a new life briefly.

      Some will be evacuated calmly when they receive the relevant notice.

      Others will be teletransported in the best ''Star Trek'' style because ''they'' think this advisable.

      And possibly an important number of beings will be elevated (sic) in the ''last minute''.

      Whichever of this circumstances should occur, serenity and trust are required so that, as I said previously, the operation is eased.

      The operation was authorized many many years ago, and the same has been done on a small scale at certain times.

      However, the large-scale operation has not been done yet because the many variables that are involved in it have not converged.

      In several moments of at least the last fifty years, we have been close to it being undertaken. Now then, it must be considered that unless it is absolutely necessary it is not convenient to do it.

      The time transcurred has been used for the generality of this humanity to go on becoming conscious of universal aspects, indispensable for evolution and the future scenario.

      It is also true that there indeed are events projected in the near future that will require that the operation be undertaken, except if there should be a general transformation that would permit an orderly transition.

      Doom-mongering not only helps little-except if it should serve as a platform for each one's personal transformation- but also distracts our attention and effort from the true goal of the plan, which is none other than elevating our physical and spiritual vibratory level at the personal and collective level. Fear, like anger and other destructive psychological side effects, causes paralysis and lowers our mantram.

      Because of that, I repeat that although we have to be prepared for a possible and not distant evacuation, our effort must always point itself towards the truly transcendental.

      The proposal is simple, and it has been announced for eons and by many people, but how difficult it seems sometimes to start it.

      On many occasions we run to and fro worrying about where the next earthquake, tsunami, etc will happen, as if we really could-without having the level of evolution needed to fit into the new cosmic and planetary scenario- save ourselves physically, when the time comes light will cross every stone...

      What is truly certain is that the hierarchies (a type of archangel. -ED), our brothers, are here and now and willing to collaborate.

      ''Be as children''

      Generally, for a child, his father is the model or paradigm to follow, the father is for the children the most wondrous and perfect being in the universe, and the child wants to be like its father, perfect.

      The symbol of the father represents psychological and energy communion of our divine essence or child with the fatherly figure or universal presence. (take note. -ED)

      Each child calls his father in a different way, which detracts no thing from the worth of the father, whatever his name. Like a child, ''the word'' does not separate by color, condition, religion, etc, for it serves as fully the child and the father, who in communion are ''one single thing''.

      Regarding the situations that may trigger a massive rescue, these are of different kinds, which makes it difficult to warn sufficiently in advance. The first measure to feel ''safe'' is to walk with the Father. This means that acting with honesty, rectitude, harmony and the other positive values exalt our inner self or ''I am'' presence.

      Always paying attention to our environment and evaluating the dark spots helps us to evaluate and seek solutions. For example, if someone lives in a seismic zone, it is essential to keep up the measures that specialists think are good for those cases, such as; having drinkable water in each room, canned food, flashlights, etc.

      One must prepare, in accordance with each situation...

      In the event of receiving a telepathic message where we are warned, act calmly, serenely, and quickly. Many different situations are possible, and therefore we must make ''common sense'' and intuition our allies.

      Desperation and fear reduce our individual vibratory levels, making evacuation harder.

      For more than twenty years, many more, our planet has been exposed to serious dangers, even to being destroyed as a planet. However this was not permitted and is not permitted currently. Earth, as a planet will survive, as it has done until now since its gestation. Many human beings will also survive in physical bodies.

      We cannot spend valuable energy worrying daily about the day, the hour, or the form of the catastrophe. That has no point, it is not fit of beings who are themselves spiritually eternal. It is fitting to take precautions and be alert, because we are certainly immersed in a profound crisis. But it is not with fear that we can overcome it, but with calm action and the deepening of our real self.


      Coastal areas and those close to large bodies of water are those which will probably be most exposed in a difficult situation. Whoever can move house to high ground far away from these bodies of water should do so, unhurriedly yet also unceasingly.

      Those who for important reasons cannot live in other places, it is convenient that they always keep up the necessary measures to be able to flee when it may be necessary.

      I repeat that what is most fundamental is to be ''one with the father''. Well now, ''Take care of yourself, that I will take care of you'' tells the saying. We can be warned in varied ways: telepathically, through mediums of mass communication, through a very strong hunch or directly through someone we trust in who has himself been warned.

      If it should be impossible to leave the zone, the best thing is to keep calm, remain quite and in silence ask our internal being to protect us and send the spiritual hierarchies of light to rescue us.

      This information does not mean that something should happen in the very short run, it is only one more warning for us to adopt an attitude of internal transformation and that we prepare ourselves for situations that may end up happening.

      Sixth message:

      He says:

      Someone asks:
      who is the beast?

      And I answer:
      What or who is the beast?

      Now you can put one or several pieces in your puzzle or jigsaw.
      However, it is your road and I respect it, however I do not advise, do not suggest, simply alert you...
      ''A few steps farther''...You have the road closed off!

      The puzzle or jigsaw
      Each being completes his in the image and likeness of that he desires, the issue resides on whether the drawing chosen is the one that you have to complete...
      Recently I have seen, together with my wife, a movie about two puzzles; ''The Bucket List'' (Now or never) (This is the Spanish name the movie has in Enoch's residence country. -ED) directed by Bob Rainer and featuring M. Freeman and J. Nickolson.

      Someone says to us:
      The 144.000...the chosen!!!!!!
      (The number) 9 represents all of humanity chosen to be part of the ''New Earth'''.
      Until the ''next-to-last hour'' (same meaning as eleventh hour. -ED) there is time to choose the road, then...
      Can the number of those who will form this humanity be already marked?
      Is it that the father is capable of leaving a single one of his children outside if this child returns home???

      The father is just!!!!!

      Seventh message, original text

      [link to www.godlikeproductions.com]

      The parable of the builder

      A man, whose name ''I cannot remember'', was told that he had received a plot of land in a village so that he could build a house, plant, and have some animals. It was a great day for that being who for years had dreamed with that.

      He began the journey to the faraway village with the wish of putting up a house which should serve as his home when he formed a family. He finally arrived at the small village, he looked for his plot and without thinking about it twice he began, with a shovel and a pick, to prepare the plot. From that moment until when he achieved the finishing of his dwelling, he not only did not have the help of his few neighbors, but on the contrary these tried, by all means possible, to sabotage and impede his work, for they did not want him among them. Apparently, the only physical difference in comparison with his neighbors was that his skin was very white, for he was albino.Spiritually, it was clear that the man did not belong to that land.

      For some neighbors, this physical difference sprung from nature's punishment (misspelling in the original, casigo should be castigo. -ED) for some a symptom of heresy, for others excess of purity (misspelling in the original, puereza should be pureza. -ED), and for others, it was simply something incomprehensible, but they did not like it...

      The gist of it was, after his house was built, they managed to set it on fire, burn his field and put an end to his animals, se that once and for all he should leave the village definitively.

      One morning, little after this, the man, whose name ''I do not remember'', disappeared suddenly from the village.

      The next morning the man felt the strong rays of the sun on his face and began to wake up, he did not know how or where he had arrived at this lonely place (the man presumably woke up in a given unknown lonely place. -ED) The only thing he understood is that he was on the road that led to the village where the plot had been allotted to him. He figured he'd need about 12 hours to arrive on foot and decided to go to it so he could obtain answers over this very unusual situation.

      When he had been walking for a few hours he found a man with a girl who apparently were also heading for the village. He could not communicate with them easily, for they spoke another language he did not know to recognize, but he saw in the father and his daughter that they were friendly and honest beings. These shared their traveling food with the man and communicated with gestures and signs. Some hours later, the small group of three people found a childless couple that was also heading to the same village. Curiously they communicated in another different language, but all of them had ''something'' in common that made them feel in comfort and linked. Walking and walking they got on bumping into other people who, though they did speak different languages, and prayed in different manners, did not have any difficulty integrating (into the group. -ED).

      The now numerous group, of some 144 people, continued on their journey -when only an hour stood between the village and them- when they saw that in the direction opposite them came a man far away, possibly middle-aged, for it was hard to tell given the distance.

      When he came abreast of the group, we (sic) could tell he was an ''ancient of the days''. With a voice that was deep, almost supernatural, he greeted in a strange language and spoke out his name. Just after he gave out amongst the whole group seeds of various plants; blue corn, white wheat, jade-colored soy, and others we (sic) did not know... he also offered us olives and olive branches. Finally, he spoke out a few words and with a noble gesture drew away. The girl from the beginning spun to give another goodbye to the old man, but he had already disappeared. Within the group (the people) commented with gestures and looks, about what had occurred and the valuable seeds, tasty olives and beautiful olive branches.

      When a few steps sufficed to enter the village they felt a smell of death, saw some people dead little before arriving at the river that bordered the town; perhaps they went to drink at ''the last moment''

      Once in the village they found some fields flooded, others burn and some buildings where there wasn't ''one stone on top of another'', and also some lifeless bodies.

      At the start they felt horrified at what they say, but instead of crying they decided to pray-each one as he knew how to and desired- for those beings to find their way.

      Likewise they restored order in the village in a few days, they organized themselves and worked hard and built ''a new village''.

      After time had passed and now with a common language, as well as remembering the details of the journey and the words of the elder-which they all had deciphered together-they came to the conclusion that all of them had a deep sleep to afterwards wake up and feel the need of heading to the village, and that they knew the old man's name before (they saw him on the road).

      The words he spoke in his goodbye were:
      ''It has been a good harvest''.

      Each one of us can balance the transcendental aspects with those which we call common or habitual, which are not such.

      On principle, through one's family, it is possible to evolve, therefore they can never be an obstacle, except for the dogmatic person.

      By means of our ''psychological trainer'', our partner, or our children we can arrive at understanding of our ''road''.

      The chore is hard, clearly so, but equally satisfactory...

      Now of course, if in any relationship the relationship is not based on love, it is impossible to reach the goal...

      Love is a crystalline energy, like pure water, which inside itself adds, yet never subtracts, that multiplies, yet does not divide, that understands/includes, yet does not separate.

      I do not talk of the utopia of constant and pleasurable serenity in each instant, that lamentably, is not within our reach in this dimension, but it is however feasible at the end of each process.

      It is like the effort of parents and tutors during the study process of a boy or girl when he or she is in college, all that effort is rewarded in the few minutes that the ceremony of handing over the diplomas lasts in the moment of graduation or becoming a licensee (Spanish term for a college graduate. -ED)

      !!!!Great satisfaction for duty fulfilled����...

      Well that, taken to every aspect makes us whole and joins us to our own transcendent essence...

      If I told you that I have never died, that I possess the gift of tongues, that my mother tongue is English, that I can prove to you that I wrote the book you mention and some other one, and that some other things are wanting to be updated, you would believe in me.

      But I am not here for you to believe in me, but in ''the word'', and that you put it into practice...

      And forgive me for informing you that you will not find a single man at the right hand of the father, be he wise or wealthy, if he has not died before.

      They who were waiting for my presence know that ''I am he who I am'' and that I have ''come to reap''.

      Thank you for manifesting once more.


      Certainly. Everything in our planet is polluted. Religions, beliefs, philosophies and wise thoughts are not an exception. However they fulfill an invaluable mission, for they continue to be a bridge of linkage to the transcendent, the divine. Thanks in part to them, and to those who conform them, there exists at least one front (military) against the most radical materialism, that which has for emblem the golden calf and what is worse, denies the existence of life after death, separating us intellectually and emotionally from our immortal essence.

      Another valuable aspect of the same (philosophies and others) is that it allows us to analyze and deepen ourselves, making us capable of separating the wheat and chaff that is in them, making us grow.

      If the figure of Jesus, ''The Christ'', has been on some occasions (many, by the way) used for any purpose, more so our small figures/sculptures...

      There is not reason to falter, nor to throw everything overboard, even less to believe that we are alone...it is the hour of putting heart into it and continuing on the road.
      Translated by Raised Crow

      The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to love the color of jade and the thrilling scent of flowers, but more so man, who is ashamed of me and of my words in this faithless and sinful generation, so the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his Father's glory with the holy angels. Man must give birth to himself every day"

      -Several. 48, 48, 48

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